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Best Budget Light Meter:Our Top 10 Reviews[2022]

Going for the best budget light meter means a lot to you and your profession. Taking pictures without having to stress a lot about the light intensity has been made easy thanks to these hand-held devices.

Best light meters should be able to perform unique functions for you. If you want to get the best light meters whether you’re a photographer, cinematographer, or you’re someone who loves to take care of your plants, then this contains all you need to know.

What is the Best Budget Light Meter?

If you’re looking for the best light meter, we suggest you go with the Dr. Meter LX1330B Digital light meter.

Meaning that this light meter has the perfect feature you require from the device, and it’s also on a budget safe side.

Why We Recommended  Dr. Meter LX1330B is The Best Budget Light Meter

In size, this light meter is a lightweight handheld and pocket sized device that make it portable and easy to carry around. Thinking about use, this device is very easy to use.Asides ,you can carry anywhere for its portability.

Meaning that whether you’re a pro or a novice, it’s easy to navigate. Also on the best budget side, this light meter is very affordable for its amazing features. Producers put in a lot when making the design of this product.

Top 10 Best Budget Light Meter Reviews

Below we have for you, a list of the best 10 budget light metera you’ll need to get in the year 2022.

01. Dr.meter LX1330B Digital Illuminance Light Meter : Best digital light meter


Key Features

  • Flexible wire coil
  • Premium light sensor
  • Equipped with 4 Range settings.

Coming first on the list is our pick, Dr. Meter LX1330B Light Meter.

Reason why this product is so special is because when you are looking for a light meter that can save you money plus has incredible features,  it’s one you will want to go for.

Among these features, it has four ranges of Lux from which you can choose from.

Also with it you can easily and rapidly measure the illumination of your environment thanks to its high-accuracy response.

Four ranges of Lux means that it’s brightness is adjustable for its users.

Product is designed to have a better grip on data and peak data, which makes recording and storing data easier.

Manufacturers thought of comfort because it’s also portable and pocket sized.

You have no problem when it comes to its durability, because the design is composed of high-quality materials that make it long-lasting.

The operation is straightforward and easy to comprehend so if you’re a newbie with it, be sure that nothing could go wrong.

“Battery life of the product has been said to not last long.”

What we like

  • Affordable price
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Has precise accuracy
  • Easy to use and handle

What we don’t like

  • Poor battery life
  • Not good for measuring light plant need

02. Extech 401025 Foot Candle/Lux Light Meter


Key Features

  • Indicates low battery
  • Lightweight design
  • Portable

Extech’s LED light meter achieves incredible results when it comes to sensing ambient light levels.

Product provides a diverse range of services, including office buildings, manufacturing plants and warehouses, as well as college and university campuses.

Provides improved office lighting, which is important because the lighting should be appropriate for the duties.

Light-weighted meter design makes it the perfect pocket-sized device and therefore comes in handy when traveling. Product is also easy and simple to use.

Extech’s LED light meter includes a high LED lighting system that measures standard light sources.

Lastly, it is made up of metal halide and high-pressure sodium, and it is long-lasting and performs well.

“Some users complained about its durability. Product does not last as it usually should.”

What we like

  • Very easy handling
  • Affordable price
  • Has a great memory capacity

What we don’t like

  • Product doesn’t last long

 03. Smart Sensor Lux Light Meter : Best Lux Light Meter for Photography Grow Plants


Key Features

  • LCD screen and backlight display
  • Light sensor rotates at 180°
  • Power saving

SmartSensor’s AS803 lux light meter is another product that is used to monitor illumination intensity.

You can utilize the meter in various ways including scenic design as a cinematographer, industry inspection, and lighting control as a photographer or plant owner.

Product contains an in-built calibration sensor, which makes getting accurate reading take very little time.

With its moveable head, Smart Sensor Lux light meter detects light in multiple directions. Also, it has LCD screen with which you can see the temperature.

What makes this LCD screen speacial is that this screen is larger than most of the available light meters in market, and in addition it has backlight.

Producers of this light meter gave it an awesome design because despite its modest size, this light Meter has a sturdy grip.

SmartSensor thought of the user’s pockets when they were designing this because it comes at an affordable price that even students can afford.

What we like

  • Designed with proper grip
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Turns off after 3 min of not being in use

What we don’t like

  • Counting isn’t always accurate

04. AOPUTTRIVER Digital Light Meter : Precise for Photography or Green Screen Work


Key Features

  • Indicates low battery
  • Data recording
  • Adjustable coil cable

Next on the list is this AOPUTTEIVER digital light meter. A light meter that supports relative measuring mode.

Auto/manual ranging which means you can pick that which works better with you. Shows over-ranging and it indicates when you have  low battery.

Data storage space helps you store your records. Features a wide screen display with a black and white adjustable backlight. Screen’s LCD display allows it to easily read numbers on it.

A retractable light detector and a 2-meter connecting line allow you to measure light in the most convenient spot for you. Light detector is protected from element because it comes with a cover.

What we like

  • Shows battery icon when it needs replacement
  • Easy to use
  • Product is small and handy
  • Cheap price

What we don’t like

  • Isn’t always accurate

05. URCERI Light Meter digital illuminance meter:Best budget light meter for photography


Key Features

  • Versatile use
  • Portable
  • Measures luminous from 0 to 200,000 lux

URCERI Light meter is small and light, so you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Also the  light meter can be used in a variety of settings, including schools, workplaces, warehouses, offices, and homes for any photography projects, set and scenic design, and more.

As a result of its portability, this makes the tool very handy.

URCERI light meter gives a precise measuring range of up to 200,000 Lux. Has a high response rate, with a frequency of twice per second, so you can count on rapid and accurate readings.

Product has an LCD screen and backlight that makes you able to use it day or night..

Another amazing feature is that it show when its battery is low and it even helps save battery if not used for about 8 minutes.

“Some users have complained that it doesn’t measure light accurately.”

What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Has low battery indicator
  • Hand held convenience

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t get good measurement
  • Not good enough for photography light measurement

06. Sekonic 401-208 Twin mate Light Meter


Key Features

  • Light-weighted
  • Gives very good accuracy
  • Has 33 degree acceptance angle

Number six of our best budget light meter is this user-friendly light meter by Sekonic.

Built for measuring incident or reflected light, but you may also use the provided hot-shoe adaptor to mount it on a camera or bracket if necessary.

A travel-friendly meter fits into a person’s pocket and is useful while traveling. Product’s ratio of accuracy reaches 100 percent.

Also easy to hold and manipulate thanks to the 33-degree acceptance angle. When it comes to battery life, it boasts excellent technology that includes a larger battery.

What we like

  • Very good accuracy
  • Awesome unique display view
  • Durable

What we don’t like

  • Display may make it not easy to understand
  • Manual button structure may make it had to use

07. BTMeter BT-881D Illuminance light meter


Key Features

  • Good for data holding
  • Accurate reading
  • Automatic light range manager

BTmeter provides a great shooting experience while also being suitable for data storage. Plus, this great light meter is equipped with high-quality LED lights that provide optimal illumination.

Product is also simple to operate, and the sensor can easily be turned to detect the luminosity intensity.

Besides that, the light meter’s display is precise and produces flawless results. When the battery is low, it has been designed to let its user know by indicating it.

Lastly, this tool can aid in the reading of 33 sets as well as temperature testing. When properly cared for, it performs well for a long period.

What we like

  • Product is quite handy and mobile
  • Gives accurate measurement
  • Easy to use
  • Vivid display thanks to LCD backlight

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t work for plant LED light

08. Sekonic Flashmate Light meter


Key Features

  • Pocket sized
  • Photo and Cine mode
  • Easy to use

Sekonic Flashmate is an excellent light meter for photographers who are just getting started with handheld metering, and it includes a number of sophisticated functions for those who want to expand their capabilities.

For starters, it has a small digital display that shows the fundamental readings: aperture (from f/1.0 to f/90.9), shutter speed (60 seconds to 1/8000s), and ISO.

Product meters down to 0 EV at ISO 100, which is a reasonable (but not great) dynamic range.

In other words, you should be able to use this light meter in most circumstances, but it will stop working in complete darkness.

Sekonic has created a fantastic pocket-sized light meter that is quite versatile to use. It offers a fantastic photo mode as well as a full HD cine mode.

Also the vision is clean and efficient thanks to the electric Flashlight. L-308X-U Flashmate Light has a bright screen display.

Flashlights in this product can be simply altered to suit the needs of the user. Ideal DSLR mode and mirrorless videography require less exposure and provide straightforward functionality.

Lastly, the screen is bright, and the fonts are large and legible. Battery lasts long, plus it has a backup battery so no need to panic.

What we like

  • Has bright display screen
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting battery
  • Flash light

What we don’t like

  • Takes time to charge
  • Material used to design it is fragile

09. Sekonic Speedmaster Light Meter


Key Features

  • Wireless technology
  • High Light sensitivity

Thanks to its incredible features, Sekonic Speedmaster is a part of this list. Product which is designed to be weatherproof, is much larger than the Flashmate.

Touch sensitive screen that measures up to 2.7 inches allows its more accuracy in reading light measurements.

Has a lumisphere on top of it, hat rotates 270 degrees. Allowing for easy reading of ambient light or flash readings. Convinience and speed.

Sekonic Speedmaster’s adaptability with add-on radio modules is one of its most amazing features.

As a result, it can be used to trigger and operate remote flash units within your working area wirelessly.

In addition, it has the capacity to enable high-speed sync flash and measure flash at speeds ranging from 1/40 to 1/55,500 of a second will appeal to professional photographers.

Lastly to its amazing features, the Sekonic L-858D captures ambient light with shutter speeds ranging from 1/64,000 to 30 minutes without flash and 1/16,000 to 30 minutes with flash.

What we like

  • Convenient to use thanks to it’s 270 degrees rotation
  • Has high speed sync
  • Measures accurately
  • Weather proof material making it durable

What we don’t like

  • Product is quite pricey

10. Klein Tools ET130 Digital illuminance levels measuring Light Meter


Key Features

  • Data hold and auto power off
  • Comes with carrying pouch and 9v battery
  • 40-segment bar graph

Last on the list of 10 best budget light meter you should get in the year 2022 is this digital  ET130 digital light meter by Klein.

Klein Tools digital light meter is a simple-to-use precision light meter that measures illuminance in both FC and Lux.

When monitoring light levels and for retrofit projects, a backlit LCD display screen with bar graph is useful. Graph on the screen is a 40 segment one, which enables you to have clear visibility of the measurement and range.

Product comes with a unique carrying pouch and a 9V battery.

Moreover, Auto and manual range of this digital light meter is 4000 FC and 40,000 LUX.

Also has the capability of storing data like most of the other light meters listed above. Not only the Battery but also carrying pouch included. This device Includes carrying pouch and 9 Volt battery .

Apart from these, it helps you to save battery life. This digital light meter has anice function of auto power off after not being in use for a number of time.

Pouch that comes with it helps to protect this light meter from dust as well as allowing you to carry it anywhere conveniently in the pouch created for it.

What we like

  • User friendly
  • Has a carrying pouch
  • Helps store battery when not in use
  • Fast sync and response

What we don’t like

  • Measurement is not so accurate

How to Choose the Best Budget Light Meter

Going for the best light meter is something that is not easy to choose because of the varieties of the product that already exists in the market.

There are some key factors you must consider if you want to start using a light meter as from today. Below are some of the factors you must make part of your considerations.


Looking for the best budget light meter in 2022? Means you have to take prices into consideration. As a result of its pocket size, light meters are inexpensive and may be easily purchased.

It is for a fact that there are also those which the prices are quite on the high side, but if you choose a higher price range, you will undoubtedly receive additional features.

Light meters are inexpensive and therefore makes it accessible for those who need it.

Several modifications and applications are available in higher-priced light meters that relieve the pain and provide additional smooth operation.

All depends on your budget plan and at times too, what place you intend to use the light meter in.


Another key factor to consider before/when purchasing a budget light meter is its quality. If the light meters are of good quality, they will work for a longer period of time.

Means that a quality light meter should be your target when buying a light meter.


If you’re going to buy a light meter, you need to take into consideration the size of the product. How handy and how portable it is.

You don’t want to get a light meter that is too bogus and obvious whenever you’re carrying it around. Light meters are supposed to be pocket-sized gadgets that are easy and simple to use.


Very important factor to look into is the accuracy of the light meter you want to buy. Some light meters don’t give accurate figures and this can lead to disruption of your work.

If you’re a cinematographer or photographer and you purchase a light meter that doesn’t read accurately,  it will hamper your shoots and filming.

Also if the light meter is supposed to measure light for plants, inaccurate measurement can cost your plant its life. Make sure you purchase a light meter that measurement can be trusted.


What sort of battery does it use? Does it save battery allowing it to work for a long time? Is it an inbuilt battery type or not?

All are necessary questions you should before buying a light meter. Some light meters don’t usually have the capability to save battery life.

Like in our list above,  some can auto power off when not in use for a number of minutes. Such a feature can allow the product to save battery for you.

Also the type of battery it uses is very important to consider just in case it uses external batteries.


Always purchase a light meter composed of high-quality materials. If you want to get one, look for one with a firm grip. This will allow for easy handling and smooth operation.

Also it is recommended that one have a light meter that may be used independently. Design of the light meter is very important, its design also helps in durability.

Ease of use

Complex light meters are in the market so when you want to get on, you should go for those that are easy to use. Sure it’s alright to get a more complex one if you’re a pro.

But if you’re a newbie or you want something easy to handle, then you should consider the light meters in our list above.

Screen size and screen display

Screen size and its type of display also matters. Having a light meter with a large  screen is the best.

Although it’s just a gadget that is used to measure light, screen size is still important.

Also LCD screens with backlight are one of the best you can get yourself. The backlight helps you to still be able to see the numbers and graph on the screen even in the dark times.

Display type

A pointer is included with light meters with analog measuring dials to indicate measurement values. So it displays the potential shutter speed as well as aperture variants.

Meters with a digital display would calculate the light intensity as a numerical number. Allowing the speed and syncing to be accurate.

[Related FAQs]: Best Budget Light Meter

Do I really need a light meter?

A light meter may or may not be necessary depending the use you want to use it for and where.

A light meter is essential if you’re shooting in a studio because you need to measure the light you’re using because it ensures that you achieve accurate light readings to expose your shot correctly.

As a photographer it helps your job to be easier at a go because just reading the light with this gadget will help you save editing time.

Same goes for a cinematographer. If you’re someone that wants to grow your plant and keep it healthy, getting a light meter can never go wrong.

What differs incidentally from reflected light reading?

Incidental light meters are useful for determining how much light falls directly on a topic.

Reflected light meters, on the other hand, are designed to measure light that reflects off an object’s surface.

On the other hand, Incidental light meters are effective at accurately measuring the power of a light source. Also aids in providing a higher-quality reading experience.

What do light meters do?

If you need to easily get the right measurement of the light exposure you’re using, light meters are right for you.

A gadget like this will show you how much light there is and what camera settings to utilize.

Aside from photography light reading, a light meter is also used to read light that will be perfect for plant growth.

How can I test if my light meter is accurate?

If you want to test the accuracy of your current light meter, the best way you can go by this is by comparing the reading of your light meter with another.

If you do this perhaps you’re not getting the right ranges.

Light meters are easily accessible gadgets, so if you think you developed a fault, you may simply have it serviced or you can buy a new one.

Look at our suggestions of the best light meters you should get as a replacement.

You could also try the steps below to see if your light meter still functions well.

  • Set the camera to manual mode and search for a sequence of dots or vertical lines on the bottom side of the image.
  • In the viewfinder, look at your camera’s screen bottom.
  • If the scale reads zero in the middle, your light meter is in good working order.

Phones or light meter, which is better?

Truth is they function almost the same way. A smartphone can be used as a light meter; reason is because most smartphones have at least one len and a light sensor.

All you need is a light meter app that reads the light using the phone’s hardware.

It’s not quite easy to say which is performs better than the other. Long as you’re much comfortable with the one you’re using then its good.

What separates a flash meter from a light meter?

Light meters detect ambient light, which is light that falls on the meter from all directions. A flash meter is a device that measures the amount of light produced by a flash.

Mainly, flash meters frequently connect to flashes and trigger them in order to determine the brightness of the flash.

How do I use light meters?

As a newbie, you may be asking how to use one of these devices.

A light meter is a pretty small gadget and so it doesn’t have a lot of buttons on it nor does it require any tasking skill for you to be able to use the device.

You can follow the below steps if you’re new to using a light meter.

  • Both Flat Disc and half-sphere are commonly attached to the handheld meter.
  • When reading reflected light, the Flat-Disc comes in handy. All you need do is slide the disc on and hold the metering cell directly in front of the object.
  • However the half-sphere aids in the detection of incident light. Slide the half-sphere close to the metering cell to achieve this.
  • Place the meter in front of the object to check the amount of light it receives.

Which one is best, the analog or digital display light meter?

Your requirements and budget will determine which of the best budget light meters is ideal for you.

Digital meters are desirable because they provide accurate readings on an LCD screen and they look more modern to the analog kind of light meter.

Digital meters are more expensive than analog meters. Furthermore, they are faster than digital ones.

What does Dynamic range mean?

A dynamic range is a measure of changes. Almost the majority of digital cameras have 7 f-stops of latitude. Although there four stops above and below the 18 percent neutral grey level.

In the intense monochrome balance of the scene you’re shooting, dynamic range is measured in f-stops. Also the middle point of the dynamic range will be 18 percent, which is typically used as a standard for appropriate exposure.

What if my camera has a built- in light meter, do I still need a handheld?

Yes you still need because even if you have a high-end camera with built-in metering, you may need a standalone light meter depending on the quality of the result you want.

Are light meters needed for outdoor photography?

Yes, there are times when outdoor lighting is insufficient to shoot crucial photographs.

Photographers can create the ideal outdoor shooting atmosphere by using high-quality light meters that can monitor ambient light and colour temperature.


Purchasing the best budget light meter is sort of difficult if you do not have the proper guide to get one. There are a lot of light meters in market, but there are qualities that surpass others.

As a photographer or cinematographer light meters are important in your profession or you’re someone who takes care of plants, this small handheld devices are very important for you.

Above, we have highlighted necessary things you need to consider before getting light meter in 2022, also the Dr. Meter light meter as our pick.

All of these are to guide you in purchasing the best light meter there is.

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