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100 ft LED Strip Lights With Remote: A Stunning Guide[2022]

If you are here, you are likely looking for the best 100 ft LED strip lights with remote for outdoor or indoor use. Home improvement is incomplete without a thorough examination of the lighting.

It can be used to set the mood for a movie night in your living room or to light up the hallway in the event of a power outage.

Lighting is becoming more widely available to the general public as a result of advances in technology. All 100 ft LED strip lights are simple to install and come in a variety of colors.

These days, it can be hard to try to discover the appropriate led light, especially if you want one that will not only perform in the long run but also give you the benefits required.

As a result, we’ll look at a few options for the best 100-foot LED light strips based on your requirements.

What is the Longest Length LED Light Strip?

One of the most significant advances in lighting technology, LED strip lights can be cut to any required lengths with ease. The power of the LED strip will determine how long a continuous strip of LEDs may be run.

5 metres – (16ft), 7 metres – (23ft), 10 metres – (32ft), 20 metres – (50ft), 20 metres – (65ft), or 50 metres – (164ft) will be the longest continuous run.

If you extend the LED strip past these limits, the voltage will decrease and the luminance of the LED light will fluctuate.

For your convenience, we’ve put together a brief reference guide:

  • The longest length of a 12V DC LED strip = 5 metres (16ft)
  • The maximum length of a 24V DC LED strip = 10 metres (32ft)
  • A 24V CC LED strip is = 20 metres (65ft)
  • The longest 120V LED strip = 50 metres (164ft)
  • 24V RGB and RGBW highest run lengths of = 7 metres (23ft)
  • 50ft is the maximum run length for 24V RGBCC and RGBWCC at 24V which is 20 metres.

Click this YouTube link –to learn more about: how to calculating the length of Led lights.

How Long Can a 12V LED Strip Be?

One of the major concerns for most lighting designers is the exact length of a 12V LED light. As previously mentioned, the standard length of a 12V LED strip is 5 meters (16 feet).

However, manufacturers can only provide 100 meters (one roll) to buyers.

After cutting the long strip into pcs, small meters of at least 5 meters (16fts) in length, he will be able to use it to install a LED strip without experiencing a voltage drop.

100 ft LED Strip Lights with Remote: Best Reviews

With so many options for LED strip lights with remotes available today, finding the ideal one can be a challenge. For the best 100-foot LED strip lights with remote, we’ve chosen the following options.

Best Temperature Control Color Strip Lights

01. Hedynshine 100 ft Led Strip Lights

Key Features

  • 44-key remote – 3000K & 6000K
  • Temperature control for the RGB color model
  • Wide range of colors
  • The APP is easy to use
  • in terms of user-friendliness
  • USB cable-controlled global power adapter

 Lighting from Hedynshine is 15 times stronger than traditional incandescent bulbs. Each one can be trimmed to any length and connected to a total length of 100 feet.

Under-cabinet kitchen illumination, bathroom mirror or cabinet lighting, living room lights, laundry area lighting, and office room lamps are just some of the uses for Hedynshine’s LED Light Strips.

Flexible and weatherproof, the LED strip light from HEDYNSHINE may be used to decorate both inside and outdoors of your home.

To create even more magnificent lighting effects, you can interconnect about 500 ft of LED lights together. There is no limit to what you may achieve with the 100 ft led strip lights’ outdoor dimmability.

You can operate HEDYNSHINE’s 100-foot outdoor LED lights via an app, and there are 28 Dynamic Modes to choose from.

Using a lead 100 feet away, it works It will change the color and style of lighting according to the beat of your music or your voice.

Using the Music mode, you can play your favorite tracks directly to your LED light strip through Bluetooth and make it into a gorgeous decorative illumination.


  • It’s simple to set up
  • Working Modes: 16 Colors, 4 Lighting Types
  • Warranty of 12 Months
  • 8 ft. All-In-One Organizing Kit
  • A Mode for Special Musical Performances


  • The club-like atmosphere is a result of the room’s numerous hues

Best Color Changing LED Lights for Bedroom

02. Govee RGB Strip Light with Remote

Key Features

  • 5050 light-emitting diodes
  • over 16 million distinct hues
  • a plethora of variously colored effects
  • more luminosity than other LED lights
  • a countdown clock with an alarm
  • adjustment of the lightness

I often find its impossible to match the visual impact of Govee’s RGBIC Strip Lights with normal lighting, when it comes to color changing led lights for bedroom.

Ambient lighting behind television sets, or string of lights underneath a chair, is common in-home theatre setups. There aren’t many of them.

Govee strip lights are simple to install. It is as simple as plugging in the power supply, then plugging the lights into that.

You can change the light’s color and brightness with a physical controller, and 3M tape behind the strip makes mounting it to the undersurface of a counter or along a wall a breeze.

Even though it’s not the best-designed app, the Govee remote app didn’t automatically detect or give me the option to choose a Wi-Fi network when it was time to connect the lights to Wi-Fi.

The network’s SSID and password had to be entered by hand.

So, if you know the model of your lights, you can search for them in the app using Govee’s search function. The app’s organization is a little shaky at times.


  • Affordability of purchase
  • Timer features
  • Intriguing musical effects
  • Vibrant and dazzling illuminations


  • A bad experience when setting up
  • A jumbled collection of apps
  • Bluetooth-only, limiting them to smart-home applications

Click this YouTube link -– to learn more about Govee RGB Strip Light.

The Best 100 ft Outdoor LED Strip Lights

03. Nexillumi 100 ft LED Strip Lights Waterproof

Key Feature

  • Plug-and-play features
  • Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home kit supported
  • Weatherproof for outdoors use
  • Full-featured remote control
  • Adaptable to your specific requirements
  • UVB and white light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

In addition to being waterproof, the Nexillumi LED strip lamp can be tuned to 16 million different colors and is ideal for use in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Suitable for a festival-themed party, wedding, or another social event. Because it has 3M sticky tape on its back and can be easily installed, the music mode LED strip may add more atmosphere than a standard LED strip.

Nexillumi LED strip lights allow you to light up your room in a rainbow of colors, from red, yellow, and green to pink and purple.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in this lamp are highly energy-efficient and can last 100,000 hours.

Installation is made simple by the inclusion of a one-time connection.

You can control this LED strip light with a multi-function IR remote controller, making it easy to set the ambiance for any occasion, whether it’s for a Christmas party, a barn wedding, or a dance club.

100-foot LED strip lights from Nexillumi are among the best on the market. A Chinese LED lighting designer, brother Orange, collaborated on the waterproof design.

With a 16-channel controller, you can exhibit millions of hues with simplicity and smooth transitions.


  • Provide a novel solution to the problem of sharp corners
  • It is equipped with IR remote control
  • An app is required to operate it
  • Additionally, it is suitable for larger televisions and monitors


  • Only appropriate for rectangles.

What to Look for in a LED Strip Light in 2022?

With so many variations, LED strip lights may be used for just about any lighting project. When there are so many options, how do you tell the right way to begin?

Consider your needs and compare them to the attributes of the LED light strips you’re considering. Is it compatible with Bluetooth?

Is it possible to add extra lights to it in the future if you change your mind? Is it RGB, RGBW, or single color?

If you want pure white light like that produced by regular incandescent light bulbs, you’ll need RGBW strips.

Be certain to measure your space once you’ve determined what you require.

You may need to cut or trim your light strip if it doesn’t fit perfectly in the space you’re trying to decorate.

The type of lights the strip emits should be the next thing on your list of considerations. Assess the color temperature and the ability to change it when shopping for white lighting.

The RGB lighting of a strip is important to understand if you’re looking to buy it. To what extent (if at all) are you able to choose various colors for separate segments (or even individual lights)?

Is the illumination fixed, or could it be changed dynamically at any point? Exist presets and, if so, can you edit and/or build your own from scratch?

Next, take a look at the light strip’s control scheme. Is there a way to change the colors from your phone, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi while you’re away?

Depending on the price point, you may have the option of physical remote control or a smartphone app for some of the less priced strips.

App-enabled lighting strips, on the other hand, offer more color, brightness, and customization choices than remotes.

To use a home kit like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you’ll need Wi-Fi in addition to the Bluetooth light strips you already own.

Top Questions (FAQs)

Is It Possible to Cut Your LED Strip Lighting?

There are specific cut points for each sort of tape used in strip lights. The following is a list of the slashing points:

  • LED strips can be trimmed every ten cm
  • If you’re looking for a flexible LED tape that can be cut each 5cm, this is the best option
  • At every 2.5cm on a meter of 120 LED tape, you can cut it

You should be aware that this is only broad guidance and that other sorts differ. RGBW tapes have 60 LEDs per meter but must be cut every 10cm.

For example, the cutting lengths for 24V tape are doubled. If you use 24V tape, you’ll need to multiply these cutting lengths by two as well.

Do My LED Lights Have to Be Water-Resistant?

On average, this is usually determined by the intended location for your LED lights. If they’re going to be in a wet environment, you’ll want to be sure they have an IP rating.

Generally, we recommend utilizing IP65 protection in locations like the bathroom or kitchen to ensure that steam and moisture will not cause any damage.

The IP68 rating is recommended if you’re going to use them outside or inside a fish tank, for example.

Additionally, we provide something called IP68 nano, an innovative sort of protection that encloses your strips in silicone.

What are My Options for Using LED Strip Lights to Create Ambiance?

Under or above kitchen cabinets, behind bathroom mirrors, or even around big furniture pieces like home entertainment centres and bookshelves are the best places to use LED strip lights to create ambient lighting in your home.

Final Thoughts

Up to this point, we’ve covered the 100 ft LED strip lights with remote and how they contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding area.

Aside from wattage, water and weather-resistant properties, and shock safety, there are several other considerations to keep in mind while shopping for the best strip lights for your home or outdoor needs.

Govee’s RGBIC Strip Lights are the greatest strip lights on the market right now, therefore that’s what we’ve chosen as the clear winner.

Due to the inclusion of an RF control box, a US power converter, and a remote controller, you may change the color of the light to suit your mood (24-key).

In addition to being a fantastic piece of technology, it can also be used to beautify your home, your yard, your patio, or your shopping mall.

Because of their sturdy design, and excellent materials, these high-intensity and reliable strips consume extremely little electricity.

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