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Outdoor Gazebo Lighting Ideas:(Top 11 Eye-Catching Ideas!)

As night falls, you may want to make yourself, your family, and your friends comfortable and cozy in your gazebo and this can be possible with the help of outdoor lighting ideas.

From the simple installation of lanterns to tools like string lights, there is a wide list of options to consider. In this article, we will check out some of the best outdoor gazebo lighting ideas on how you can illuminate and elevate your gazebo.

Gazebo lights are essential since they can create an evening space that is perfect for relaxing, a special dinner, or entertaining. Choosing the right lighting idea will show off your backyard as well as give the gazebo the center stage at night.

What Lights Are Good for a Gazebo?

If you are searching for lighting ideas to add a statement to your gazebo or make it a little cozy, you are certainly spoilt for choice.

Keep reading our tips and discover which lights are great for your gazebo, whether you want to illuminate the area with creative hanging lights or an impressive centerpiece.

Best Outdoor Gazebo Lighting Ideas

01. String Lights

String lights are not only romantic but are an effortless and elegant look that is certain to impress anyone. Hang the string lights at the top and run them from one end to the other.

Ensure that you have kept the string lights at an appropriate height to prevent bumping on them.

02. A Chandelier

Chandeliers are not just for your indoor space. A crystal chandelier can make a glamorous and bold statement when hanging in the middle of your gazebo.

Best part is that there are several types and styles of chandeliers from electric, solar, vintage-style, modern, etc. Ensure that you pick the right chandelier that will compliment your space.

03. Fairy Lights

How about turning your backyard into a magical space with fairy lights in your gazebo? Fairy lights are guaranteed to make your gazebo look charming and fun.

They are not only inexpensive but come in a variety of colors. Besides, these Christmas lights will make your room feel cozy. Just remember not to overdo it.

If you want to impress your kids, hung a bunch of fairy lights down like curtains instead of tying them on posts.

04. Paper Lanterns

If you are interested in a summer or spring look, then paper lanterns are the way to go. Paper lanterns will turn your gazebo into a nostalgic fairy tale space.

Besides, it is one of the easiest and cheapest lighting ideas and comes in various patterns, designs, sizes, and colors.

You can add plenty of freshly picked flowers around the gazebo especially if you are using paper lanterns for a summer garden party.

Also, consider using LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs since the latter produce too much heat.

05. Hanging Lights

Hanging lights such as pendants and garden lights are also great for your gazebo. They come in a range of colors, styles, and finishes to match your style.

Simply determine which hanging lights you want and hung them on a shepherd’s hook around the gazebo for a fun and complete look.

06. Fire Pit

Gathering around the fire pit in the evening with your family and friends is sure to create memorable moments.

Adding a fire pit to your gazebo will not only make it warm during chilly nights but provide lighting as well. Simply check for a fire pit design that is certain to complement your gazebo.

07. Candles

If you are searching for a simple and affordable, yet dramatic lighting idea, then candles will do. Candles will provide a soft glow in your gazebo as well as result in a romantic setting.

However, most people shun away from using candles as a source of lighting due to safety concerns. But you can always go for flameless LED candles just to be safe.

Place the candles around the gazebo, on the tables, and on the corners for adequate lighting.

08. Do-It-Yourself Lighting Ideas

DIY lighting is a great idea, especially for individuals who want to be unique. If you want to “WOW” your friends or guests, then try to find an outstanding DIY lighting idea.

These can include things like bottle lighting, sparkle balls, carved calabash, paper orb lights, paper starburst pendant lights, and so much more.

You can search for more DIY gazebo lighting ideas online and follow the steps to create one. Try any one of them and go for the one that matches your needs.

09. Tiki Torches

Are you looking forward to a beach-like gazebo setting? If so, then tiki torches will help you achieve just that, whether you live near a beach or not.

Please note that the tiki torches should be placed away from the gazebo and curtains to prevent any fire risk incidents.

10. LED Lighting Strips

LED strips are available in multiple colors and can be placed on the roof of your freestanding gazebo. These lights are remote-controlled and multi-colored, and the user can easily adjust their brightness levels.

Additionally, these LED strips are a hassle-free and automatic lighting option, which will provide a modern look to your gazebo.

11. Floor Lamp

Floor lamps will make your outdoors feel like the indoors in no time. There is a wide variety of decorative floor lamps that you can use in your gazebo to create a relaxed space.

Choose an overhanging floor lamp and place it in any corner of your gazebo.

Freestanding floor lamps are a great idea since they can be moved around easily, giving you the chance to light up the room the way you want to.

Consider picking a floor lamp that is height adjustable for flexibility and lighting convenience.

How Do You Hang Lights on a Wooden Gazebo?

Hanging lights on a wooden gazebo is a straightforward and fun task and no experience is required.

But the most difficult part of it is ensuring that the wires are spaced out evenly and the wires do not tangle. Follow the tips below to hang lights on your wooden gazebo safely and easily.

1. Buy lights that are meant for outdoor use

Purchase hanging lights that are meant for outdoor use and that can stand all seasons.

Remember to check whether the lights are safe for outdoor use and will not cause harm to any plants nearby.

Commercial grade LED string lights are ideal for your outdoor space, unlike incandescent bulbs.

2. Clean the area

Grab your brush and clean up the structure. Remove any cobwebs and any dirt that might have piled up on the wood or the path where you will hang the lights.

3. Measure along the path where the lights will go

First, determine the pattern on which you intend to place the lights: this can be zigzag, border outlines, or crisscross. Next, take a tape measure and start measuring along the path.

4. Grab a steady step ladder and the lights and get to work

Get your hanging lights and ensure that they are enough length as per your measurements.

Keep your ladder on a flat ground or have someone to support the ladder at the bottom in case the ladder is unstable.

Avoid using a metal ladder since you will be working with electricity and metal can conduct electricity.

5. Hang the Lights

There are diverse designs that you can hang the lights including:

  • Wrapping the lights around the posts: Create pillars of lights by wrapping them around the posts. Make sure that the plug is at the bottom so that it can be easy to connect to an outlet. Staple the wires on the wooden posts to keep them connected.
  • Make a zigzag pattern: Creating a zigzag pattern on boards at the top will make the lights look more lovely. Simply take the lights and staple them diagonally from one side of the gazebo to the other. Keep in mind that the string lights should be loosely attached, or they will break off if placed too tight.
  • Make curtain lights: You can also hang the lights around the gazebo-like curtains to get a beautiful hanging effect. Staple the curtain lights on the outside beams to result in an outstanding glow in your gazebo. When it is windy, the lights will sway with the wind resulting in a nice enchanted-like feeling.
  • Make a centerpiece: Another impressive design to light your gazebo is bringing the lights to the center of the gazebo from each corner. Staple the string light from one end of the gazebo and bring it to the center and repeat the process. Note that the strings should hang loosely to add elegance to your outdoor space.
  • Keep them Neat: Wrapping the lights at the top of the gazebo from one end to the other is the most common design to hang the lights. Staple the lights to the upper beams to keep them secure and run them from one corner to the other across the rafters.
  • Make a chandelier: For those who are interested in a more graceful design, then consider making a chandelier. Find a large or small hoop depending on the size you desire. Spray the hoop to give it a nice finish then attach the string lights to the hoop. Next, wrap the strings of lights around the hoop and secure them together. Use as many lights as you want and add metal wires to the hoop. These wires will help hang the chandelier at the top of the gazebo.

How Do You Illuminate a Gazebo?

When it comes to illuminating your gazebo, the options are many from floor lamps to open flames.

Just remember to have fun and choose outdoor gazebo lighting ideas that suit your taste.

If chandeliers or hanging fairy lights are what will make a statement, then go for it. Or if you want to keep warm as well as light up the room, then a fire pit will help.

However, make sure that you have an electricity supply in your gazebo. If not, then call an electrician to do the wiring.

At the same time if connecting electricity to your outdoor space is an issue, worry not. You still have other options to choose from such as solar lamps, tiki torches, or candles.

Another thing you should consider is the furniture in your gazebo. You should go for lighting designs that will compliment your curtains (if any) and your furniture.

Try to figure out on the use of your outdoor living space before settling on an idea. Do you use your gazebo as an escape space?

If so, then go for a simple lighting idea that creates a soft and relaxing ambient such as a floor lamp or pendant lights.

On the other hand, if you like entertaining a lot, you may want to incorporate design elements that create a festive atmosphere such as hanging lights, paper lanterns, or tiki torches. Make sure consider every factor for a remarkable look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the alternatives to torches and open flames in the gazebo?

If you do not want tiki torches or fire pits in your gazebo, then you can use hanging lights instead.

LED lights are perfect for outdoor use and are power efficient, which means that you can use them for long hours without worrying about power consumption.

Besides, LED lights are environmentally friendly and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.

What lights are good for a gazebo?

There are plenty of options for lighting up your gazebo such as LED strip lights, pendant lights, solar-powered string lights, decorative lantern lights, a crystal chandelier, fairy lights, and so much more.

Pick a lighting idea that seems best for you and one that is certain to compliment your outdoor living space.

Why do I need to light up my gazebo?

Lighting up your gazebo has lots of benefits. For starters, it will enhance the natural beauty of the structure especially during nighttime.

Illuminating the gazebo will also increase safety and security during the evenings when entertaining your guests.

Outdoor lights will allow you to move around safely and brighten up doorways, stairs, and walkways. Furthermore, outdoor lights will allow you to enjoy your yard at any time.


With this article, you are now familiar with the best outdoor gazebo lighting ideas.

You can let your imagination run wild and opt for DIY projects such as paper lanterns and hanging lights.

All these lighting ideas will not only beautifully illuminate the gazebo but are also fun projects you will enjoy doing.

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