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How to Light a Room With no Overhead Lighting:DIY Guide[2022]

Living in an apartment is becoming popular as several cities are limited because of space with increasing population.

This article will guide you on the best ways on how to light a room with no overhead lighting.

Besides this, most people are resorting to renting apartments as the housing market is experiencing tremendous changes. According to a recent survey, most people prefer to rent properties instead of buying a property.

A downside of this situation is that you hardly design the property to your taste, thereby getting a lot of reconfiguration when you rent.

One of such that most newer properties don’t use is overhead light. Previously, you might see properties with overhead or ceiling lights. Nowadays, it seems that trend is dwindling rapidly.

If you find yourself in this situation without any overhead light in your new apartment, there are several ways to light up your space beautifully.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bedroom, dining room, study room, or your sitting room; you can’t run out of options to light your room.

Get your notepad ready as we unveil creative ways of lighting your room up that will give you the right mood and tone you want.

With a bit of planning and spare money, you can spice things up in your new apartment. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Overhead Lighting?

An overhead light is installed on your ceiling to provide light to your bedroom, living room, or anywhere in your home.

With a modern design of lighting, overhead lighting is gradually fading out as homeowners are looking for better lighting systems that will improve the interior décor of their home.

An overhead light is also called a ceiling light because it is mounted directly on your ceiling to provide illumination.

Why do Apartments Lack Overhead Lighting?

Whatever way you look at it, the primary reason most apartments lack overhead lighting boils down to finance. Assuming you want to purchase an old building that you will convert to a new tower block or apartment.

This is a considerable investment, and you need every penny you can gather to beef up your new apartment.

Doing the electrical wiring for the entire building is expensive. It isn’t just about the construction company. However, what is the need if the laws within your locality don’t require overhead lighting?

While kitchens and bathrooms might require an overhead light for safety purposes, that can’t be said for your dining and living rooms.

You can divert the money you save on overhead lighting into other aspects of your apartment, such as improving security systems and acquiring better appliances.

Since your home already has wall sockets, it’s easier to lighten up things as much as you want.

However, that will depend on your decision and budget when you think of how to light a room with no overhead lighting.

How to Light a Room With no Overhead Lighting?

You’ve got the apartment without any overhead light; there is no turning back. You have to make the best out of the situation.

How do you get started with a room without any overhead light? We think you can utilize some ideas here to lighten your room without any ceilings.

However, this link will help you add overhead lighting in your bedroom

01. Plug-in Overhead Light

You don’t have to ditch the apartment that doesn’t have an overhead light. Why not try plug-in pendants? Nowadays, most modern homes use plug-in pendants to fake overhead lighting.

One unique thing about plug-in overhead lights is that they provide perfect lighting without requiring any ceiling lights.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your bedroom or living room lacks a fixture. With plug-in pendants lights, you can lighten your room up.

You don’t need anything besides the outlet as it comes with a hook to screw things. Remarkably, it brings some form of interior decoration to your home, making it look beautiful.

02. Table lamps

Undoubtedly, table lamps are famous for how to light a room with no overhead lighting. It’s the first option most people consider as it offers flexibility and can lighten up any part of the room.

Table lamps are versatile and available in several styles and sizes. Depending on your taste, you can opt for simple table lambs as they make your room attractive and plain.

Table lamps are impeccably suitable for rooms without any overhead light. Nowadays, several stylish table lamps will provide a warm and cozy feeling for your home.

Interestingly, table lamps aren’t suitable for a room without overhead lighting only as they can fit your living room.

To illuminate your room, you can mix different lighting. For example, a table lamp can go for your coffee table or shelves while using a floor lamp for your living room.

There is no need to ask how to light a room with no overhead lighting with table lamps.

03. Floor Lamps

If your table lamps didn’t get the job done, you could integrate floor lamps into your lighting effect. Alternatively, you can go all out on floor lamps as they can help minimize space when placed in the appropriate area.

While you have several options and places to mount floor lamps, you have to be creative, especially with a room without any overhead lighting.

You can spice things by placing them against a mirror. Modern interior designs include adding mirrors in decoration to provide functionality and decoration.

If you have a mounted or freestanding mirror, you can place your floor lamp against it. The mirror will reflect the light to other areas of the room, thereby creating a lightning effect.

04. String lighting

Another option to consider when you want to light a room without ceiling lights is to use a string light.

They can be a great option if you want something to place on your bed headboard, sofa, or mantel; although not the perfect option, they can do justice when you don’t have any overhead lighting.

If your home has a staircase or dark hallway, string lights are ideally suited for them.

Amazingly, you have string lights in different shapes, sizes, and colors to match your indoor décor.

String lights come in different shapes, colors and can be used to make the most out of a room’s decor.

Whether you want an ambient or a magical atmosphere for your home, string lights are a must-have when shopping for a light in your bedroom.

05. Natural Lights

Indeed, natural lights can be one of the best ways on how to light a room with no overhead lighting. In addition, it is suitable when you don’t have the budget for a floor, table, or string light.

If you love nature, you might want to consider this option, but you have to get an alternative when it gets late.

With natural light, you depend on natural light to brighten your room. It means you need a thin curtain, leave your windows open and pull the curtains aside during the day.

You can also open your doors for more natural light, depending on the security of your environment.

To add ambiance to your bedroom or living room, you can position a mirror towards the light direction as it creates a reflection that bounces into your room and brightens things up.

With natural lights, you can save some cash on energy bills while receiving natural vitamin D for your body to function properly. What more would you wish for when you save money and get vitamin D for your body?

06. Plug in wall lights

If you are not satisfied with plug-in overhead light, another option for a room without a ceiling light is the plug-in wall lights.

Understandably, you might consider the security light on the front door or gate; well, you can integrate a beautiful plug-in light to beautify the aesthetic of your home.

Like all other options mentioned here, plug-in wall lights are available in different materials, sizes, styles, and colors.

Nowadays, you will find these lights manufactured with acrylics, plastics, metal, wood, or a combination of different materials.

You can get these lights that focus on a particular direction – downward, upward, or sideways. With this, the issue of no overhead lighting is history.

07. Flameless candles

The last option to consider on your quest to deal with the issue of how to light a room with no overhead lighting is investing in flameless candles.

Recently, flameless candles have become a beautifying object in a room. They can light up a room that doesn’t have any light fixtures.

Flameless lights act as décor to your home while having you save on electric bills since they use a battery to operate.

Another reason to consider flameless candles is to avoid fire hazards from electrical appliances. Take advantage of LED flameless candles to brighten every aspect of your home.

Tips for Lighting a Room without Overhead Lighting

The interior of your home speaks a lot about your personality. You need to plan everything carefully to offer the right ambiance to welcome your guests. You don’t have to buy expensive things to beautify your home.

With these professional tips, you can improve your home quality. It doesn’t matter if you have had other options to handle your overhead lighting. A minor change here and there will make everything blend naturally.

Tip 1 – Use different varieties of lighting

One way to change things in your apartment when you don’t have overhead lighting is to use different varieties of lighting. The norm is to use a combination of lighting at several levels in your home.

This comes in handy when thinking about how to light a room with no overhead lighting.

You can use a table lamp for your bedroom, spring lambs for the staircase, or plug-in pendant light in your sitting room.

Combining different lighting will give your home more functionality and add to its inner beauty.

Tip 2 – Integrate dimmers when possible

Everyday, technology is advancing as we see tremendous changes. You can integrate dimming technology into your light system, especially in your living room or kitchen.

Dimmers allow you to adjust your lighting frequently without consuming more power supply. In addition, it also helps you save money, makes your room more personalized, and contributes to your productivity.

For a moment, imagine dimming your bedroom, kitchen, or living room lights as you relax after the days’ work. If you are the kind of person that loves sleeping under a less intensive lighting environment, integrate dimmers into your lighting system.

Tip 3 – Place your light strategically

If you are not using a professional interior decorator for your home, you might want to consider the placement of your lights when you don’t have an overhead ceiling.

Here, the two things to consider are the focal points and function of the room.

You can install indirect light to make the space more relaxed. Besides this, opt to use a table lamp close to your armchair or sofa.

Peradventure, your apartment has a high ceiling; why not combine the ceiling and walls light to get a more relaxed feeling? The good part about this is that your visitors won’t feel lost when in your home.

Top Questions(FAQs)

Is downlight or recessed can light the same as overhead lights?

Yes, overhead lights are called recessed light fixtures. In most cases, people use the term downlights or recessed can lights. They are suitable in rooms that have low ceilings.

Can you get overhead lighting without using electric wires?

You can use large arc floor lamps, string lighting, or plug-in fixtures if you don’t want to use wires.

What type of overhead light is suitable for a room?

Here, you have several options to consider, including pendant lights, flush mount lights, recessed lights, inverted pendant lights, etc.

To Conclude

It’s delightful to know that you can learn how to light a room with no overhead lighting. Yes, you don’t have to hire professionals, especially when you have a limited budget.

You have several options at your disposal, as contained in this write-up.

We recommend you use different lighting sources for beginners instead of depending on a single option.

This adds different variety to your interior décor, giving it a more creative and attractive look.

Furthermore, it also improves the visual appeal of your home and makes it a conducive place to have a wonderful time.

If we miss any option on how to light your room without a ceiling, we do love to hear from you. Drop your comment using the comment box below.

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