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Privacy Policy for Pacific Event Lighting

Welcome to our website, Those who are worried about how their “Personal identifiable information” (PII) is used on the Pacific Event Lighting website will find our privacy policy useful.

US privacy legislation and data security utilize the term “Personal Identifiable Information” (PII) to describe data that can be used to identify, contact or locate a specific individual.

Get an in-depth explanation of how we extract, use, protect, or manage your personal details by reading our privacy policy.

Again, by accessing Pacific Event Lighting, you agree that your use of Pacific Event Lighting is entirely at your own risk and you consent to be subject to our privacy policy.

Affiliate Disclosure

On Pacific Event Lighting, you’ll find information about products and services that we’ve used, personally tested, or suggest. We adhere to a stringent editing policy at Pacific Event Lighting:

Advertorials will not impact our content in any way. We take great satisfaction in being completely open and honest with our customers at all times. Inclusion of links or materials on our websites is not allowed to be paid for by anyone. In exchange for our energy and frank assessments, we are occasionally sent free things to test and review.

When this happens, we make sure to mention it in the post because we have nothing at all to hide. The Amazon Services LLC Associates Program is an affiliate marketing program created to give users a way to earn income by referring to and affiliated sites like Pacific Event Lighting.

We make money from qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate. Pacific Event Lighting is a stand-alone firm. With over a decade of experience creating original content for the web, we only recommend products & services that we have personally used and believe our readers will appreciate. For this reason, we take great care in recommending only products that we can vouch for.

We won’t write about a firm if we don’t believe in it or what it can offer.

Our Concerns About Your Privacy & Data Management

Our website, ( is protected by our Privacy Policy. Your privacy is important to us, and we will do everything we can to safeguard it. All of your personal details will be collected and used following our Privacy Policy. Only this Pacific Event Lighting is covered by this statement.

However, you won’t have to be concerned. We take the utmost care with the information we gather and administer. Apart from this, we don’t sell the information we gather. To improve our marketing and informational edge, we only utilize it following conventional usage norms such as third-party tracking and analysis. Of course, the manner we use this data may evolve in the future as well. However, you can be certain that we would never share or sell your personal details to third parties.

Why We Collect Your Personal Data & How Do We Use It?

Information you submit voluntarily: We may gather your personal details like your name, and e-mail, when you voluntarily submit it to Pacific Event Lighting. Submitting a remark, newsletter subscription, or contact form, for example, are all examples of how you might voluntarily provide information to our website.

From Other Sources: We may obtain information of you from third parties. This includes your name, email address, and profile image if you want to link any of these third-party programs such as (Pinterest or Facebook) to your user profile.

Information we collect automatically: Certain information of you and the device you use to access the Pacific Event Lighting is automatically gathered. You will be logged into our system when you access Pacific Event Lighting, including your IP address and the operating system and browser type you are using, as well as what pages you have visited and at what times you have used the site. While using the Pacific Event Lighting website, we can also gather information of your activities, such as clickable links.

Cookies: Cookies are little data files that are saved on your desktop by Pacific Event Lighting and allow us to collect information of your use of the Website. Both temporary cookies (which disappear when you shut down your system) and long-term cookies (which remain on your computer until you delete them) can be used to enhance your user experience on Pacific Event Lighting.

Email login forms, comments collected, Google Analytics, and monitoring pixels for Pinterest & Facebook are used to collect the information described above.

Cookie Policy uses “cookies” to keep track of visitors’ preferences, track user-specific details about what pages visitors accessed, make sure that our website visitors are not recurrently directed to the same advertising banners, and customize Pacific Event Lighting content depending on visitors’ browser type, as well as other details that the visitor sends to Pacific Event Lighting.

Third-party services like Google Analytics may also employ cookies. Using a corresponding setting in your internet browser, you can permanently prohibit the setting of cookies from the Pacific Event Lighting website. In addition, cookies can be removed at any moment by using a web browser and other software tools. All main internet browsers provide this feature. However, not all Pacific Event Lighting features may be available if you disable cookies in your internet browser.

On the other hand, for those who do not wish to have any of their personal information stored by Pacific Event Lighting, there is the option of disabling cookies.

This is a two-step process:

  • Get into your system’s Configuration or Settings menu
  • The Privacy tab can be found by selecting content and then clicking it
  • Cookies should be an option or a tab here. Cookie-gathering sites may be included in this list
  • Disable cookies or place them on a blacklist if you find them
  • Cookies can also be turned off in general (this may utter your navigation experience)

Google Analytics

Google, the world’s largest search engine, handles the majority of your data linked to your location, age, IP address, software, hardware, marketing campaigns, and other similar data differently. However, we have no say over what Google gathers or controls. Pacific Event Lighting may utilize the services of Google Analytics to better comprehend how our website visitors interact with it. Google Analytics does have its own set of privacy rules which applies based on the activities taking place on Pacific Event Lighting / either by visitors, or our personal use of Pacific Event Lighting.

And this goes as follows –

Ads Displayed – When you visit the Pacific Event Lighting website, we may employ third-party marketing businesses to provide content and adverts, which uses cookies, as previously stated. The Website’s ad suppliers are not given any personally identifying information.

Ads for Retargeting – To market the Pacific Event Lighting website, Pacific Event Lighting may indulge in remarketing activities with other third-party firms such as Google, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram from time to time. Cookies are used by these firms to deliver adverts based on previous visitors to Pacific Event Lighting.

Participation in Affiliate Programs – Pacific Event Lighting may be part of affiliate marketing by installing tracking links within the website. In case you click on an affiliate link, cookie shall be installed on your device to monitor any transactions for commission purposes. Pacific Event Lighting is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Network, an affiliate marketing program established to come up with a method for websites to make marketing fees by selling on Being part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, Pacific Event Lighting will post personalized links supplied by Amazon to monitor referrals to Pacific Event Lighting. This software use cookies to monitor visits to assign commission upon those sales.

Newsletters – You can subscribe to Pacific Event Lighting newsletter, which can be utilized for the purpose of advertising. Tracking pixels may be included in all newsletters we sent. The pixel is inserted inside emails and enables the evaluation of the effectiveness of online advertising efforts. We may be able to detect if you read an email, as well as which links inside the emails you click, thanks to these tracking pixels. This also enables Pacific Event Lighting to tailor the materials of future newsletters or email notifications to the user’s preferences. This action won’t be replicated by third parties.

Sponsored Marketing – Sponsored marketing involving various influencer networks, businesses, and agencies may occur on occasion. All sponsored material is properly declared in compliance with FTC regulations. Tracking pixels, which might also contain cookies, are used in these sponsored campaigns to collect data about usage and audience. The sponsoring company collects this information to track the campaign’s success. In connection with these tracking pixels, no personal identifiable information gathered by Pacific Event Lighting is used.

Amazon has a service called Amazon Web Services (AWS)

People all over the world use Amazon Web Services, which is the most popular cloud-computing service provider in the world (AWS). To make sure that doesn’t happen, may have links to other websites that use AWS as a web hosting program. Amazon Web Services takes care of content about demographics, location, spending habits, and other things that go with products and websites. There is nothing we can do about what Amazon Web Services does with the information it gets.

Children Protection Policy

Children below 16 are not permitted to submit any personal information to Pacific Event Lighting without parental consent. Parents or guardians of children under16 who feel their children’s personal information has been collected by Pacific Event Lighting, should notify us promptly here and we will make every attempt to promptly erase such information.

Is Your Personal Details Exposed?

Certain information of you may be made available to the public if you register as a user or post a remark on the Website. An avatar, a bio, and a clickable link to your website can be added at your discretion. Linking to your social media accounts is another option (s). Usernames, avatars, profile descriptions, and website information may be visible to the general public.

But with Pacific Event Lighting, confidential information of you is only accessible to a restricted number of people who have access to systems that require them to maintain it safe and secure. We utilize several security methods to safeguard your personal details when you enter, submit, or access it.

How We Use Your Personal Details

Data collected can be used as follows: –

To send you marketing materials like newsletters. To avoid receiving future emails, customers can follow the instructions included in each promotional email.

  • To communicate with you about administrative matters, such as confirmation emails, technical issues, changes in policy, or security warnings –
  • To answer any questions or comments you may have
  • To assist you as a user
  • To keep track of and evaluate online advertising
  • To accept payments for purchases made on the website; or
  • To keep the public safe by conducting investigations and acting as a deterrent to criminal activity

The Use of Your Personal Details by Third-Parties Sites

The only time we will disclose your personal details with a third party is if you permit us to do so. In addition, the Website may employ third-party network operators to handle different parts of the Website’s operations. How each third-party network operator makes use of your private information is governed by its own set of privacy policy. As of right now, the Website makes use of the following third-party services:

If you want to know how your website is being used, Google Analytics can help. Google Analytics may collect your IP address, but it does not collect any other personal information of you. No third-party applications have access to your personal details at this time. The Website has the right to make changes to this list at any time.

However, we may expose or transmit personal details retrieved through the Online platform to the third parties obtaining all or part of Pacific Event Lighting business (such as by way of a consolidation, merger, or acquisition of part or all our assets), or in link with either bankruptcy or reframing proceeding implemented by us or on our behalf, unless we obtain your prior written consent.

We Are Devoted to Keeping Your Personal Details Safe & Secure

At Auto Engine Lube, protecting your personal details is our top priority. As long as we can’t avoid it, our goal is to ensure that visitors to Pacific Event Lighting never have their personal information shared with anyone they don’t want it to be shared with. Algorithmic encryption is used to protect all data on our servers from being accessed by third parties. On our website, you might be confident that your data is safe. If such is the case, you shouldn`t have any trouble placing your faith in us.

For More Information, Please Contact Us

If you have questions about how Pacific Event Lighting uses your information, would like to opt-out of any recovery services we could be part of, or want to share any of your idea, please use our contact page to get in touch. Pacific Event Lighting will need to know your email, name, and IP address if you contact us (providing Pacific Event Lighting with your location and postal address). However, I’m only doing this to reach out to you and make sure you’re not in the dark about anything. Then you won’t have to think about anything else.

Contact Information

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