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Best Tiffany Stained Glass Table Lamps:Buyers Guide[2022]

While you are looking for Best Tiffany Stained Glass Table Lamps to illuminate your room, you need to do proper study before purchasing the right tiffany glass table lamp. our experts guide will let you know the perfect table lams for you.

What is  the best Tiffany Stained Glass Table Lamps?

While I was browsing the net searching for table lamps for my new apartment, we reviewed an extensive list of brands and we concluded that COTOSS is the best brand for Tiffany-Stained glasses.

We chose the COTOSS brand as the best Tiffany lamps brand because of its superior overall qualities and performance.

To this day, COTOSS Tiffany lamps are in high demand, and the market for high-quality investments is competitive.

Floral-themed and brightly colored Tiffany lamps is some of the qualities that make them the most sought-after models in today’s market.

After extensive research, here are our seven best picks for the best Tiffany table lamps.

Top 7 Best Tiffany Stained Glass Table Lamps Reviews

01. Magnificent Handmade Turkish Moroccan Mosaic Tiffany Table Desk Lamp – Best Multicolor Tiffany Table Lamps


 Highlighted Features

  • E12 socket
  • Amber height 78cm
  • Amber width 35.5cm
  • Globe Diameter 16.5cm
  • on/off switch

This Magnificent handmade table lamp is inspired by the famous Moroccan edifice, which gives it a unique style.

In most of the best Tiffany lamps, you can notice the creative form of Moroccan lights that speaks natural creativity because it was fashioned by creators who have a passion for their arts.

This Turkish Moroccan table lamp is 100 percent handcrafted and comes with three large globs. It has a black-brown, amber that measures 78cm in height, 35.5cm in width, and a diameter of 16.5cm per Globe.

The decorated metal body and the hanging metal ornaments have Antique brass color.

Glass beads and hand-cut glass pieces are used to create this piece of artwork. It has a plug that has an on/off switch, and an E12 socket which are all North American types.

What We Like 

Even if the top edges are bent, they can be easily pushed back into shape. The light is so mild that even persons who dislike sleeping with lights on, will be able to do so with these lamps on all night. It will not wake you.

What We Don`t Like

We noticed that the lamps only work well with LED bulbs. Anything else will eventually burn the globes. It also throws off too much light which may be a little disappointing to people who love less light.


  • Has the ability to be straightened out
  • Lights that shine brighter for the house
  • Globes that look great on a wall


  • Shipping is a nightmare for Canadian customers

02. Tiffany Sea Blue-Stained Glass Dragonfly Style Table Lamp – Best for Low-Intensity Lighting


Highlighted Features

  • 45cm height
  • 30cm lampshades
  • 15cm wide antique base
  • G45 E26 2700K LED bulbs
  • Weight 1.0kg

These lights will look great in your living room, bedroom, office, kid’s room, or college dorm. The lampshade of this lamp measure 45cm for the height, and 30cm for the width.

The Antique Base weighs 1.0kg and has a width of 15cm. It also has an on/off switch which is situated 30cm away from the base and 122cm away from the plug.

The entire framework and the components of this lamp are fabricated in a way that makes it quite easy to be assembled by anybody. The lamps include.

These lamps have the appropriate size for any room and will add a touch of elegance to any decor.

What We Like

What makes the Tiffany lamps exceptionally beautiful in homes is that they are home decorated with a variety of beautiful hues in the house and will make your room feel cool at night.

What We Don`t Like 

One frequent problem we noticed is that sometime one of the colors of the parts may be off, though it`s still beautiful. The last one we bought; one piece was the wrong color.

But it was still beautiful. Although some Tiffany lamps appear to be of inferior quality compared to their low prices.


  • Easy setup within 5 min or less
  • Handmade finished
  • Can last a century
  • Zinc base colored


  • The glass shade can be disappointing for someone expecting a resin/plastic shade.

03. Mission Tiffany Style Table Lamp – Best Choice for Mission Living Room


Highlighted Features

  • 7cm height
  • 17cm wide
  • Sixty glass pieces
  • on/off switch
  • Geometric bronze base

The greatest Tiffany-type lights are those that provide your home a sense of elegance and sophistication while also incorporating artistic design elements.

Also, The Arts and Crafts-inspired geometric patterns and subdued colors of this Tiffany-style shade are quite evident, as you can see.

Aside, The mission Tiffany table lamps measure 66.7cm high, and 17cm wide. The shade is 11.43cm through the top, and through the bottom, it measures 25.4cm.

To function well, two bulbs of sixty watts (max) were used, and it also has an on/off switch. The shade of this lamp features a total of sixty completely hand-cut pieces of Tiffany-stained glasses.

Note: It can be disappointing when the label of a product makes a promise about a product, and the actual product presents the opposite of that promise. The description on the label of this lamp says, “It is handmaid with the same technology that was used in making the Louise Comfort Tiffany way back in the early 1900s, that the lamp is made using pieces of hand-cut stained glasses with the Copper Foil technique”. Unfortunately, there is no single piece of glass used on this lamp. It`s all plastic.

What We Like

To produce the best Tiffany lamps, they used the savings they made from the world’s cheapest but least eco-friendly packaging solutions on creating this light.

Because this lamp is one of the things you can buy on Amazon that is prettier in real-time than they appear online. I also like the fact that the bulbs are completely hidden by this shade. Which is a problem with other brands.

What We Don`t Like

To be honest, the only thing I don`t like about this light is that the packaging is a form of environmental terrorism.

This packing material has little structural integrity and will disintegrate into tiny white pellets, making your living area look like something of a chemical factory has gone haywire.


  • The shade sits well on all the bulbs
  • Slick and modern appearance
  • Decorative yet subdued shade


  • There is a space between the base part and the metal, which allows light in.

04. Bexley Mission Tiffany Table Lamp – Best for Adding Warmth to Your Background


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Weight 7.8kg
  • Height 26cm
  • Width 20cm
  • Bexley bronze color
  • Multicolor shade
  • 66cm overall Hight

The Bexley Mission Tiffany table lamp has a brown metal base with a square glass shade on top. A built-in nightlight is a nice convenience.

To complete Robert Louis Tiffany’s classic style, he added two draw chains to each of the handles.

Moreover, This lamp is powered by one nightlight bulb with a maximum power of seven watts, and two maximum 60-watt bulbs. Pull chains to control the top lights and a switch for the base are included.

More than sixty pieces of glass were used to make this one-of-a-kind work of art.

The metal has been given a bronze finish with the base completely made of metal. This lamp presents a traditional bedside or side table lamp in the Craftsman style.

What We Like

In most cases, linear-edged art glass lampshades are misaligned and do not rest correctly on the lamp stem, but this lamp does a perfect job of sitting squarely on its stem.

What We Do Not Like

In some cases, the pull chain must be trimmed so that the balls do not hang below the base`s top frame, or the glass in the base will fracture. Which can be disappointing. I will have to work on what I bought before I can use it.


  • Artistic design
  • Convenient on/off
  • Can be easily clean


  • You must watch out the area of the led because there is a warning not to touch

05. Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Accent Lamp – Most Affordable Table Lamp


Highlighted Features

  • 66cm overall height
  • 22cm shade height
  • 15cm base width
  • 7cm base height
  • 25cm overall height

The Amora is also one of the most sorted out best Tiffany-Stained glass table lamps in the market today. It brings nature’s warm hues and the dragonfly free-flying energy into your house.

Also, The Louis Comfort Tiffany’s unique artisan processes were used to create this one-of-a-kind work of art and decor, which includes over 160 custom cubes and nine soldered diamonds.

When tiffany-stained glass table lamps are used as an ornament in the sitting room, or on a nightstand, this lamp casts a cozy and pleasant glow.

The shade of this lamp measures a diameter of 12.7cm, a height of 66cm, and a width of 15cm. It can be used with LED lights which is why it is recommended to use 1 60W of E26 incandescent lamp for the best result.

What We Like

In terms of luminosity, there isn`t a significant difference between the 40W and the 60W. Again, when used with 60W, it is quickly heated. But when used with the 40W, the house stays cool for as long as possible.

What We Don`t Like

My disappointment is that the label says, “use with 60W bulb’. But I noticed there is no difference between 40W and 60W, which is unexpected.


  • Effortless and contemporary style
  • Twenty-four pieces of glass are included
  • Option of a chain-pull


  • The information on the label is sometimes off-putting

06. Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Table Lamp Banker – Best Floral Design


Highlighted Features

  • 39cm base height
  • 19cm shade height
  • 35cm diameter
  • 50cm total height
  • E26 incandescent bulbs
  • Two on/off switch

There is still a huge misconception that “Stained Glass” is a work of art. Meanwhile, liquid glass is being colored by artists and producing a wide variety of designs.

Because of the product’s handcrafted nature, there may be slight differences in color and pattern. Small variances should be expected when purchasing multiples of the same item.

When not illuminated, shades will appear dark and less vibrant. The weight is ten pounds.

The shade measures a diameter of 35cm, the shade height is 19cm, the base height is 39cm, and the base width is 17cm.

Note: Unfortunately, you cannot get any light shading in the middle of this shade since it is transparent. In addition, the center’s jeweled appearance simply serves to increase the shine.

What We Like

This lamp’s base is made of something I have never seen or felt before. Compared to other Tiffany-style lamps, this one feel like it is made of rigid plastic.

What We Don`t Like

This lamp is a bit disappointing to me. I would prefer it if it were opaquer. The glasses around the central core are too evident and tacky. This makes the shapes beautiful, but the overall size is excellent. It is as if I am in a nightclub.


  • Red antique light décor
  • The lamp is torchier
  • Well molded zinc base


  • Transparent and tacky center glass

07. Mica Collection Mission Tiffany Style Desk Table Lamp – Best for Providing a Natural Feel


Highlighted Features

  • 47cm overall Hight
  • Base width – 17cm
  • 38cm shades width
  • Weight 18 pounds
  • E26 incandescent bulbs

You should look for a bedside table lamp that adds a sense of coziness, character, and timeless elegance to your bedroom decor.

These mica desk lamps have a natural crystal shade that emits a warm glow.

Overall, The shade was constructed using actual mica and polystyrene.

The final look of these tiffany-stained glass table lamps is achieved by varnish coating the mica. The natural material used in this lamp may cause slight color and pattern variations.

The total height of this lamp is 47cm, the width of the round base is 17cm, and the shades measure a total of 38cm, and it uses 2 40W bulbs.

What We Like

The base of this lamp is not like the original but looks better. Again, the shape and weight are safer and more practical than with most brands.

What We Don`t Like

The fact that the lamp is tied together by a tube across the top through the base, the moment the sandstone starts crumbling, the lamp begins to fall apart. And what makes it worse is that there just is no way to fix it.


  • Elegant table light made from blown glass
  • Design in the Art Nouveau style
  • It gives a colorful amount of light


The moulded Styrofoam breaks quickly and leaves a mess to clean up

What to Consider Before Purchase Best Tiffany Stained Glass Table Lamps

The Materials and Decoration

When you take a close look at some of the best Tiffany-Stained glass table lamps, you will notice the uniqueness and a collection of high-value natural colorful and not painted pieces of glass brought together to produce them.

These give the uniqueness of every part of this lamp. To keep the glass from breaking, the artist uses copper foil to put those pieces of glass together while building the lamp.

For both décor and reading, Tiffany lamps are a popular choice. Although the stained-glass presentation is stunning, it prevents natural light from entering, resulting in dim lighting.

Glass is twice heavier than plastic and cannot be harmed by fire, yet it is at the center of a percussion.

The size of Tiffany-Stained glass table lamps is large, and I find that extremely comfortable and happy as it sits on my bedside or even in the living room.

Also, these lamps have translucent glasses with different layers that trip across the center circle line. The beautiful ivory background glass gives your home this warm feeling of nature.

The shape of the lamps, the two chains, and the firmly seated base all make these lamps beautiful and inspirational.

What gives these lamps this natural feeling is that sometimes when you look at one, at first you can see a lion, next you can`t find it anymore, you are now seeing a dragon.

This is because of the art design which is done for that unique purpose.

Watch this video – to know more!

Putting the Pieces Together

A vast number of people are still not fully aware that “Stained Glass” is an artistic production. They still look at it from the industrial perspective.

Liquid glass is being transformed into works of art by artists who add color to it.

They cannot make flawless replicas because they are made by hand, but they will repeat the process while considering the number of colors added.

Like constructing a replica of an artwork. It is not uncommon for two lamps of the same model to appear somewhat different.

Who Are These Lamps Good For?

Multiple color lamps are good for people who love low-intensity lamps beside their beds or in their living room.

Overhead lighting is also commonly used by those who work at desks, but it is recommended to use a variety of light sources, including task, accent, and overhead lighting, in every space to create an inviting atmosphere and achieve a pleasing light and shade.

An adjustable desk lamp, or “task lamp,” can have a positive impact on both your mood and your health, especially if the light can be controlled.

Great lighting helps you concentrate on whatever you are doing. In the same way, a broad lighting scheme does not devote itself to the duties that you conduct in your area.

With a task light, you can concentrate solely on the job at hand. You may equally shine a bright light on the area where you work or read.

An additional advantage of using Tiffany-style-stained glass table lamps is that they lessen the difference between the object you are focusing on and the surrounding environment in your office.

When you lower contrast, it is soothing for the eye and inhibits you from altering your focus perspective. It is easy to get worn out by the contrast between your eyes and the brightness of a computer screen at night.

The space behind or beside your computer monitor can be illuminated by a desk lamp, making it more comfortable for your eyes.

With a Tiffany-Stained table lamp, you can adjust the brightness to match your mood or the time of day. You cannot accomplish this with typical overhead lighting alone.

[FAQs] of Best Tiffany Stained Glass Table Lamps

Can Another Bulbs Be Used with the Tiffany Table Lamps?

For safety reasons, all table lamps have distinct sockets, so only suitable bulbs can be used.

The maximum wattage of the various table lamp bulbs is specified, so using bulbs with the stipulated wattage is the safer option. So, check the instruction to know which type exactly you can use.

Are Tiffany Table Lamps Appropriate for Outdoor Use?

No, because they are intended for indoor use, these lamps may not be able to withstand damp environments.

So, keep it out of areas that are likely to become wet. It is best to keep these insides, away from the elements.

Can The Stained Glass Shade on the Tiffany Lamp be Replaced?

Yes! If your Tiffany lampshades need to be replaced, you can find new ones by searching online for similar styles.

You can change the look of your room by purchasing separate Tiffany lampshades and rotating them.

Are Tiffany Lamps Water Resistance?

The lamps are meant to be used indoors, and they may not be able to survive water. As a result, keep them out of moist areas.

Is It Possible to Replace the Stained Glass Shade on A Tiffany Table Lamp?

Yes, they can be replaced, and you can find a bunch of options in the market today.

How Do You Clean the Glass Shades of Tiffany-Style Table Lamps?

Use a gentle cloth to carefully clean your shades if they have become soiled. If you need to clean it inside. You will have to unscrew the light fixture.

Then you can remove hard dirt easily using a solution of water and a light detergent, or a cleaning solution formulated solely for that purpose.

Is the High Price of Tiffany Lamps Justified?

There is no mass production or machine-making of Tiffany lamps, hence they are more expensive. Because each lamp is manufactured by hand, the cost is considerable due to the time and labor needed.

For one thing, they are manufactured with high-quality materials that do not cost a fortune.

Do You Think Tiffany Lights Are Out-of-Date?

Tiffany-type lights are not going out of style but growing in recognition. In contrast to this, traditionalists are the primary users of the lights.

Moreover, you can use the lights to decorate your home in a modern way, depending on your preference.


So, that is our list of the best Tiffany-Stained glass table lamps. But other types of Tiffany lamps also offer a touch of old-world charm to any space.

The culture has not changed therefore, Tiffany lamps would be the best choice if you want to add a touch of ancient flair to your home.

And fortunately for you, we have selected the best of the bunch for you to peruse.

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