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Best Dusk to Dawn Light Reviews:Top 11 Recommend[2022]

Selecting the best dusk to dawn light is essential to improving your security and visibility at night. The right wall lamp is a welcome necessity for both private and public use.

What is the best dusk to dawn light?

CORAMDEO’s outdoor lantern stands out as our number one pick because of its exceptional performance, economical price, and unique style.

Why is CORAMDEO the best brand for dusk to dawn light?

The CORMDEO is exceptional because of its in-built light source, which saves money, optimal performance, and relative lack of faults.

Top 11 Best Dusk to Dawn Light Reviews

01. Bbounder – LightPRO LED Barn Lights with Photocell – Best for brightness


Highlighted Features

  • ETL & DLC certified
  • Premium aluminum material
  • Low wattage consumption at 70W
  • 9800LM super brightness
  • Rust-repellant material

 Product details and performance

Intense brightness, rugged housing, and weatherproof technology are some of the reasons the Bbounder LightPRO makes this list.

Thanks to the latest LED technology, this brand of lights can save households as much as 88% on energy consumption without compromising luminosity.

It’s a buyer favorite because of its super bright lamps that can produce up to 9800LM while simultaneously outliving most traditional options.

Appropriate certification also guarantees users at least 50,000 hours of functionality.

The only setback worth mentioning about the Bbounder LightPRO is that users need to mount it relatively high. Due to its intensity, manufacturers recommend mounting it at least 12 feet above the ground. So you’ll need to get a tall ladder and be extremely cautious during the installation process.”

Of course, the installation is only a one-time thing, and after users get to enjoy 212 square feet of coverage without fear of the elements damaging the lamp.


  • Relatively easy to install
  • Weatherproof finish
  • Up to 88% energy-conservation
  • Extremely bright lights


  • Mounting height is high.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: BBOUNDER
  • Brand: BBOUNDER
  • Style: Modern

02. Mirrea Modern Outdoor Porch Light – Best for design


Highlighted Features

  • Dual aluminum and glass material
  • Brightness control
  • Multiple bulb type compatibility
  • Replaceable bulb option
  • 120W power
  • Rotatable mounting bracket

Product details and performance

Users looking for more than quality will take a liking to this product from Mirrea manufacturers because of its high-quality finish and style.

Compared to similar items in this category, the Mirrea outdoor lights stand out for their quality constructions and overall outlook.

But this product is more than only looks; it’s also extremely efficient, providing users with several hours of visibility.

”Users planning to install these lamps themselves might encounter some difficulty when unscrewing the sockets to place the bulbs, as the fixtures are somewhat tight.”

Other than that, the installation process is relatively easy thanks to its rotatable mount pieces that make it an ideal fit for homeowners with the uncommon horizontal fixtures.

More so, you can keep enjoying several hours of luminosity long after the first bulbs burn out because users can easily replace them.


  • Weatherproof material
  • Corrosion-resistant finish
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Complete accessories provided


  • It can be hard to screw

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Mirrea home
  • Brand: Mirrea
  • Style: Modern

03. LED Dusk to Dawn Light with Photocell –Best for energy-conservation


Highlighted Features

  • Low wattage consumption at 65W
  • 8500LM super brightness
  • Heavy-duty aluminum material
  • Convenient bracket for mounting
  • IP68 certified
  • Hardwire installation

Product details and performance

The brand’s superior lighting lives up to its name with this item. Their LED outdoor lamps operate at a surprisingly low 65 watts and produce as much as 8500 lumens.

Concerning energy conservation, it stands out as one of the most highly efficient brands on the market.

Advanced photocell technology also saves users the trouble of scheduling an on and off time, as it toggles automatically with daylight.

”For all its perks, this item is not without its shortcomings. While it excels at cutting down the electric bill, the installation process is a bit more stressful than other products within the same category. The instructions aren’t as straightforward, and the clamps require an irregular wrench. ” 

Although once the system is up, most users are pleased with the outcome.

It has an impressive build that is appealing and resistant to harsh elements like snow and rain.

It also has multiple uses and is suitable for garages, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.


  • Extremely bright lights
  • High-quality construction
  • Weatherproof technology
  • Multi-purpose site application


  • More difficult than others to install

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Superior Lighting
  • Brand: Superior Lighting
  • Style: Modern

04. Hykolity Dusk to Dawn Sensor Outdoor Wall Lantern – Best for porch


Highlighted Features

  • Superior matte finishing
  • It comes with an LED bulb.
  • Weatherproof technology
  • Transparent glass shade
  • Ideal for porch and doorways
  • ETL certification

Product details and performance

Our list of the best dusk to dawn light will be incomplete without Hykolity’s wall lantern.

It combines both its lovely vintage design, ease of installation, and advanced photocell technology to earn a well-deserved spot on this list.

While it has a more traditional outlook, it’s cutting edge construction produces 500LM with a mere 5.5 wattage.

While it might not be the brightest on this list, it’s certainly efficient and ideal for porches, doorways, and other entryways.

”Its sole handicap is that some users complained about the photocell sensors not working. But the chances of receiving a defective product are quite slim.”

 Asides from that irregularity, Hykolity’s wall lantern is reasonably trustworthy, seeing as it has the appropriate certifications, and buyers can expect up to 15,000 hours from the included LED bulb.

Its impressive construction includes superior metal and transparent glass, both of which are weatherproof in rain or snow.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Fit for damp conditions
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Sometimes sensors don’t work.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Hykolity
  • Brand: Hykolity
  • Style: Traditional

05. STASUN Dusk to Dawn Security Lights – Best for commercial use


Highlighted Features

  • High-grade aluminum materialize
  • Flexible illumination angle
  • Increased luminosity output of 27,000 lumen
  • Rated by IP65
  • Wide working temperature range
  • High-tech optical lens

Product details and performance

When it comes to security, few products can compete with the STASUN dusk to dawn light.

Using only 300 watts, it can produce well over 25,000LM to light up an entire parking lot, warehouse, or arena.

Its intensity is ideal for commercial purposes, standing at nearly thrice the size of most floodlights.

”This product leans towards the more expensive side of the price spectrum but considering its size and unique application; it’s still worth considering.”

One of its best features is its adjustable illumination angle that allows users to light up the most significant areas.

Its bracket pivot can even make a complete U-turn, allowing for easier maneuvering during installation.  


  • Extremely bright lights
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lifespan
  • Automated control


  • More expensive

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: STASUN
  • Brand: STASUN
  • Style: Contemporary

06. Zjojo 2-Dusk to Dawn Sensor Outdoor Wall Lantern – Best for heat extraction


Highlighted Features

  • Enhanced heat extraction
  • Corrosion-resistant material
  • Includes two LED bulbs
  • Rated by IP64
  • Hardwire fixture design

Product details and performance

Users don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for design, or vice versa with Zjojo’s outdoor wall lanterns. On the contrary, they can enjoy both benefits and more with the fantastic features this product offers. I

t utilizes premium metal to achieve a rugged build that is weather-resistant and suitable for harsh temperature conditions because of its advanced heat extraction. Its shade material also uses transparent glass in its design, which adds to the appeal.

”Although rare, the packaging might be ill-suited, which leaves room for damage during delivery.”

But when this wall lantern arrives whole, it’s pretty easy to set up in the garage, on the porch, or other entryways.


  • Suitable for damp conditions
  • Up to 80% energy conservation
  • Adjustable light angle
  • Aesthetic design


  • Packaging might be ill-suited.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Zjojo
  • Brand: Zjojo
  • Style: Classic

07. LEDMO LED Parking Lot Lights – Best for protection


Highlighted Features

  • Superior aluminum finish
  • Advanced heat extraction
  • Added stainless steel protection
  • Modifiable mounting arm
  • Includes photocell sensors
  • ETL & DLC certified

Product details and performance

This floodlight makes out the list because of its amazingly efficient output of over 36000LM. Like the STASUN, its capabilities make it ideal for commercial purposes or to light up expansive areas.

It includes the latest photocell fiber optics, increasing its sensitivity to sunlight and automatically allowing it to toggle between on and off accordingly.

”While these parking lights are super bright, they do not include an extra mounting bracket like most lamps for a spare bulb.”

Although it’s doubtful that users will need extra illumination, these lamps even save you up to 60% more cost on electricity.

But its best feature is its superior stainless steel coating, which makes it incredible resistance to scratches, rust, and weather.


  • Long lifespan
  • Increased durability
  • Weather-resistant
  • Energy conservation


  • No room to add lights

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: EZON
  • Brand: LEDMO
  • Style: 300W LED Parking Lot Light

08. Bestshared Farmhouse Wall Mount Lights – Best for any decor


Highlighted Features

  • Hardwired design
  • Downlight direction
  • Superior metallic material
  • ETL certified
  • Premium copper interior

Product details and performance

Bestshared’s wall mount lamp is an exceptional product that stands out for its superb copper interior suitable for any design.

Its antique outlook perfectly matches any accent, giving homeowners the luxury of both effectiveness and striking aesthetics.

These wall mounts are quite practical, whether you’re looking for something to go with your interior décor or exterior color scheme.

A noteworthy turnoff of this product is that brightness comes set, so users cannot adjust it as they wish.”

Although at a maximum power of 100watts, it’s reasonably bright even though it uses only one bulb. It’s compatible with incandescent and CFL bulbs, as well as the regular LED ones.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Relatively easy installation
  • Increased light reflection
  • Ideal for porches and entryways


  • No brightness control

 Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Bestshared
  • Brand: Bestshared
  • Style: Antique

09. CORAMDEO outdoor LED Dusk to Dawn Lantern – Best overall


Highlighted Features

  • In-built light source
  • High-quality construction
  • Multiple-site application
  • Superior aluminum make
  • Instant-on feature
  • The unique seeded glass shade

Product details and performance

The CORAMDEO dusk to dawn lantern comes out on top because of its high-quality finish, energy-conservation, and unique light source.

While other lamps require users to purchase their bulbs or include one, the CORAMDEO stands out because of its in-built LED lights.

Throughout the long 50,000 hour life of these lanterns, you’ll never have to buy a bulb.

”The only minor drawback of this otherwise fantastic product is that it’s somewhat smaller than most walls mounted lamps.”

However, its size in no way handicaps its brightness. It’s amazingly efficient, producing 1200LM on only 12.5 watts. Its flattering traditional design also makes it worth every penny.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Long lifespan
  • Extremely bright lights
  • Relatively easy to install


  • It’s a bit small

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: CORAMDEO
  • Brand: CORANDEO
  • Style: Traditional

10. JJC LED Wall Pack Light with Photocell – Best for low budget


Highlighted Features

  • Superior plastic making
  • High-grade aluminum metal
  • LED bulb compatible
  • ETL and DLC certified
  • Shatterproof PC lens
  • Advanced heat dissipation system

Product details and performance

The next lamp on our list is ideal for buyers with a low budget. It’s economically friendly but still provides up to 2800LM while consuming very little power.

So it’s not only more affordable than options upfront; it also helps users cut costs monthly.

”Unfortunately, homeowners with horizontal mounts cannot take advantage of this great deal. JJC LED lights are only suitable for walls in garages, patios, and other entryways.”

Vertical mount owners also stand to enjoy 50,000 hours of interrupted functionality, as the product is appropriately certified.


  • Long lifespan
  • Weatherproof technology
  • After-sales service
  • Energy conservation


  • Incompatible with horizontal mounts

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: JJC
  • Brand: JJC
  • Style: Modern

11. Kadision LED Wall Pack with Dusk-to-dawn Photocell – Best for commercial and residential use.


Highlighted Features

  • Unique aluminum housing
  • Superior bronze finishing
  • Advanced photocell sensors
  • Instant-on feature
  • Shock resistant
  • Rated by IP65

Product details and performance

Straight from Kadision’s workshop, these LED wall lights deliver impressive performance.

Although they’re primarily for commercial use, its adjustable brightness feature means users can tone it down when they wish to use it for more residential purposes.

It gives a whole new meaning to the word automation with its advanced photocell technology that automatically switches the lights.

”Despite its 50,000-hour lifespan guarantee, some users did complain about its sensors giving up and lasting a lot less than that.”

Although it has both ETL and DLC certification, so the chances of wasting your money on it are slim.


  • Extremely bright lights
  • Works for both commercial and residential use
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Energy conservation


  • Short lifespan

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Kadision
  • Brand: Kadision
  • Style: Classic

How to Choose Best Dusk to Dawn Light

Users have a myriad of options to choose from when purchasing dusk to dawn light.

What’s right for one home might differ from what’s best for the next, so it’s helpful for users to know what they need before making a selection.

While there are several factors one can consider, the following are the most apparent considerations that’ll ensure you get the best deal:


Price is a significant consideration when it comes to buying anything, and that includes outdoor lights.

The budget is the ultimate determinant because you need to buy a product that isn’t only affordable upfront but sustainable.

Keep in mind that opting for non-solar outdoor lamps will reflect on your electric bill at the end of the month.

But then how much they cost monthly depends on the brightness of the bulbs.

Other factors you might want to weigh are the lifespan; it might be more worthwhile to go with a more expensive option upfront if it has a longer life span.

Sometimes two options offer the same output, but one is costlier because of its brand.


Luminosity is a significant player in determining the price of light. As a rule, the bright the lamp is, the more expensive it is.

Your brightness needs depend on where you plan to install the lamp, and it typically ranges from as little as 500LM to over 25,000LM.

If possible, measure the area you intend to light up, as it can guide you when making a selection. For areas as large as 1800 square feet, you should be looking towards 5000LM and over.

On the other hand, if you’re opting for a smaller porch light, then you’re unlikely to need more than 3000LM.

Temperature resistance

The average temperature of your location is an essential consideration when picking the best dusk to dawn light.

Since they’re primarily for outdoor purposes, ideally, they should withstand the simmering summers or harsh winters typical of your locality.

Bear in mind the current weather conditions and the year-round climate when making a decision.

Ensure that the temperature range of the lamp you’re considering falls well within the temperature range of your area.

Another crucial factor to inform your decision is if it is water-resistant. An excellent outdoor light should remain functional during and after a storm.


One of the best perks of outdoor lights is that users can easily program them to come on automatically. It’s a beneficial feature because the length of the day varies according to the time of the year.

So while in the summer there might still be daylight till 6 pm, closer to winter, the lights might need to come on much earlier and stay on longer.

Some brands give you other selections, such as setting them to come on when you return from work.

Smart control options even afford users the luxury of controlling the lamp with their phones or home system.

Although they’re typically more expensive, they allow one more flexibility and control.

Power source

While electric lamps remain widespread, users also have the option of going with a solar-powered outdoor light.

Bulbs that run on electricity add to the monthly bill, but they’re usually cheaper upfront, and some brands use modern energy-efficient technology.

On the other hand, while solar sources might be more expensive at first, they’re relatively low maintenance and don’t add to the electric bill.

Most of them also include photocell sensors that are capable of sensing sunlight. So when the sun sets and they feel an absence of natural light, they automatically come on.

The automation saves the user the stress of scheduling the on and off time, even as the seasons change.

Motion sensors

While photocell sensors detect natural light, motion sensors are capable of detecting movement. For buyers particular about keeping away burglars, this feature might be a necessity.

Once the sensors detect movement, they automatically come on and remain on for as long as you program it.

Since one of the main benefits of outdoor lights is for security purposes, most of them come pre-installed with this feature, but it’s not always a given.

So you must confirm it has this capability before making a purchase.

These types of lights don’t stay on all night, so they can be a welcome alternative for users concerned about the cost of running a security lamp through the night.


Users need to consider where they want to install the lights before selecting. Some options are best suited for specific places.

For example, while a mounted lamp would suffice for a garage or patio, it will be ill-suited for lighting up a street.

The area one intends to brighten informs several other factors like how bright the light needs to be, which affects the price.

Other features it might determine are the necessity for motion sensors. If the target location is a commercial area, it will probably be best to keep it lit all night.

It’s not only beneficial for security purposes but also beneficial for economic activities.


Brands that produce outdoor lights undergo regulation to ensure their products are trustworthy.

As a buyer, it’s useful to know what type of certifications the product you intend to buy has before going ahead.

The ETL listing mark indicates that the item is safe for residential and commercial use as an electrical product.

Alternatively, buyers may also watch out for the UL listing. The DLC certification refers specifically to lightening products and confirms that they are highly efficient and top-notch.

Their procedure for testing is extensive, and their standards are often high. Of course, the energy star symbol is a universal government sign that it is effective and cost-efficient.

Users can save themselves a lot of trouble by confirming that the item they plan to purchase meets these standards.

You should be wary of products without these marks, as they are most likely not graded products.

Related Questions: Best Dusk to Dawn Light

Why should I install dusk to dawn lights?

There are multiple valid reasons to consider purchasing dusk to dawn lights, either for your home or commercial building.

One of the most popular ones is to improve security.

Generally, burglars and other home invaders are discouraging when homeowners put security measures in place, including using technologically advanced lighting.

Since such scrupulous characters are more comfortable operating at night, installing artificial lights can make your home less of a target when visibility is significantly less.

Besides, the increased visibility makes it easier for the residents to move around at night as well.

Many of the lamps also include the latest LED advancements and don’t consume as much energy as one would expect.

Plus, the automation feature also saves you the trouble of remembering to turn it off when it’s morning.

Can I adjust my photosensitive sensor?

For buyers who have concerns about their electric bill, adjusting the lamps’ sensitivity could help save cut back on the cost of running the outdoor lights.

While most of these items have photocell sensors that can detect natural light, they aren’t perfect and can come on even when needed.

Adjusting the photosensitivity of the lamps is relatively easy for users with smart control. It’s as simple as opening the app and navigating over to the light sensitivity settings.

Users can adjust systems without intelligent control manually using the in-built timer.

Other ways to adjust the system include changing the position-fewer obstructions, increasing its sensitivity, and vice versa. Installing more fiber optics is also a viable alternative.

Will dusk to dawn lights significantly increase my light bill?

Most people have the impression that pole lights consume enormous amounts of electricity, which is false.

While they do add to the bottom line of your monthly electric bill, the best dusk to dawn lights are energy-efficient, producing more power with little energy consumption.

Of course, the brighter the lamp, the more power it consumes. But most residential purposes require lamps on the lower end of the lumen end of the spectrum.

Many swimming pools need less than 500LM to run, and some mounted lights can run on as little as 50LM.

For users, particularly about cutting electricity costs, solar-powered systems are a better deal because they require only natural light to work.

What kind of bulb should I use?

Like with the external fixture, users also have a myriad of options for the bulb that goes inside the lamp. After all, the outdoor light is only as good as the light installed.

So when selecting, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for a bulb that’s compatible with the system you have in mind. Most lamps use LED lights, but make sure before proceeding with a purchase.

Look out for bulbs that produce large amounts of lumens on minimal power. Other perks are smart bulbs that include sensors of their own and multicolor settings.

Buyers can also look out for additional benefits like design, bug repellent, and more.

What’s the lifespan of dusk to dawn lights?

The longevity of an outdoor light depends on various factors. The average life span of a lamp is between 30,000 – 50,000 hours, but other things can affect that time.

For instance, the brand plays a significant factor, as some use better technology than others to extend their products’ lifespan.

Users may also unknowingly shorten the lifespan of their systems if they install the incorrect ballast.

Faulty wiring systems also pose a potential threat to your outdoor light and lead to other unwanted complications.

To maximize your purchase’s lifespan, confirm what type of lamp is best suited for your needs, which bulb goes with it, and finally, that the connections are secure.

Can I keep them on through the night?

The design of most outdoor lights allows users to keep them on through the night. As the name implies, they’re to provide artificial lighting well after the sunsets.

That includes shorter nights like in the summer or longer ones typical of winter.

The ones that adopt the latest LED technology consume very little light and are highly energy-efficient, so it isn’t costly to switch them on while you’re in bed.

Buyers who would like to cut costs on energy bills or avoid light pollution can opt for lamps with motion sensors.

Such options only come on when they detect movement; if not, they remain dormant.

Why is my dusk to dawn light flickering?

Loose connections do more than potentially shorten the lifespan of your lamps; they can also cause your bulbs to flicker.

Even when flickering lights don’t point to a haunting, they can still be a nuisance. So it’s in every user’s best interests to ensure they secure all their wires properly.

If the flickering persists after securing the right connections, it might be time to change the bulb.

But before doing that, make sure the ballast in use can withstand the current temperature, especially if it’s during winter.

A simple fix might be to point the AC away from the lamp, as moving air can disrupt the light system.

Can I install it myself?

People that are into DIYs or simply want to save a few bucks on installation will be happy to know that they can install their outdoor light themselves.

Before proceeding, ensure to switch off the lights first to avoid electrocution. If you have one previously installed, you’ll need to unscrew it.

It’s a good idea to use a tester to make sure no electricity is flowing through the wires.

Next, screw the new lamp’s base onto the wall before carefully wrapping the ground wire connected to the body to the screw.

After tucking the rest of the lines, fit the lamp properly on the wall and replace the last screws.

When you finish, you can insert the LED bulb and test it. A suitable pre-cautionary method is wearing rubber gloves while working.


Installing the best dusk to dawn lights has many benefits for both commercial and residential buildings alike.

Elements like automation and photosensitive fiber optics offer users more visibility at night and security so buyers can feel safer in their own homes.

This post highlighted the most exceptional products in this category, with their strengths, shortcomings, and features. Now it’s up to you to weigh the information and make a smart decision.

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