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13 Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting:Experts Review[2022]

Purchasing the best low voltage landscape lighting can be a tricky project. This is because there are hundreds of thousands of landscape lighting devices on the shelves.

For instance, the step light and in-grounds light are two popular landscape lighting. Other kinds of landscape lights include pole-mounted lights, building-mounted lights, floodlights, and pathway lights.

Therefore, you need to choose the landscape lighting ideal for your private garden. In this post, we walk you through picking the top low voltage landscape lighting.

Unlike other outdoor décor options, landscape lighting is an amazing tool to illuminate your pathways.

Aside from design, these lighting ideas also provide adequate security, especially when you hike in the dark. So, what is the top low voltage landscape lighting?

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What is the Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

Hykolity Low Voltage ORB LED Landscape Path Lightings is the top low voltage landscape lighting on the shelves.

This model possesses so many features and functions that whet’s buyer’s appetite into purchasing it.

For instance, the brand builds this garden lighting to magnificently illuminate your way into the house.

Also, it adds extra elegance to your outdoor décor. This landscape lighting is sturdy and durable.

Why Hykolity Low Voltage ORB LED Landscape Path Lights is the best for low voltage landscape lighting?

Even in an intense competition with other products, many users regard this landscape lighting as the best. This decision comes with lots of reasons.

For instance, path lights are stylish and eye-catching. That’s not all! Users would also have no challenges in installing the path light outdoor.

The brand also offers enough path lights to brighten your home.

Top 13 Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Reviews

01. Hykolity Low Voltage ORB LED Landscape Path Light – Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


Highlighted Features

  •         Available in 6 pieces
  •         Includes strong crackled shade
  •         Has cast-aluminum construction
  •         Heat and weather-resistant
  •         Comes with a quick-install wire connector

Starting off the list for the top low voltage landscape lighting is this incredible path light from Hykolity. Unlike other landscape lightings, this unit is available in 6 pieces.

So, you can easily install each path light at the center of attention. Meanwhile, this walkway light comes with simple installation processes.

Since the product includes a quick-install wire connector, you can quickly mount the light all alone. However, there are other accessories you need to purchase separately.

For instance, users would have to purchase low voltage wires and transformers separately.

Moving on, Hykolity Low Voltage ORB LED Landscape Path Light comes with a strong crackled shade. The crackled shade protects the light from heavy rain and snow.

Also, the brand designs the hat from aluminum to make it immune to heat. Another significant feature of the path light is maintenance.  These walkway lights are sturdy and simple to care for.

Even when it’s dark, these lighting devices help illuminate your walkways with great brightness.

Aside from walkways, the path light also provides nighttime aesthetics to your garden’s trees and fences.

Unlike other landscape lightings, this model has cast-aluminum construction, which makes it weather-resistant and durable.

Since this walkway light is low voltage, you don’t need a large transformer to illuminate your private garden.

“Even though this landscape lighting is simple to hook up, there are a few users who find it challenging mounting it. Many users claim the absence of any info, instruction or guide makes the installation processes complicated. Aside from installation, there are also few reports about the price. Many buyers consider it a bit pricey to purchase.”

Notwithstanding, these shortcomings don’t diminish the superiority of this landscape lighting.


  •         Simple to set up
  •         Ideal for any weather
  •         Add elegance to private gardens


  •         Includes no transformer

02. ZUCKEO 5W LED Landscape Lights – Best Value Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


Highlighted Features

  •         Available in 8 unique pieces
  •         Waterproof
  •         500 lumens per light
  •         Eco-friendly
  •         Designed from aluminum material

When we picked this product, it took time to choose the focus title. With no second thought, we could easily regard this model as the best.

In another sense, we could claim it is the best budget-friendly low voltage landscape lighting and more. Because of this, extra researches came up just to make the best decision.

Finally, we got a suitable focus for the product. The product title doesn’t limit its possibilities and outstanding features.

One special feature about these garden lights is the price. You don’t have to own a lot of bucks to illuminate your home.

Even with its affordability option, this product is everyone’s home dream. Unlike other models, ZUCKEO 5W LED Landscape Lights are waterproof.

This feature makes them ideal lighting tools for all weather. What’s more? This unit is available in 8 unique pieces with stakes.

Since there are multiple lighting options, you can always brighten every part of your garden.

This product illuminates better than many landscape lighting on the shelves. At least, you will get 500 lumens on each light.

You can also use these lights to brighten up the flags. Trees, walls, or fences. Aside from decoration, these lighting devices are also great to improve your home security system.

If you are searching for eco-friendly or power-efficient landscape lightings, these path lights are an excellent option. Since the lights only use 12V-24V voltage, it won’t add up to your electricity bills.

“Nevertheless, this product has some important shortcomings. For instance, several complaints come from users about how the lights don’t last for long. However, few buyers are happy about the brightness strength. However, they want the manufacturer to improve the quality of the lights. Also, a few buyers claim the lights are a fire hazard. We aren’t sure of this, but stay safe.”


  •         Great illumination
  •         Easy to assembly
  •         Affordable


  •         Fire hazard

03. MEIKEE LED 7W Landscape Lights


Highlighted Features

  •         Designed from plastic and aluminum material
  •         Corrosion-resistant
  •         Available in 8 pieces
  •         Offers 800 lumens per light
  •         Includes transformer

What makes this model unique is its construction. Unlike other lighting devices, MEIKEE designs these garden lights from plastic and aluminum.

With the plastic material, users can be sure that these bulbs will last-long and use limited power.

On the other hand, the aluminum material ensures that the garden lights are resistant to rust and water. The pathway fluorescent is also corrosion-resistant.

Another important feature about MEIKEE LED 7W Landscape Lights is versatility.

Aside from pathways, buyers can also hook up the lights in driveways, lawns, and yards. Like the previous product, this unit is also available in 8 pieces.

So, you can choose to install 4 lights on the driveway, 2 on your lawns, and the other 2 in the yard. Do you need a pathway light with excellent illuminations? Then you are in the right place.

Unlike other landscape lights, MEIKEE LED 7W Landscape Lights are available in 800 lumens each.

With this brightness level, these lighting tools make being outdoors like staying indoors.

Meanwhile, this product includes the transformer which you would hardly get from other manufacturers.

However, you would have to buy a wire connector and an extra electrical wire separately.

These walkway lights are easy to rotate. Aside from the 270-degree adjustable option, this manufacturer also rotated 45 beam angle rotatable.

“The major problem with this product is the regular reports of missing parts. At first, we believe this was an individual issue. However, this complaint is common among buyers.”

Nevertheless, these walkway lights are excellent lighting devices to have in the home.


  •         Great quality lights
  •         Simple to set up
  •         High brightness level


  •         Transformer is prone to water

04. SUNRIVER Landscape 6Pack LED Ground Lights – Best Low Voltage Ground Landscape Lighting


Highlighted Features

  •         Available in 6 pieces
  •         Come with a waterproof rubber ring
  •         Corrosion-resistant
  •         30,000 working hours
  •         100 lumens per light

If you are searching for strong and weather-resistant in-ground lighting, look no further than this product.

Unlike other lighting devices, SUNRIVER builds these lighting devices with plastic and metal. What we love most about the material is the heat resistance feature.

When compared to other lighting materials, metal is more durable, harder, and stronger.

What makes this product more long-lasting is the in-ground option where the lights are out of sight for any damages.

Aside from plastic and metal, the manufacturer designs the light’s cover with stainless steel. This material helps the lights withstand heavy snow and rain.

In fact, these lights come with a waterproof rubber ring with a well-designed screw.

Even though well-designed landscape lightings are scarce on the shelves, you have this model all to yourself.

Don’t be surprised if we only discussed the material design of this unit.

Besides being water-resistant, SUNRIVER Landscape 6Pack LED Ground Lights are also resistant to corrosion, vibration, and shock.

However, the lumen might not be as bright as you would prefer. For each light, the manufacturer offers 100 lumens.

Nevertheless, these lights have extended working hours.

At least, the fluorescent would brighten up your home for over 30,000 hours. The beam angle is also adjustable. It has a 90-degree rotational option.  

“There are several complaints from the buyer claiming the lights only last for some months. While some users believe water could have cut the life short, others claim the lights aren’t well-designed.”

In a nutshell, these in-grounds lights have fantastic illumination that can brighten up your driveway, deck, step, and other centers of attraction.


  •         Ideal for all weathers
  •         Lights for an extended period
  •         Affordable


  •         Not too bright

05. Enbrighten Seasons LED Landscape Lights – Best Modern Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


Highlighted Features

  •         Comes in 16 different colors
  •         Available in different color modes
  •         Includes wireless remote
  •         Multiple dimming options
  •         150 lumens per light

New technology comes with lots of benefits and exceptional features. One of them is a great and sleek design.

Unlike other landscape lightings today, Enbrighten Seasons LED Landscape Lights are amazing devices to give your outdoor space a modern look.

In fact, this model offers users a color-changing option. There are about 16 different colors to choose from.

You can easily choose between using the preset color, two-color combination, or your favorite color modes.

Irrespective of your selection, these colors are incredible to make your home stand out.

What’s more? Enbrighten Seasons LED Landscape Lights are simple to control.

The brand offers users a long-range wireless remote. With this controller, you can easily use all important features without challenges.

Also, these landscape bulbs are ideal for all users. Buyers can choose to hook them up on walkways, pathways, spotlight, garden, and other places.

Another significant feature of the product is dimming options. This option allows buyers to adjust the dimming power to the level that best adds ambiance to their private garden.

Moving on, these LED Landscape Lights are available in different white options. These options range from daylight 5000k, soft white 2700k to warm white 2200k.

Also, the brand offers 150 lumens on each of the lights. Enbrighten Seasons LED Landscape Lights are simple to hook up.

The product includes all the essential tools to mount the lights without difficulties.

“Like the previous product, lots of users report the non-durability of this model. On the other hand, many buyers consider this product expensive and of less quality.”

On the whole, these landscape lightings add a professional and modern design to your backyard. This product is also great for both outdoor and indoor use.


  •         Offers an amazing modern look
  •         Simple to install
  •         Easy to operate


  •         Not durable

06. Hypergiant 12W LED Landscape Lights – Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting for Trees


Highlighted Features

  •         Available in 6 pieces
  •         Offers 850 lumens per light
  •         270 degrees adjustable option
  •         Designed from high-quality aluminum material
  •         Rotatable 90 beam angle

If you are looking to design your sizable garden with broad trees, this model is perfect for you. Hypergiant 12W LED Landscape Lights are available in 6 pieces.

These lights are perfect to illuminate your garden or yard. Aside from these spaces, you can also mount these bulbs around your flag, trees, or walls.

Another special feature of this landscape lighting is the price. This product is affordable and easy to purchase.

Moving on, these landscape fluorescents have higher lumen strength more than many other options on the shelves.

For each bulb, Hypergiant offers 850 lumens. This lumen strength helps to illuminate the darkest part of your garden without challenges.

Also, Hypergiant builds these bulbs from high-quality aluminum material. You can be sure the lights won’t damage or rust quickly.

Also, these lights require simple installation processes. All you need to do is to mount the spike in the appropriate location.

In the same sense, you don’t have to purchase any special tools to hook up these bulbs.

Nevertheless, this product doesn’t include an extra low-voltage transformer. Therefore, you might need to buy this separately.

Meanwhile, Hypergiant builds this product with the interest of users in mind.

With the 270 degrees option, users can quickly adjust the light’s head to face the right or dark direction. In the same vein, these bulbs are rotatable to 90 beam angles.

“This unit comes with poor seals. As a result of this, rain, and snow, enter the bulb quickly. On the other hand, there are complaints about the product coming with missing parts.”


  •         Requires no special tools for installation
  •         Affordable
  •         Multipurpose


  •         Not waterproof

07. Hykolity Low Voltage Landscape Pathway Light – Best Design Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


Highlighted Features

  • Has matte finish
  • Design from die-cast aluminum
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Includes quick-install wire connector
  • Dustproof and waterproof

Although there are hundreds of thousands of landscape lighting on the shelves, this model’s design forced us to pick it.

From the previously reviewed products, this model has the best design. Its matte finish type keeps your outdoor space at the center of attention.

It is a great option for users who are looking to improve their home outdoor decor.

Aside from design, Hykolity Low Voltage Landscape Pathway Light has impressive construction.

Unlike other lighting devices, Hykolity designs these bulbs from Die-Cast Aluminum.

One of the most exciting features of the material is heat resistance.

Even if the bulbs undergo rugged use, they won’t rust or scratch easily. This material makes the lights durable and long-lasting. 

However, this product comes in 4 pieces of lights, unlike the previous models. But that doesn’t mean they illuminate less than other landscape lightings.

In fact, with just these four fluorescents, you can easily improve the safety steps around your home. 

Furthermore, Hykolity Low Voltage Landscape Pathway Light is a great value product. Even though it is a bit expensive, the bulb is not bad.

As a matter of fact, this unit is simple to mount. The brand offers a quick-install wire connector to make the mounting processes a breeze. 

These bulbs have one of the longest lifespans under the sun. For each fluorescent, you will enjoy about 50,000 hour’s lifespan.

This product also uses less energy compared to other landscape lightings. 

Hykolity designs this product to match modern outdoor spaces. The elegant builds are eye-catching.

It works excellently as bollard lights, wall wash lights, spotlights, path lighting, and many more. 


  • Fantastic design
  • Multipurpose
  • simple to set up


  • Limited bulbs

08. ZUCKEO 8 Pack LED Landscape Lights – Best Classic Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


Highlighted Features

  • Available in 8 pieces
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • 300 lumens per bulb
  • 30,000 hours lifespan

Whether you are new or popular in the lighting world, ZUCKEO isn’t a strange brand. Hardly do we produce reviews on lighting devices without discussing this manufacturer.

For more than a decade, this brand has manufactured hundreds of thousands of superior-quality lighting tools. This model is one of the excellent products of the company.

Unlike other lighting tools, ZUCKEO 8 Pack LED Landscape Lights are IP67 waterproof. This feature makes the bulbs perfect for all weathers. 

What’s more? The product is affordable. A lot of users regard it as one of the best value landscape lightings.

In another sense, ZUCKEO 8 Pack LED Landscape Lights are of incredible quality material. Little or no lights in the previously reviewed products come from stainless steel material.

There are many reasons this material is one of the best. For instance, the construction makes these bulbs corrosion resistant. That’s not all! ZUCKEO designs these lights to last for a lifetime. 

Besides durability, the construction makes the fluorescent standout. If you are searching for classic landscape lighting for your traditional garden, here is everything you need.

There is more to this product than the design. Beyond any doubt, this model is energy-saving and environmental-friendly. Even if you illuminate your driveway all night, these lights consume little or no energy. 

Also, the fluorescents have an extended lifespan. At least you would enjoy 30,000 hours per light. Truly, ZUCKEO doesn’t build these bulbs to brighten your driveway only.

You can also mount these devices in your yard, path, swimming pool, garden, deck, or swimming pool area. Besides, the manufacturer offers 300 lumens per bulb. 


  • Energy-efficient and saving
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Incredible landscape lightings 


  • Rust easily

09. Malibu Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Set – Best Luxury Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


Highlighted Features

  •         Has antique finish
  •         Includes 6 pathway lights and 4 floodlights
  •         Comes with a transformer
  •         176 lumens per bulb
  •         3000K bright light output

At first, we had decided to drop this product from the list considering its expensive rate. However, the team leader asked us to take a last look at the model.

Fortunately, our last look offered what we want from this landscape lighting. And that is quality! With no debate, this lighting set is of superior quality.

One of the special features of this product is the antique finish. If you need landscape lightings that add elegance to your yard, why don’t you try this product?

Aside from environmentally friendly, the antique finish also helps you shine your private garden in style. This lighting set includes 10 pieces.

From the set, you would get 6 pieces of pathway lights alongside 4 pieces of floodlights. Malibu ensures you have no challenges installing or using these bulbs.

In fact, the set includes a transformer ideal for any location. Besides the transformer, users would also enjoy electrical wire for simple mounting processes.

What’s more? Malibu Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Set shines brighter compared to some other landscape lights.

This product offers 176 lumens per bulb with 3000K bright output. Since the manufacturer made these bulbs from non-corrosive metal, it won’t fade or rust quickly.

“Even with its exciting features, there are a few shortcomings with the product. From a rating of 5, buyers award this model 4.4 global ratings. In the bigger picture, these ratings aren’t too bad for a brand like Malibu. However, there are lots of functions the brand needs to work on. For instance, the company needs to improve on the transformer construction.”


  •         Grand design and finish
  •         Simple to mount
  •         Fantastic lighting set


  •         Poorly made transformer

10. Hykolity 8 Pack Low Voltage LED Landscape


Highlighted Features

  •         Available in 8 pieces
  •         Corrosion-resistant
  •         Made from Aluminum Acrylic and PC
  •         Has antique finish
  •         50,000 hours lifespan

What makes this product special is the multiple lighting options. Unlike other landscape devices, Hykolity 8 Pack Low Voltage LED Landscape includes 8 different bulbs.

It comes with 6 pathway lights and 2 floodlights. You can choose to install the pathway fluorescents in driveways and floodlights in your yard.

The material construction is also unmatched. Unlike other lighting tools, Hykolity builds this product from Aluminum Acrylic and PC.

This construction makes the lights long-lasting and durable. The antique finish offers a stylish look to these bulbs. Meanwhile, it is a bit expensive. Users would have to pay more for it.

What’s more? The lighting device is easy to hook up. With the heavy-duty stake, buyers can easily set up the floodlights.

The quick-wire connector also helps hook up the bulb with fewer difficulties.

“However, this product doesn’t come with a transformer or wiring. Many users were bitter owing to the expensive nature of the model.”

Nevertheless, no regrets come with this landscape lighting. In fact, buyers can install these lights in a wet location with no fear.


  •         Environmental-friendly
  •         Ideal for wet location
  •         Simple to install


  •         Expensive

11. Moonrays 95557 1-Watt Low Voltage LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting – Budget-friendly landscape lighting


Highlighted Features

  •         Available in 2 pieces
  •         Has an adjustable option
  •         Designed from die-cast aluminum
  •         Water-resistant
  •         100,000 hour life

If you are searching for cost-saving landscape lighting, look no further than this model.

Unlike the previous products, buyers don’t have to break their banks to buy these lights. Even though this model is less expensive, it is still with so many attractive features.

One of these special functions is the adjustable option. Moonrays offers adjustable heads so you can illuminate every area of your home. That’s not all.

The bulb construction is also worth discussing. The brand builds these lights with die-cast aluminum material. If you want a product that would last long, your search ends here.

Besides decoration, these landscape lights are also unique devices that improve your home security. These bulbs ensure that your pathway and walkway are safe to trail even in the dark.

Meanwhile, it is important to know that Moonrays 95557 1-Watt Low Voltage LED Outdoor Landscape lighting offers only two bulbs.

If you need more fluorescents to illuminate your home, you might have to consider another option.

Nevertheless, this model is a perfect option for you if you only want to brighten your compact garden.


  •         Durable working light
  •         Affordable
  •         Elegant


  •         Unlimited bulbs

12. LCARED Outdoor Landscape Lighting


Highlighted Features

  •         Available in 2 pieces
  •         IP65 waterproof
  •         850 lumens
  •         Designed from cast aluminum
  •         Beam adjustable angle

Like the previous product, this model is affordable. Also, it offers only two lighting devices. This shouldn’t be of any problem if you only intend to illuminate a limited space.

However, we shouldn’t discuss this product without paying tribute to the material.

Having been tested and trusted, hardly will you see any construction that comes close to this metal material.

Not only does the construction help the bulbs last longer, but it also keeps them safe from the weather.

In fact, you can keep these fluorescents resistant to any weather. LCARED builds these lights to perfectly match modern outdoor space.

Also, the beam angle is adjustable. Without challenges, you can easily rotate the bulbs to the area that best suits your taste.


  •         Affordable
  •         Durable and sturdy
  •         Ideal for modern décor


  •         Includes no hex screws

13. Lightkiwi C9352 10AWG 2 Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Cable


Highlighted Features

  • 500 feet length
  • Designed from copper
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to UV sunlight
  • 10 AWG

To round up the list for the top low voltage landscape lighting, we have this amazing product from Lightkiwi.

Although this product is entirely different from the previous units, there are a plethora of reasons we need to include it. For instance, mounting your landscape bulbs is impossible without this wire cable. 

Moreover, many of these brands don’t include this item in their kits. Therefore, you have to purchase the wire separately.

Fortunately, you don’t have to visit the market to search for this product. We have it right here for you. 

Lightkiwi builds this wire from copper material. Aside from durability, this cable is also safe. However, it is a bit expensive.

It is a perfect option for users who are ready to invest in the design of their homes.

The cable is about 500 feet in length. So, it is enough to help you illuminate your whole yard. It is also built to resist water and UV sunlight. 


  • Safe
  • Durable and strong
  • Ideal for all weather


  • A bit costly

Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Kits:Buying Facts

So, we’d assume you would add a bit of spice to your backyard. Apart from lighting up your environment, landscape lighting could improve the ambiance of your home and add some little security.

The trick here is selecting the best landscape lighting that will make your environment look decent and secure. So, what things should you consider?

The tips below will help you out in knowing what landscape lighting will fit you best.


Well, since you know what your home environment is like, you are in the best position to determine what best will work for your home.

Landscape lighting lights up dark areas, adds some spark to walkways, parking, and seating areas. Landscape lighting shouldn’t just be to make up for dark hours.

You can make an excellent piece of beauty from landscape lighting. For instance, great lighting could magnify the beauty of your garden and nearby plant life.


It’s okay if security matters the most to you. Then basic landscape lighting would do.

Your walkways and external doors and garage are probably the most sensitive parts of the home that should be lighted up during dark hours.

Motion sensors lighting could help detect an approaching person.

If you have a section of your garden where you entertain yourself and friends during night hours, then soft accent lighting would do just fine and allow you to enjoy the dark hours.

No matter what area in your home you are keen on, there is always a perfect lighting style that will fit perfectly.

Lighting Intensity.

Well, it’s logical to think that bright lighting bulbs are the best. Well, maybe bright bulbs are good for security reasons.

Low-intensity lighting could really offer something entirely different.

Before you make up your mind on purchasing a landscape lighting set, you probably should know the three lighting sources for landscape lighting.

  •     Solar lighting
  •     Low voltage lighting
  •     High voltage lighting

Solar lighting

Solar lighting is one of the best lighting choices out there. Solar landscape lights draw energy from space. This is quite cool.

It means you won’t have to spend much on electricity bills. The only thing to ensure is that your solar lights should have direHict contact with sun rays.

This will ensure they are fully charged before heading into the dark hours. If perhaps your solar landscape lights cannot access direct sunlight, installing a solar panel is inevitable.

You can install the panel on the rooftop to have direct access to sunlight. Solar panels are easy to install. You should have no problems installing it yourself.

Low Voltage lighting

Low voltage lighting works well for entertainment. They consume a small fraction of electric power. They won’t make your bills rise much at the end of the month.

At most, 12 volts is enough to power up low voltage lighting. Low voltage lighting comes in many colors and beams with sizes.

The bulb also comes with a fixture housing that shields them from getting damaged by the weather. Low voltage bulbs work with a step-down transformer.

A step-down transformer of up to 12 volts suffices to power up low voltage lights.

Connecting low voltage cables could be a minor problem, the fixture housing should be able to hold the wires in place.

Line Voltage Lighting

If you have a fairly large yard you want to power up, line voltage lighting is your best bet. You’ll need a lot of power for installation.

As a matter of fact, it can only work with the 120-volt line voltage system. Since they consume lots of power, you want to keep water as far as possible.

Sometimes, they are buried up to 20 inches below the soil to protect them from water damage. To install, you would need the services of a professional electrician.

Make the danger zones visible.

Some homes usually have one, or two danger zones that may not be visible during the night. Bad walkways and stairs, a pool, and other potential environmental hazards.

If you have someone visiting, for instance, that person will not be aware of the potential danger spots in your home.

Landscape lighting could help you illuminate and make these zones visible to ensure safety, prevent people from getting hurt.

Yard dimensions

If you would like to install landscape lighting in a fairly large yard, you have a big job to do. Big yards and lawns mean you have to choose efficient lighting styles that will illuminate the entire area.

The wall washing landscape lighting technique is one option to consider. They ensure the corners of walls, fences are completely lighted up. Small yard dimensions need little lighting.

A small yard could need just a few bright landscape lighting bulbs to get the job done. The size of your yard can influence what lighting patterns you can use.

The objects in your house also influence what lighting styles will fit. If you are a sports person with a sports center in your home, overhead lights will make your court more visible at night.

If you have lots of plants and flowers, the floodlighting technique works best.

Management System

This is another big factor to consider before purchasing landscape lighting. To ensure that your lighting lasts as long as it can, you must put proper management systems in place.

For instance, step-down transformers help reduce the power consumed by low voltage lights and prevent bulbs from burning up.

There are rugged landscape lights that can work in almost any condition. They can survive any weather and resist any form of damage.

Some lighting uses extra support, such as fixture housing to shield them from activities of poor weather.

Some lights cannot work round the clock, while others can work as long as they can. Whichever landscape lighting you opt for, ensure you manage it properly so it can serve you long.

Patterns and Technique

Your environment determines what lighting and illumination techniques that will best fit. You can talk to a lighting expert to know what pattern will best fit your environment.

The flood and bullet lighting technique

This technique works best with yards with gardens, flowers, and trees. They brighten the lower parts of large objects.

For example, tree trunks become more visible with floodlighting. Flowers become more noticeable along with other plant lives.

The floodlighting technique requires just a few light beams to prevent casting shadows.

Avoid clusters of lights when using the flooding technique and ensure at least 20 feet distance between light sources. Other techniques and patterns to consider include:

  •     Moonlighting
  •     Silhouetting
  •     Shadowing

You should talk to an expert to know which would work best for you.

How do you want your lights installed?

Some lighting comes with simple installation systems, while others will need the services of a landscape lighting expert to be installed.

On the other hand, you can mount some bulbs on walls, on fences, or mounted on the ground. Some landscape installations require step-down transformers.

It’s likely you may not install a transformer yourself. Don’t try to, as it could be very dangerous. Employ the services of a specialist.

Some landscape light manufacturers also provide their staff to help you with the installation process if you purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Amount of power consumed

This is another good factor you should consider before purchasing landscape lights.

You should check the lighting specifications, electrical specifications, bulb brightness, etc.

If a single light consumes 50 Watts of power, it means 10 beams will consume close to 500 Watts.

If you don’t want your electricity bills to triple at the end of the month, solar lights are your best option.

[FAQs] of Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

What are incandescent bulbs?

Light from incandescent bulbs is produced when the filament heats. Incandescent bulbs are always hot.

What Is LED light?

LED stands for LED lights are the opposite of incandescent bulbs. They do not generate heat.

Is LED a bulb?

No, they are not. They are small conductors mounted on the circuit board. Lights with this feature are called LED lights.

What are retrofit LED lamps, how do they differ from general LED lights?

Retrofit lamps use the same light source like LED lights. LED lights can replace retrofit lamps if they have the same fitting. However, this compromises the output brightness.

Is it possible to control my lights from a smartphone?

Yes, it’s definitely possible. Modern outdoor lighting systems use modern tech control systems that enable you to control your lights from smartphones.

Many modern manufacturers integrate outdoor system control. You can definitely control your landscape lighting network using software apps provided by manufacturers.

Can I hide my outdoor lights out of sight?

Yes, it’s possible to completely hide your lighting network and bulbs from sight. Your designer or architect should be able to provide these features. Some types of lighting bulbs may not be completely taken out of sight.


Whether or not you like it, designing your outdoor spaces is as important as the indoor. Your private garden is the first area your visitor would see before stepping into the house.

Therefore, you need to make your yard as attractive as possible. Landscape lighting is one of the best means to illuminate your pathways.

And that is the list of the best 12 models on the shelves. Irrespective of the model you pick, you would get nothing but superior-quality landscape light. 

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