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Top 10 Best UV Light for HVAC Reviews:(2022)

Finding it hard to choose the best UV light for HVAC? We’ve got the right answers and more to help you find the best solution.

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What is the best UV lights for HVAC?

A good UV light eliminates pathogens and cleanses the environment, all attributes of the Original PURE AIR.

Why Original PURE AIR is the best brand for UV light for HVAC?

Original PURE AIR beats the others because of its long lifespan and its impressive sterilization performance.

Types of UV lights for the air system

Users of the option of two UV light for their air system, the coil sterilization, and air sterilization.

How does UV light help air quality?

UV lights improve air quality by destroying harmful contaminants, thus purifying the air that circulates within the entire building.

Top 10 Best UV Light For HVAC System Reviews

01. Air Purifier Whole House UV Light in Duct – Best for easy installation


Highlighted Features

  • Dual replacement bulbs
  • Comes with a germicidal filter
  • Wavelength up to 253.7nm
  • Power up to nine wattage
  • Premium sight glass
  • High-quality electronic ballast

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Best Deal UV
  • Brand: D200
  • Manufacturer Part Number: B06Y1VYLCW

Product details and performance

This air purifier makes our list of best UV light for HVAC for multiple reasons.

It is a powerful unit that can proudly boast of supporting nine watts of power in any system weighing between 1-5 tons.

Apart from providing your home with a heavy set sterilizer, it is quite easy to install and takes a professional less than fifteen minutes to set up in the ductwork.

So users can start enjoying the benefit of having a UV light, nearly instantaneously.

However, there is a significant drawback to this particular product. Contrary to its labeling, some users did complain about perceiving a strong ozone smell, although such reviews aren’t common.

On the plus side, it does come with two additional bulbs which buyers can swap for a new one, and hopefully get rid of the offensive ozone smell.

When one takes into consideration the price of this product, coming with spare bulbs is a pretty sweet deal.


  • Improves air quality
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to replace


  • May produce an ozone smell

02. REKO Lighting R2000 Air Purifier Whole House UV uvc Light in Duct – Best for odor elimination


Highlighted Features

  • Fits all standard electrical outlet
  • Wavelength up to 253.7nm
  • Includes nine-feet power cord
  • Comes with UV v light
  • Made in the USA

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: REKO Lighting
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BO78MMJZ74

Product details and performance

Rekolighting is popular in the UV light industry because they design top-quality air ultraviolent lights for HVAC systems.

The R2000 in particular is an amazing product because its bulbs are so powerful they can remove 99% of germs.

Their intensity is also what makes them hazardous to the naked eye, as its effects even after a short period of time can be unpleasant.

Its strength also extends to odor elimination, which is surprisingly quick and can purify the air within an enclosed room in less than an hour.

The downside of this otherwise impressive product is that sometimes a few parts might be defective. In some instances the ballast shorts out, the indicator lights are not operational or the bulbs simply don’t work.

If you’re willing to risk contacting customer care and request another order, then you can be sure an R2000 in top shape is an excellent product.

Its installation process is straight forward and you can connect it to the regular electric output in any home.


  • Ultra-powerful bulbs
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Easy to install


  • Defective parts

03. Bio Shield Antimicrobial Protection 50-BUVAS-E UV-C – Best for energy conservation


Highlighted Features

  • Phillips germicidal lamps
  • Superior HVAC system
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Includes two replacement lamp
  • Complete sanitizer system

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Bio-Shield
  • Brand: Bio Shield Antimicrobial Protection
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 50-BUVAS-E

Product details and performance

For users particular about energy conservation, bio shield’s 50-BUVAS-E ought to be the top choice.

Its high-performance bulbs are swift and effective at killing microbes that can trigger allergies and transmit diseases.

Its supercharged lamps do more than eliminate harmful pathogens, they also clean the ductwork and the rest of the HVAC system, reducing its maintenance needs.

Best of all, this UV light for HVAC excels at lowering the cost of electricity by running on low wattage bulbs.

It comes with Phillip brand lamps so users are sure of its quality and make.

On the other side of all its incredible perks, the 50-BUVAS-E does have a fatal flaw. In a bid to reduce power consumption, its design compromises the lamp’s ability to dispel heat. As such, it is liable to overheat and rather hostile to plastic fittings.

To bypass that flaw, users may have to check the bulbs regularly to ensure the housing doesn’t completely burn out before replacement.

Luckily, this product comes with two extra low-wattage bulbs.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Highly effective biocide
  • Reduces ductwork cleaning
  • Easy to install


  • Heat up quickly

04. 24 Volts Power Input: Pureuv 14” Bulb Uv Light Coil Cleaner for Ac HVAC – Best against mold action


Highlighted Features

  • 24V voltage power supply
  • Fourteen inches germicidal bulb
  • Includes Magnetic bracket
  • Comes with a sight glass
  • Convenient magnetic mount

 Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Reko Lighting
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PURE24V

Product details and performance

Reko Lightening makes our list again with the stellar PURE24V.

For buyers whose primary concern is the elimination of mold and other fungal microbes, this UV light might be the best selection for your home.

Its 14” inch bulb packs a lot of anti-fungal power because of its superior germicidal design.

It’s not the fastest to install, but you can still do it on your own in thirty minutes or less.

While its anti-fungal effect is worthy of note, it’s essential to also note its handicaps. Unlike other products, it doesn’t come with spares, which would be fine if they weren’t hard to find. Also, users may need to purchase a 24V transformer alongside this product to avoid short-circuiting their whole electric system.

Although the price of the PURE24V is rather reasonable, buying the extra transformer unit isn’t such a costly trade-off.

More so, users can consider the difficulty in finding spares for this air purifier as evidence of its high demand.


  • Superior mold removal function
  • Eliminates unpleasant odor
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably priced


  • Hard to find replacement bulbs
  • Need to buy 24V transformer

05. Original PURE AIR UV: AIR Purifier Whole House Dual UVC Light in Duct for HVAC – Best pick


Highlighted Features

  • Superior electronic ballast
  • Includes LED screen monitoring
  • Efficient germicidal filter
  • Wavelength up to 253.7nm
  • 99% germ elimination in a single cycle

 Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Pure Air UV
  • Brand: Pure Air UV
  • Manufacturer Part Number: B08CWTKYDQ

 Product details and performance

We consider the original PURE AIR UV one of the best UV lights for an HVAC system for several reasons.

The special UV-C lamp design is effective at killing pathogens with a 99% success rate on the first cycle.

Aside, It’s an impressive piece that outlives the average purifier by close to a thousand extra hours.

It’s also easier to install than most units, and dramatically improves the quality of the air in your home.

Despite coming with a convenient LED screen monitor, it doesn’t come with a control switch which users can use to power it down. So it runs 24/7.

But there’s an easy way to bypass that design, simply connect it to a timer.

Besides, it comes with a sleep mode that significantly reduces the noise levels; you’ll barely notice it’s on. Users can also connect it to a normal 110V outlet.


  • Extended lamp life
  • Easy to install
  • Effective air sterilization
  • Improves air quality


  • Absent switch

06. Honeywell UV100A1059 UV Surface Treatment System – Best for coil application


Highlighted Features

  • Includes coil irradiation
  • Power up to 36W
  • Compact size of one foot
  • Surface treatment system component
  • Convenient mount

 Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Honeywell
  • Brand: Honeywell Home
  • Manufacturer Part Number: UV100A1059

Product details and performance

Users looking for a superior coil sterilizer will enjoy the UV100A1059 UV.

It’s one of the top Honeywell UV light for HVAC because it combines the best of both air and coil sterilization systems.

It’s capable of removing 90% of contaminants within the air in one cycle, leaving the environment odor-free and cleaner.

As a coil applicant, users can also install it underwater, such as in a hot-tub to get rid of water-borne pathogens as well.

Although it’s useful as both an air and water purifier, it has a tendency to overheat and can fry its drain pan. But such occasions are rare are far in between.

Besides, it also comes with an extra bulb, so you’re not stuck when the original one burns out.

So users can enjoy its tough action against microbes for the life-span of two bulbs.

Its sterilization feature is so intense, patients with a weak or compromised immune system report feeling satisfied with its results.


  • Easy to mount
  • Increased sterilization effect
  • Long-life span
  • Improved air quality


  • Tendency to overheat

07. Pure UV Whole House PCO UV-C Light system with Activated Carbon filter – Best Carbon filter


Highlighted Features

  • Includes a carbon filter
  • A convenient magnet for mounting
  • Comes with air conditioning coil
  • Made in the USA
  • Contains activated carbon

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Pure UV
  • Brand: Pure UV
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Nil

 Product details and performance

 The UV light makes our list because of its unique carbon filter that traps germs better than most other filters.

But that’s not all this Pure UV system has to offer.

It’s specially designed lamp light requires mere hours to rid any space of any unpleasant odor. It’s a quick fix to remove any stale AC smell.

While this product is rather excellent, it does have a significant shortcoming. It has a short lifespan and often burns out within months of purchase.

Although it does come with a spare, so users can easily replace the burnt-out bulb with a new one, and they are relatively cheap to purchase online if you run out.


  • Easy to install
  • Exceptional ballast component
  • Superb fungal removal
  • Excellent for eliminating the foul odor


  • Short life-span

08. Honeywell UV Air Purifier (24V) with AirBRITE Odor Absorption –Best alternative air purifier


Highlighted Features

  • Accommodates up to the five-ton unit
  • No batteries required
  • Exceptional Odor Absorption
  • Rapid pathogen elimination action
  • The advanced air purification system

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Honeywell
  • Brand: Honeywell Stores
  • Manufacturer Part Number: B00EHFNLXW

 Product details and performance

Another Honeywell product makes our list as the 24V AirBRITE.

Its exceptional germicidal action is capable of ridding your house entirely of mold within less than 24 hours.

Its most outstanding quality is how radically it improves the air quality within minutes of its installation.

 A noteworthy turnoff of this product would be the difficulty users experience during its installation.

Other UV lights for commercial HVAC are often easy to install and take about fifteen minutes of DIY.

But with this product, it’s either hire a professional or spend two hours trying to mount it. Of course, once the installation is out of the way, users are often pleased with its purification function.


  • Eradicates unpleasant odor
  • Expedient air scrubber
  • Exceptional germicidal action


  • Relatively hard to install

09. OdorStop UV Air Purifiers – Best Sensor


Highlighted Features

  • No batteries required
  • Advanced sensor system
  • Stellar customer service
  • Sync operation with the furnace

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: OdorStop
  • Brand: OdorStop
  • Manufacturer Part Number: OS72

Product details and performance

The next UV light is great for users with concerns about electricity consumption.

This product from OdorStop is great because it comes with an advanced sensor system that lets the user knows when it’s on.

It also works in perfect synchronization with the HVAC system’s furnace, so it is automatically flipped on when you need it the most.

Unfortunately, users only get to enjoy this amazing feature for a limited time because its half-life is rather short. The bulbs tend to burn out quickly and need more frequent replacements.

 Otherwise, it’s a pretty good investment if you value exercising more control on your UV lights, and as the brand name implies odor elimination.


  • Fast installation
  • Odor elimination
  • Great sensor system
  • Protects UV filter


  • Short lifespan

10. Mammoth BioShield UV-C Air Treatment System for HVAC System – Best Budget


Highlighted Features

  • Low wattage
  • FCC safety certification
  • Advanced Ozone-free technology
  • Wavelength up to 253.7nm
  • Low voltage

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Mammoth
  • Brand: Mammoth
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MAFABioS18W

Product details and performance

For users on a tight budget, but still very much interested in the quality of their UV light, the Mammoth BioShield is perfect.

Its UV light effectively removes dangerous contaminants from the air, with wattage as low as 18 watts.

There’s no danger in leaving it on all night either because it also has a low voltage feature that can run 24/7 without melting or burning out.

That’s right, even though it works to filter the air continuously, users can still enjoy more than 10,000 hours of uninterrupted usage before pulling out the convenient spare.

Perhaps because of the price, but the Mammoth BioShield is more liable to have defective packaging when users order it.

Although most of the time it varies from vendor to vendor, some users complain about getting the product without the bulbs.

So one has to be careful when ordering online, and ensure you read as many reviews as possible to make sure all the required parts are included.

This UV lamp isn’t as highly-priced as other options but still performs optimally.

It also includes a smart sensor system that comes on when the bulb is close to burning out, so you can replace it on time.


  • Additional replacement bulb
  • Smart sensor system
  • Reasonably priced
  • Long lifespan


  • Sold without bulbs

Best UV Light For HVAC: Non-negotiable Buying Facts

As you can tell by now, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to selecting the best UV light for HVAC.

Since UV lights are useful in a myriad of ways, it’s only natural that any serious buyer should have a checklist before heading into the store.

Here are the top buying considerations to aid you in your selection:

Type of system

When we talk about the type of system we refer to the sort of UV light installation.

There are often two options and they include air sterilization and coil sterilization.

For individuals working in hospitals, the former is a more popular choice because medical centers need to cleanse their environment of air-borne diseases.

Previous methods such as dilution ventilation aren’t as efficient at killing microbial contaminants;

So many hospital spaces make use of an ultraviolent germicidal irradiation system that is capable of disinfecting the air.

They often place them at a safe height in the room, where they can kill air-borne pathogens emitted by the patients.

The UV air sterilizer deactivates the existing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that enter its range.

On the other hand, the coil sterilization system works slightly more differently.

It doesn’t utilize a duct system and isn’t as wide-reaching as the previous type.

Its UV-C lamps instead concentrate on target specific areas and work to eliminate mold growth.

This system also includes parabolic reflectors which project the ultraviolent energy further.

Since it is stationary it doesn’t maximize exposure as well as its counterpart, but it’s a safe choice for users that wish to simply keep their coil mold-free.


When UV light for HVAC first came into circulation, nearly two decades ago, it’s initial purpose was to improve airflow within the house.

Till today, it’s still one of the many reasons people install an ultraviolet light system, even though there are more pressing purposes.

As a homeowner looking to purchase one for your residency, it’s essential to consider how well it works in the air filters, especially for users going with an air sterilizer.

As the UV works to eliminate microbial organisms from the air circulation within the home, it also needs to expel the contaminants to remain functional.

Think of it as a sieve that requires emptying to catch more dirt.

So it’s vital to opt for a UV light system that is capable of destroying microbes on your air filters and cooling coils, without compromising airflow.

Not only does it keep the air within the building cleaner, but it also improves heat exchange.

Disease Prevention

Many buyers purchase a UV light for their HVAC system because of its ability to remove microbial organisms from the air and hard to reach places, and hence, slows down the spread if not eliminates the spread of diseases.

If your goal is to significantly reduce the chances, or the regularity of your family getting sick, then pay attention to the type of fitting you install.

For users with concerns about air-borne bacteria, or viruses, the air sterilizer is the better option.

A coil sterilizer may not adequately serve a user for the main purpose of health, because it is stationary.

Also, consider getting a germicidal light that comes with an air filter so it can hold the destroyed pollutants it removes from various surfaces like air ducts, cooling coils, and drain pipes.


The intensity of the UV light works in consideration with disease prevention.

Oftentimes, users express concern for the elimination a particular pathogen when heading out to purchase a purifier.

What many people aren’t familiar with is that different microbes require different intensities to die.

Take the S. Marcescens bacteria for instance; to completely eliminate it from the air you need a lamp that emits at least 3,400 microwatts of power.

We measure the intensity of ultraviolet light using microwatts per square centimeter (MW/cm2)Anything less will be inefficient.

Even the coronavirus requires a more energetic spectrum of ultraviolent rays for its DNA to completely unravel.

Thus, it is vital to find out how much intensity you need to kill a specific pathogen, and then buy the UV light with enough power to do so.

Energy Efficiency

Some users may have concerns that running a UV light will significantly increase their electricity consumption, when in fact it is the opposite.

The right system can save you nearly as much as 40%, so you can even reduce your electric bill.

Of course, the lighting itself is not responsible for the increased efficiency.

It often goes hand-in-hand with the kind of HVAC system installed.

But in some instances, it can make a telling difference in how much power the system consumes, or saves.

To find the best deal, speak with the dealer responsible for the energy-saving capacity of each bulb to get a better idea of which ones offer the best savings deal.

On average, the more effective the UV light is at removing microbes, the more energy-efficient it is.


The right UV light can turn your HVAC system into an investment.

That’s because they’re relatively easy to install and low-maintenance, requiring only the occasional annual check-up from a skilled technician.

Some brands of UV light can even keep your HVAC system clean so you don’t have to move a muscle.

Of course, this point often goes hand-in-hand with other factors like the dwell-time, the longer the lamp stays on, the more microbes it can kill per day.

The energy efficiency, how effective the system is without adding too much to your electric bill, and intensity of the lamp determines the kind of contaminants it can remove from the air.

When users opt for ultraviolent lights that have a higher reflectivity, they also increase the system’s ability to regulate heat exchange more efficiently.

That can improve airflow, and also reduce the temperature of your home.

For clients with health-related needs, the UV light’s function can also save you a lot of time and energy by reducing contamination within the environment. So choose the right kind of light carefully.

Reliability/Cost & Installation


The best UV light for HVAC is often phenomenal products in terms of cleaning, filtrating, and of course sterilization.

Several studies reiterate its usefulness in disease prevention and transmission, especially in hospitals.

One study shows that UV lights can reduce the replication of viruses and bacteria by as much as 93%.

Another study shows they even bring about a decline in the transmission of antibiotic-resistant strains of microbes by another 20%.

Today, there’s ongoing research on its effectiveness against COVID-19, but previous studies show positive effects against other sars viruses.

Limited Lifespan

The lifespan of most UV lights is about a year, during which time they are low maintenance and don’t require more servicing than the rest of the HVAC system.

In fact, their sterilization properties even help keep the rest of the ductwork kill and free of harmful pathogens.

If that’s your ultimate purpose for getting UV lamps, then they can function without glitches for up to two years.

All roads point to UV lights as a reliable decontaminant in both residential homes and commercial buildings to slow the spread of diseases, eliminate allergens and purify the air we breathe.


The price of installing a UV light in an HVAC system varies depending on many factors.

One of the primary influences is the wavelength of the lamp.

As we mentioned earlier, the intensity of the light is an essential consideration, because the stronger it is the more germs it can effectively destroy.

Of course, subsequently, that also affects the price tag.

The type of system, opting for an air sterilizer or coil sterilizer can also affect the price of installation.

The latter is often stationary since its main purpose is to remove mold from the HVAC system, so it is relatively cheaper than the air sterilizer.

Another feature that might increase the price of installation is the accessories of the UV lamp.

Wireless screen monitors, smart-sensing, and odor expulsion can hike the price of the UV light.

UV light installation

Professional often install a UV light sterilization system alongside a Micropower Guard Electronic Air Cleaner to enhance both air purification and airflow.

As we mentioned earlier, airflow is one of the reasons to consider before selecting a UV light.

If you pick the right one with great heat exchange capabilities, you can bypass installing an electronic air cleaner altogether.

To start, professionals will often use ductwork to layout the return air duct.

It’s crucial to do that so that air may return along the pipes.

It also helps the HVA system effectively draw and collect all the air out of the house, through the air grills that present in virtually all the rooms in a building.

After drawing the air through the grills, it takes it down to a central location next to the furnace.

electronic air cleaner Control

Next, the installer will mount the micropower guard electronic air cleaner in the central portion of the return air duct, so that all the pathogens and particles that the air grill collects can filter through the cleaner.

So it deactivates everything in the air, like viruses, germs, and bacteria which are too small for the human eye to see.

At this point, the bulb usually goes into the ductwork.


The most common size is the 16 inch, but since it has a U-shape, it is technically a 32-inch bulb.

There are other sizes, but they all have extremely powerful wattage that is capable of killing bio-contaminants and sterilizing the environment.

Technicians place the bulb in the central part of the ductwork, so they can operate simultaneously with the furnace which powers it.

What also happens is that the installers place the micropower guard close to the UV light so it helps it better collect particles from the air.

It’s an intentional placement that lets the electronic air cleaner capture all the pathogens at once, and then expose them to the ultraviolent light which will destroy them.

It’s like collecting all the germs in your house and exposing them at once to the sunlight. So it is a continuous sterilization process that rids your home of contaminants.

If done correctly there should be a blue glow below the ductwork, which is similar to a hotbed of sunlight.

Technicians also place a lower light, a UV V light which is mainly responsible for taking odors out of the air.

The exposure to ultraviolent not only disinfects the air.

But it also makes the environment smell better.

Thereafter, the technician put the cover on the HVAC system, and screws in the control that allows users to adjust the UVB bulb.

The control connects to a knob that turns a shutter in the system that limits the amount of UV light that takes odors out of the air.

Best UV Lights For HVAC System: We Also Need To Know

How does a UV light HVAC system work?

Keeping your home safe from harmful pathogens is essential to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Airborne germs come in various forms including viruses, bacteria, algae, and more.

The HVAC system, ductwork, furnace on their own spread these contaminants because they are often dark, cold, and damp which is the ideal space for these microbes to thrive.

But by introducing a high output UVC radiation unit in your system, you include a biocide that targets the DNA of the harmful disease-carriers and destroys their ability to replicate themselves.

Doing so renders the pathogens useless and they no longer possess a threat to the residents of the building.

Is my safety guaranteed when I install a UV purifier?

Nothing is one hundred percent free of risks, and neither are UV purifiers.

For UV lights to function optimally and deactivate the DNA of most pathogens they require a high intensity that can also be detrimental to the human skin.

So it is highly recommended for safety reasons to place the UV light out of harm’s way.

Ideally, professionals install air purifiers at a decent height, not only to maximize their efficiency but also to prevent the harmful UV lights from being too close to people.

It’s also good practice to switch it off prior to switching the lamps and avoid looking directly at it with your naked eye while it is still on.

Can HVAC UV lights produce ozone?

No, the HVAC UV lights which most residential and even commercial buildings install cannot produce ozone.

Several scientists conduct experiments on ultraviolent light, and while there is significant data to support that most of the harmful UV rays are stopped by the Earth’s ozone layer, UV lights themselves cannot produce ozone.

Any advert that encourages the purchase of an HVAC system to increase ozone is misleading and false.

However, UV lamps do have high reflectivity meaning they can irradiate surfaces and kill microbes which is their main function.

Are UV lights necessary for an air conditioner?

It’s not necessary to install a UV light in your AC unit, but it is highly recommended.

Biological organisms capable of transmitting diseases require a cold and damp place to continue regenerating, and dirty AC units provide the perfect conditions for that.

Initially, it might sound like an unnecessary expense but when one considers how these lamps work, one understands the benefit of buying a UV light.

The truth is it might not be compulsory, but there are several perks to installing an ultraviolet lamp in your air conditioner.

It can reduce the number of triggers in the air for people with sensitive allergens, and energy-efficient systems can even save you some cash.

Where do the UV lights go in an HVAC system?

There is no designated space for the UV lights in an HVAC system.

Each technician has their own preference for where to install the lamps.

Sometimes, it also depends on the size and shape of the lamp in question.

One of the preferred positions is close to the furnace, as it can serve as an extra source of power. Another suitable place is the air handler.

Wherever you decide to install it, ensure that the surroundings are highly reflective to get the most out of the rays.

Does UV light work against mold?

Yes, it does. UV light is a biocide that kills different types of pathogens and is useful in getting rid of all types of fungi infection including mold.

Fungi possess a huge health risk to your family, patients, or workers.

It can lead to several illnesses that affect sense organs like the skin and eye, and even the genitals.

UV is not only effective at destroying mold; it is also a relatively cheap way to do so.

How often should I replace my UV lights?

The need to replace a UV light depends on frequently it’s in use, and other external factors.

Scientists recommend that people replace their bulbs once a year.

If you have health concerns, like severe allergies, you might consider changing it more often to keep the quality of the air sterile and pathogens at bay.

Users don’t have to wait for the lamps to burn out, because after a year of constant use the lamps’ effectiveness drop to less than half their original output.

So by the term, it burns out, it would have been useless at disinfection for quite a while.

Can I keep my UV light on all the time?

There’s no straightforward answer to this question, it really depends on the model the user opts to get.

Each make has its own specific manual, so make sure to read it, as no two bulbs are the same.

However, the designs of several bulbs are suited to run 24/7, so users can enjoy all-day purification.

Many of these models often go into the air handler.

The ones that users may switch on or off, often fit into one of the reflective surfaces of the ductwork.

It’s only necessary to put those types on when the AC is also on.

Are there negative effects of using UV light?

Nothing is without its downsides, but thankfully the negative effects of UV lights aren’t enough to discredit it as a viable pathogen remover.

Due to its intensity, it may penetrate the ductwork system itself and degrade some of its materials.

The damage isn’t usually significant, but it does wear the AC unit out a bit faster.

It can also be risky in homes with little children and pets, because they may accidentally come in direct contact with it. For safety purposes, keep it out of their reach.

Does UV light produce a smell?

On the contrary, UV lights help eliminate nasty odors from the building.

When microbes build up in the ductwork, and other parts of the HVAC system, they can produce an unpleasant smell that is hard to locate.

However, when UV lamps perform their biocide role, they destroy the pathogens as well their ability to produce foul odors within your money.

So getting ultraviolent lights can be a good way to save money on indoor air fresheners, and other fragrances that promise to make the smell go away.

Final Thoughts

There are several benefits that come with getting the best UV light for HVAC.

By killing pathogens, it controls disease transmission within a building.

It can also improve the air circulation and heat exchange, making your home feel more comfortable.

This article outlined the most exceptional UV lights on the market, their advantages, flaws, and features.

So now you can make an informed decision when choosing the right lamp.

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