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Review Of Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting:Top 13 List(2022)

Selecting the best wireless under cabinet lighting helps better illuminate the environment in the room where it is placed. With this, even without a bulb or power supply, it is possible to go about your functions without causing yourself any problem.

However, when users pick out a dysfunctional or one that doesn’t suit the particular need, it cost the user more problems.

From the LUNSY light to the Laifuni, TaoHorse, KINGSO, SOLMORE, and other options on this review.

They are all with promising features that make the whole process easier.

What is the best wireless under cabinet lighting?

The best wireless under cabinet lighting is currently the LUNSY 32-LED cabinet lighting, as it has everything needed to give the user comfort.

It has several modes that it applies to allow users to choose based on the current need.

Why LUNSY is the best brand for wireless under cabinet lighting?

LUNSY has made it the best brand for wireless under cabinet lighting because it saves energy consumption.

It can also be installed with a magnetic strip that goes directly to the frame without requiring extra expertise.

The batteries in this under cabinet lighting are also rechargeable which means that you don’t have to change them out.

As an added advantage, the LUNSY LED cabinet lighting has screws as well that help in sticking it to one place.

So, instead of using just the magnetic strip or handheld mode that comes with the design, it can be bolted into the frame of the cabinet.

13 Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting Review

01. LUNSY 32 LED Cabinet Lighting: Best budget remote control & rechargeable lights


Highlighted Features:

  • Dual working modes.
  • Energy-saving capacity.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Has a magnetic strip.
  • Handheld design.

With the LUNSY 32 LED cabinet lighting, you get at least two working modes to give an improved level of flexibility.

The modes are controlled by a three-way switch that reads “OFF-ON-AUTO” that goes either way to activate the various modes.

Note, the remote control mode is identified as “Auto” on the switch.

Another feature of this wireless lighting is that batteries power it, and these batteries can be easily recharged.

It is environmentally friendly and charges using an energy-saving mode to conserve the power that the light would consume normally.

“Still, the battery of the LUNSY LED light gets drains as fast as it charges as well.”

When it comes to installing the LUNSY there are two ways that it can be used.

There is an option for a magnetic strip to install on a stagnant surface.

It can also be carried about like a handheld device. Still, the handheld light comes with two screws that can help in bolting the light to a permanent spot.


  • Allows various types of installation.
  • Lights are super bright.
  • Saves energy.
  • Comes with a magnetic strip.


  • Not great under counter lights.
  • Battery runs down quickly.

02. LAIFUNI Cabinet LED Lighting: Best kitchen accent lighting


Highlighted Features:

  • Makes use of WI-FI.
  • Uses voice command (Google assistant & Alexa).
  • Aluminum frame.
  • Softer lights.
  • Comes with installation accessories.

Using the Laifuni cabinet LED lighting allows for simple conversations that would help start-up the lights and even turn them off.

This functions with the help of either Alexa or Google Assistant that are super responsive and offer more features that can help achieve other things.

Another thing that comes with the Laifuni cabinet LED is a wireless controller that helps navigate the light.

To use this feature, there is an app called the “Magic Home Pro APP” that helps in creating different light features depending on the intended ambiance need.

It even has a mic feature and even one for playing music.

Laifuni cabinet LED lighting is made of aluminum and plastic at the same time.

Users are assured of a light weighing and low profile lamp.

The bulbs are covered with a frosted PC that makes the light soft when it comes in contact with the light.

With this, it is easy to install in a matter of seconds without needing the help of a professional.

It also comes with several accessories that users may need in installing the light.


  • Lights are covered to be soft on contact.
  • Comes with a voice command.
  • Works with other smart devices.
  • Made to be durable.


  • Doesn’t have long extensions.

03. Rechargeable Led Under Cabinet Lights: Best battery operated lights with motion sensors


Highlighted Features:

  • Uses a motion sensor.
  • Works anywhere.
  • Uses a three-mode set.
  • Easily installed.
  • Comes with a magnetic strip.

Using this rechargeable LED under cabinet light comes with a motion sensor that works in different places.

When using the rechargeable led under cabinet light, it can work in closets, wardrobes, and other places.

“Still, some users complain that the motion sensors can be unreliable sometimes.”

When installing this LED light, a magnetic strip can help keep it steady while the lights are on.

It can go on the walls or on a cabinet frame closest to where the light is needed.

Also, there is no need to get extra help to install the LED light if the users don’t want to use the magnetic strip.

They come with all the necessary installation accessories that users may require when screwing to a wall.


  • Makes use of a magnetic strip.
  • Can be installed anywhere.
  • Has all the necessary accessories.
  • Has motion sensors.


  • Motion control can be unreliable.

04. TaoHorse Puck Light with Remote


Highlighted Features:

  • Uses dual controls (manual and remote).
  • Has two modes.
  • Functions with 3-AAA batteries.
  • Installs anywhere.
  • Works with adhesive tapes.

Taohorse Puck light comes with a remote control that allows users to switch the light either on or off.

Four light options can be used depending on your preference. Users can manually control the light with a long press

without the remote control.

Note that two remotes can control all the sixteen light color options.

For each of the sixteen colors and the three light modes, TaoHorse uses one of the highest quality LED beads.

With this, the light comes up really bright and lasts longer than other regular lights.

When installing the TaoHorse Puck light, several means can be done. It works with the help of adhesive tapes that hold it firmly to a frame.

So, instead of tearing down your home walls or making major modifications, this makes it easier to handle.

“When each of the modes of the lights in the TaoHorse is being activated, they have to be independently activated and nothing has to be in its path.”


  • Has three light modes.
  • Can create several types of ambiance.
  • Uses batteries that can be changed.
  • Offers super-bright lights.


  • Each light has to be on a clear path.

05. KINGSO LED Closet Lights



Highlighted Features:

  • Works as an under cabinet light.
  • Makes use of touch control.
  • Has various timer presets.
  • Comes in four colors.
  • Easy installation.

Kingso LED closet light is wireless under cabinet light that can be activated by either touch or remote control.

These controls allow users to turn on the lights and turn them off as well.

Note, the remote control can work from a range of three meters apart, making it convenient for the users.

This light has four colors that can be used depending on the current situation.

The light comes in red, blue, green, and white lighting that automatically turns itself off in a preset time frame.

It can be set to thirty minutes, sixty minutes, and even one hundred and eighty minutes.

This can be handled with the timer function built into the LED light.

With this wireless under cabinet light comes a double-sided tape that helps install the light to whatever position in a room.

If there is any need to also take it out, the light can be easily peeled off the frame.


  • Works under a cabinet.
  • Comes easy to install.
  • Designed with a timer function.
  • Has a touch control feature.


  • Lights don’t come with batteries.

06. Under Cabinet Lights 10 LED


Highlighted Features:

  • Sticks anywhere.
  • Made with aluminum alloy.
  • Energy-saving light.
  • Has built-in magnets.
  • Works under cabinets.

With these 10 LED under cabinet lights, it is important that they can be stuck anywhere under your cabinet.

This works with a built-in magnet that helps it attach itself to a suitable frame in your home.

When it comes to the frame of this under cabinet light, it is built with an aluminum alloy shell.

After making this under cabinet light, it was anodized to ensure that it makes it light weighing.

There is no worry about the weight pulling it down from wherever it is installed.

”Among users, the only complaint about this under cabinet light is that the battery drains quickly.”

There comes a motion sensor and this under cabinet light, which allows the LED light to detect lights easily.

It can automatically turn itself on when the place is dark, and then there is a movement within ten feet from where the light has been installed.

Another important feature of this under cabinet light is that it helps save energy.

So, it doesn’t consume as much energy as it would normally consume when charging this under cabinet light.


  • Saves user’s power consumption.
  • Made to be durable.
  • Comes with a built-in magnet.
  • Easily detects motion.


  • Doesn’t hold a charge for long.

07. Cadrim Color Changing Puck Lights


Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with remote control.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Has an automatic timer.
  • Color changes.
  • Installs quickly.

With the Cadrim color changing, puck light comes all the features needed to light up under a cabinet in a kitchen.

The colors can be changed using a remote control that works with a wireless connection.

Users can easily switch the puck lights on and off with the remote control and then even set the brightness level.

The under cabinet light comes with fifty-five lumens that serve as the LED lights to help it stay bright.

These lumens are really bright and can last a long time before the quality depreciates.

It also saves you the cost of buying a replacement frequently.

Apart from all, this comes to an automatic timer that helps in setting when the light comes on or goes off.

So, instead of having the lights on for too long when you are engaged in another activity, the timer can help in automatically turning the lights on.

Also, the timer could help in restarting the light from the last time when it has been turned off.

There is also a smooth and fade mode that comes designed into the under cabinet light and can be set at your convenience.


  • Can easily restart itself.
  • Comes with several lumens.
  • Has a fade mode.
  • Designed to be super bright.


  • Comes with a weak adhesion.

08. SOLMORE Color Changing Lights


Highlighted Features:

  • Has four static colors.
  • Several levels of brightness (ten).
  • Has a timer.
  • Comes with a gradient.
  • Goes under a cabinet.

SOLMORE color-changing LED lights to have several levels of brightness that can be set based on the condition.

There are a total of ten levels to the brightness, and they are controlled by long-pressing the “+/-“sign on the body of the LED lights.

Along with this under cabinet lighting comes a timing function that helps control the light.

Remote control and manual access features complement this timing function.

When using the LED lighting, there also comes the control that users can access from the light’s body.

Users of this SOLMORE color changing under cabinet light are given access to four static colors along with sixteen dynamic colors.

With this, the room’s color can be set using the LED light lamp as it even has three different light modes as well.

“Of all the amazing features that come with this SOLMORE LED light, the frame looks cheaply built. This means that users would have to be cautious when using the light as it could crack easily.”


  • It can be easily installed.
  • Comes with a timer.
  • Made to easily change colors.
  • Has brightness options.


  • Can easily be cracked.

09. Litake 20 Under Cabinet Lighting


Highlighted Features:

  • Has bright LEDs (twenty).
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries.
  • Saves spending cost.
  • Has anti-flicker functions.
  • Comes with screws and clips.

Litake is an under cabinet lighting that can be both manually and remotely controlled at the same time.

At one end of the under cabinet lighting comes a switch that goes three-way, which reads the OFF-ON-AUTO options.

With the “ON” feature, the LED light is automatically set at a fifty percent brightness level.

At the “Auto” mode, users can then remotely control the light as well as how bright it goes.

To save users the stress of having to replace the batteries in the cabinet lighting, this comes with a Lithium battery.

This makes it easy for the LED light to be changed easily as it can be recharged using USB cables.

All of these under cabinet features are designed to ensure that every user stays comfortable and saves cost.

Without buying a battery replacement, the cost of doing that is totally taken away.

With this LED light, the brightness is remarkable enough to light up the whole room.

Still, it doesn’t flicker during all of this, and there is no glare as well.


  • Eco-friendly design.
  • Quite comfortable to use.
  • Easily installed.
  • Comes with screws and clips.


  • Not a durable choice.

10. Starxing Wireless Puck Lights


Highlighted Features:

  • Has two switch modes.
  • Powered with batteries.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Scratch-free installation.
  • Anti-flicker design.

With the STARXING wireless puck light comes two switch modes that can control the LED lights.

The switch modes of the under cabinet light can either turn on the light and even turn it back off.

Also, this puck light’s remote control comes with a range that is almost reaching seven meters.

This means that the STARXING puck lights allow users to turn the light on or off from a distance and doesn’t have to be too close.

Apart from that, the STARXING puck light comes with adhesive tapes that are strong enough to hold the lights up.

The adhesive tapes are placed to install the under cabinet light in the room.

Note, unlike other adhesive tapes that could harm the frame or wherever it is being placed.

The STARXING wireless puck light has a scratch-free feature that doesn’t harm the cabinet.  It also doesn’t


  • Comes with adhesive tapes.
  • Doesn’t scratch the surface.
  • Uses a remote control.
  • Offers dual switch modes.


  • Batteries don’t last long enough.

11. Ultra-Thin Motion Sensor Lights


Highlighted Features:

  • Has an eye-protection.
  • Installs anywhere.
  • Sticks on iron frames.
  • Comes with three settings.
  • USB recharge enabled.

With this ultra-thin motion sensor light, users can recharge the LED light with a USB cable’s help.

This USB cable comes as an accessory with the under cabinet light itself and other things that are needed when using the light in the room.

Apart from this, it can be installed on any cabinet frame with ease. An advantage of this is that it can be installed on even iron surfaces.

The lights that the LED produces are powered by fifty-four beads and lumens reaching up to 350.

To protect the eyes of the users, the panel that comes with this light allows the rays to travel in a sideways motion.

For the rays that travel sideways, it helps in providing glare-free illumination.

The light finally produces a flicker-free light that doesn’t harm the eyes in the process.

In this under cabinet light comes a three-mode setting that can allow for motion and other controls. Moreover, this light’s motion sensor can detect when people are ten feet close to where the light has been mounted.


  • Has a 120 degrees range.
  • Rays are diverted from the eyes.
  • Recharges using a USB.
  • Has a three-mode setting.


  • Motion detection doesn’t work well.

12. 54-LED Closet USB Rechargeable


Highlighted Feature:

  • Uses motion sensor lights.
  • Three modes are available.
  • Has a standby mode.
  • Easy installation.
  • Senses human motion.

With the 54-LED closet under cabinet, the light comes an easy installation process that doesn’t require a professional’s help.

This alone saves users the cost of paying a technician or whoever is going to install the LED light.

When using this under cabinet light, there is also a human motion sensor that helps it operate.

So, when the place is dark, and someone comes close enough to where the light is placed, it automatically turns on.

Apart from that, it can turn itself off when there is no one detected close enough for a long time.

Note, all of this light’s sensitivity is enabled by a PIR sensor that has proven to be more reliable than regular sensors.

The battery that comes with this light is long-lasting and still pushes a brighter light than usual. It is estimated to last at least eight hours.


  • Comes with a long-lasting battery.
  • Has a PIR sensor.
  • Makes use of standby mode.
  • Offers various function modes.


  • Not enough reviews.

13. Motion Glow LED Under Cabinet Lighting


Highlighted Features:

  • Has a long life span.
  • Motion triggered.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Uses a magnetic strip.
  • Replaceable batteries.

Motion glow LED under cabinet light is a long-lasting light that can be used by whoever is in need of a light to stay under the surface.

It gives a complete 100 lm of clean light that can light up everywhere in the room.

When installing this LED light, there also comes a magnetic strip that that attaches itself to any surface with ease.

Since this serves as the installation mode, it doesn’t require extra modification or professional help.

Motion Glow is also flexible enough to get into any place, and the design is a durable choice.

While it gives users a superiorly bright light, it also is sturdy enough to stay on the frame where it has been fixed.

“Ensure that when placing the magnetic strip of this under cabinet night, it is placed somewhere that is completely free from moisture.”

All the light that comes from this LED can get across to several hidden corners of the room with ease.

This makes it one of the best wireless under cabinet lighting available on the market.


  • Works with a motion sensor.
  • It can be easily installed.
  • Work anywhere.
  • Coes with batteries.


  • Magnetic strip isn’t waterproof.

Best Under Cabinet Lighting: Buying Factors

When going to the market or placing an order for a wireless LED light that could go under your cabinet, it is important that they are suitable.

Being suitable means that they get to suit the need that any user has or the room where it has been placed.

This section is several of the things that could be considered before purchasing an under cabinet light. Check them out below:

Mode of installation:

All that makes an under cabinet lighting functional is how it can be set up after purchase.

Some have screws that can be used in fixing them to a particular surface much easier. There are still some others that come with just magnetic stripes that simply go on.

Like has been described in several of the products that have been highlighted in this review, the magnetic strap is easy.

Like adhesive tape, it can attach itself to under the cabinet with ease. However, you have to be careful that the area or the platform that it stands on is free from moisture.

Other forms of installation, like the screw-on or the handheld, do not concern themselves with moisture.

Another thing that the magnetic installation technique offers is an easy way to take off the LED light when the need comes.

It doesn’t leave scratches and does not take a process either to handle.

With strong considerations for a mode of installation, it becomes an easy task to choose the right under cabinet light.

Motion Sensor:

Motion sensors are used in determining how the under cabinet light functions when it detects motion.

Typically, when you use the under cabinet light that has been enabled to detect human motion, it automatically reacts when someone comes close to it.

For several of the under cabinet lighting that comes with this feature, users don’t have to manually operate the light when they are in the room.

Once the room is dark and someone comes to at least ten feet from the light, it comes on.

Also, as a reverse function, the LED light’s motion sensor turns off the light when no movement is detected after a while after being turned on.

The motion sensor also helps some of the under carpet light move and detect obstacles that may clash with the light itself.

Financial value:

The price of an under cabinet light is determined by several factors and majorly by the brand.

However, as one in need of suitable wireless under cabinet light, you would have to check how much it is placed.

There are thirteen different under cabinet lighting that comes at various prices on this review alone.

However, this is based on their review and the components that have been used in making the light in particular.

Those designed with higher quality components are more expensive than the rest of the under cabinet lightings.

Even lights that are owned by poplar brands seem to be more expensive as well.

But if you are on a budget, you have to use your limit to place your search.

Battery life:

Since the goal is to have wireless under cabinet light eliminates any need to plug it into a power outlet while in use, it needs a battery.

The battery is meant to hold all the possible charges it can when the light is not in use and then work independently when the real action comes.

There are several battery lives, and there are even some of these batteries that come with the lights that are really durable.

Some are enabled to last up to eight hours with a single full charge, yet, there are others that cannot stay that long.

So, depending on how you intend to use the under cabinet light after very charge, it should help in determining the compatible battery life for your use.

But as a general rule of thumb, the higher the battery life, the better a choice it is.

Light modes:

Lastly, something that users need to consider when picking a choice of the under cabinet light is the light it produces.

It is usually better to have an under cabinet light that makes room for diversity when it comes to the ambiance that it provides.

Some have more than sixteen colors that can be chosen while they are in use, and others have even less.

So, if you as a user need the option to change the lighting condition of the room is a desirable one.


Timers are used in setting a time frame where the under cabinet light stays on or goes off.

On this review alone are several options of an LED lighting that can go under a cabinet.

The timer can be set for different time frames depending on what is particularly convenient at the time.

However, it is usually broken down into 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 180 minutes.

By considering all of these factors, it becomes easy to pick out the best wireless under cabinet lighting.

Battery Operated Undercabinet Lighting: Buying Questions

Can moisture affect an under-cabinet LED light?

Normally, moisture has a way of affecting electrical powered gadgets, so it is expected an under cabinet lighting.

However, it is all based on the amount of water of the way that the under cabinet light has been created.

For those that come with magnetic strips, when they are being installed, then they have to be well attended to.

Users have to ensure that the area where it is placed is totally free from dirt and, most importantly, moisture.

This is to ensure that it holds properly and firm for the right amount of time.

Still, for those that are made with other means of installation, they can handle water around them.

But, it is important to make sure that the water doesn’t cover up the whole light or it is not intense enough to stay on it for too long.

In all, moisture should be avoided by all means when using an under cabinet light.

What happens when one of the LED bulbs dies?

When some of the LED beads or bulbs go off and refuse to come on, there are several things that could be done.

Firstly, if it is just a few that do not compromise the quality or brightness of the light, then it should be left to stay there.

It is not a good idea to unravel the whole under cabinet light because of some bulbs that don’t affect the general performance of the bulb itself.

But, if the bulbs or bead s that have gone off are highly noticeable and have reduced the brightness level of the main under cabinet light, then it needs to be changed.

They can be hanged by going to a technician that has been verified to open up the LED light and fix the faulty ones.

However, if the LED light comes with an option for a maintenance service by the producers themselves, it is a better choice.

They are more aware of the makeup of the under cabinet light and would know how to fix the bulbs better.

How can the under cabinet lighting be maintained?

After making use of the under cabinet lighting for a long time, it is already due for maintenance.

This can be done by checking out the important features of the LED lights and cleaning them out with a dry microfiber cloth.

If there are stains on the body of the under cabinet light already, then add a little water to make the cleaning cloth damp would be a good choice.

Asides from that, always check the battery if it needs to be changed during a maintenance round.

If the battery is beginning to drain faster than normal, then weigh your options. It could be to change the whole battery or allowing the product verified technicians to work on it.

When you also consider the area where it has been installed, then consider if dust has started accumulating around the light.

Clean out the dust and then wipe out the moisture that may have found its way to the body.

How to identify an under cabinet lighting that is worn out?

The under-cabinet lightings that are still functional are highly categorized by how bright it can be and other features.

The brightness has to do with the strength of the bulbs themselves at every point in time.

However, over time the bulbs normally depreciate and would need changing. It is at this point that it is advisable that the bulbs be changed.

Other things that could indicate a worn-out under cabinet light is the battery life.

The original time frame that comes along with the LED light could have been set to eight hours.

When the battery now drains faster than this speculated time frame, then it is probably wearing out already.

So for you to have the best wireless under cabinet lighting and enjoy its functionality, check out if it is already wearing out.

This can be done by constantly monitoring how it works and any slight change in its duty.


When choosing out wireless under cabinet lighting to go in a room, always search out for the most functional.

This is known by how the sensors work, how bright it can be, and the various colors it can offer, among other things.

In this post are some of the best wireless under cabinet lighting available on the market.

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