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How to Hide Under Cabinet Lighting Wires:Best Experts Guide[2022]

Your kitchen is like your heart. No matter what you think, it is the center of your home, and every detail determines its overall space.

Everything from the countertops, lighting, cabinets, and flooring is critical to creating an attractive kitchen. Nevertheless, hiding underwire cables can be frustrating.

Under cabinet lighting comes with a lot of conveniences when installed. Unlike most homes’ regular screw light bulbs, under cabinet lighting improves a home’s overall aesthetic.

However, not everyone knows how to hide under cabinet lighting wires. To help you, we will provide a step-by-step guide on installing your under-cabinet lighting.

What is Under Cabinet Lighting?

You can get a picture of what under cabinet lighting entails from the name.

It refers to a light fixture installed under the upper wall of a kitchen cabinet that lights the space below it.

The hidden fixtures blend effortlessly with the existing décor such that it is hard for anyone to notice.

Under cabinet lighting is used primarily in kitchen areas where additional light is required to read and prepare food recipes.

A under cabinet lighting system improves the kitchen’s brightness and overall appearance.

Interestingly, it is one of the cheapest and easiest ways for people who want to increase their property value.

Several Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

Nowadays in modern lighting systems 4 types of under cabinet lighting is used.

  • Rope lights
  • Tape or LED Strip Lights
  • Strip or ‘Bar’ Lights 
  • Round or ‘Puck’ Lights

Under cabinet lights comprise linear, puck, and integrated lighting.

A linear light is a long strip of small bulbs connected to one single bulb or slim casing – casing might be a rope tape, metal strip, or rigid plastic.

For longer sections in your cabinet, the rope lights are suitable. However, if you have an unusual-shaped section, tape light is preferable.

On the other hand, puck under cabinet lighting is slim and often powered by a battery. Furthermore, they are attached to the cabinet using a sticky film.

Normally, the puck lights are suitable for small spaces or areas with no plug access. Lastly, the integrated lighting comes inbuilt into the cabinet.

Nowadays, it is the most seamless option. However, you must integrate the lights inside the cabinet when designing.

Why use under cabinet lighting in your home?

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Before looking at how to hide under cabinet lighting wires in your home, let us look at the benefits of hiding under cabinet lighting wires.

Firstly, it increases the light quality in your kitchen by specifically providing lights to areas where you constantly work.

If you work in a kitchen with only overhead lighting, you are likely to see a lot of shadows, especially where you hold a knife.

Secondly, under cabinet lighting helps light up your countertop, making it more pleasant to work properly.

Furthermore, installing under cabinet lighting uplifts the aesthetic of your kitchen.

In addition, it involves an effortless process, especially when you want to renovate your home.

Another important benefit of having an under-cabinet lighting system is that it saves you money.

Instead of experiencing high energy bills, you can turn off your under-cabinet light when you do not need it.

Interestingly, you can increase the money you save if you use LED lights with different switches.

Finally, most homeowners prefer using under cabinet lighting to increase their home value during reselling.

Averagely, you can get up to 60% of your kitchen remodeling when you install under cabinet lighting.

If you are thinking of increasing your return on investment in a home, consider installing an under-cabinet lighting system.

How to Hide Under Cabinet Lighting Wires: Ultimate Guide

If you are thinking of how to hide under cabinet lighting wires, you can never run out of options. Interestingly, it is not as complicated as many perceive.

However, it requires planning before starting the project. Assuming you have already installed the lights, you still have options to hide under cabinet lighting wires.

Notwithstanding, this video can give you a guide on places to hide your under-cabinet lighting wires.

Wooden Valances

Despite the several methods available, wooden valances are among the top used method to hide under cabinet lighting wires.

Nowadays, wooden valances are available in varied sizes, shapes, and colors to match your kitchen and cabinets. All you require is to get the wooden valance to your cabinet is wood glue.

A wooden valance acts like your cabinet extension and covers the wires. To make the wooden valance match your cabinets, you can paint it, especially if you did not see anyone that matches your kitchen.

In addition, you can use brackets inside your wooden valance to fasten the wires.

Alternatively, you can use staples to hold the wires instead of allowing them to fall and mess up your room’s aesthetic.

Nobody can see the lighting wires as the valance will complement and draw attention to your kitchen cabinets.

Inside cabinet

Another way to hide under cabinet lighting wires is to place them inside the cabinet.

In most situations, if you want to turn the wires inside the cabinet, you must plan it before the cabinet installation.

Renovators and builder owners sometimes cut a hole through the cabinet bottom to pass the wire through.

We consider this method the most ironclad since you will not deal with any wire drooping down or sagging.

However, if you have already installed the wires in your cabinet, there is still a way out. You can cut directly through the cabinet to hide the wires.

Naturally, under cabinet lighting is installed at the cabinet back, making it easier to conceal the wires.

You can directly tuck the walls into the wall if you are a professional home builder or passionate DIY fan.

You do not have to leave the hole that way. You can take a wooden plank to cover the open hole on the wall.

With this, you do not worry about gaping holes, and the wires will not be exposed.

Cable Protectors

Obviously, cable protectors are the most straightforward option available if you want to know how to hide under cabinet lighting wires.

It is manufactured with wood, making it easier to hide exposed wires. The bundled wires can easily fit into a groove without any hassle.

A cable protector is affixed through the wire bundle on the cabinet’s underside. You can customize your cable protector by painting it to match your cabinet color.

Wire clips

Dangling wires in your cabinet is an eyesore, especially when you regularly have visitors. If all the wires have been appropriately secured, but some is exposed, you can use wire clips.

You do not have to perform any drilling or use wood to conceal the wire. Wire clips offer the cheapest and safest option to hide under cabinet lighting wires.

Wire clips have nailed attached to them, making them stick to your cabinet. You need to take a hammer and ensure the wire stays within the clip as you hit it slowly.

Alternatively, you can use wire clips with an adhesive surface to stick to the cabinet wall.

Wiring placement

Usually, you might want your cabinet light to draw a power supply from a place that does not require an opening.

In this method, you can unplug your power strip and plug it back whenever you complete the wiring process.

Therefore, to hide under cabinet lighting wires inside the cabinet, you should place the wires vertically close to the bottom of each drawer.

Nevertheless, you have two options if you prefer to run the wires through the cabinet walls. Firstly, you can place the wires on the floor or at the cabinet back.

Alternatively, you can run the wires through the cabinet back while hanging them to your wall. With this, you can create a seamless look in your home.

Go wireless

Nowadays, you can wirelessly hide under cabinet lighting wires. Moreover, this option is only available in remote control settings with dimmer bulbs.

There is no need to expose your lighting wires when you can simply create a new bottom panel and stick them in.

Cut the holes and run the wires through instead of littering your apartment with wires. No more complications as the process of hiding under cable lighting wires are straightforward.

How to Install Under Cabinet Lighting?

Installing under cabinet lighting wires is something you can do in your home. However, you need to have professional knowledge of lighting and electrical engineering.

If you want to learn how to install under cabinet lighting, here is a step-by-step guide on the process. Alternatively, you can watch this video here:

Step One – Planning the path

Firstly, you must measure the lighting length you need for your under-cabinet lighting. Cut the side you measure for the cabinet.

If your cabinets do not have any outlets, you might want to hire an electrician to install them. After the installation of the outlets, you can continue with the project.

Step Two – Drilling the Holes

Hardly can you follow the same instruction here because it will be different. Therefore, your goal should reduce the number of holes you drill in your cabinet.

You can thread the power supply cord to your shelf bottom via the small gaps. With this, you might not require any drilling.

However, if you aim to connect the upper and lower kitchen cabinet lighting, you will need them to be in the same circuit.

You must drill holes that connect the upper and lower lights to achieve this.

Step Three – Adding Connectors

You need to add connectors to connect all the lights. You can add the wired connectors to the lighting tap by sliding them through the metal contacts where the light meets.

Step Four – Merge the wires

After the first step, you need to gather the lighting in the cabinets and merge the wire before attaching it to each section in your cabinet. Ensure you use wire strippers to hold a quarter of the wire.

Why choose LEDs for under cabinet Light?

With several types of light available for your under-cabinet lighting, choosing the best fit for your home might be confusing. Overall, LED is preferable because it is the future of lighting.

Whether you decide to buy a LED light bar, puck light kit, or LED strips, choosing LED has several benefits.

  • LED lights offer longer lifetimes as they do not diminish quickly. You can use them for over thirty thousand hours, which is more than ten years.
  • They provide higher efficiency, making you spend less on electric bills. If you want to cut your energy bill, using LED light for your under-cabinet lighting system is not a factor to reconsider.
  • LED lights are available in distinct colors as they provide a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. You can choose any color, ranging from dark blues, punchy greens, etc.
  • They are non-toxic, making them more durable. LED lights do not contain any toxic chemicals and will not cause any food contamination. Because of this, they are safer to use in your kitchen without any danger.

[Related FAQs]: How to Hide Wires Under Cabinet Lighting

What lighting is best suitable for an under-cabinet kitchen?

If you consider energy efficiency, then LED lights are the best option for under cabinet lighting.

Another reason besides being energy-efficient, they are bright to illuminate the kitchen and are long-lasting.

Another option is fluorescent lights, which increase energy bills and do not last as LEDs do.

What is the ideal distance for under cabinet lighting?

A general thumb rule is to give at least 8 to 12 inches beneath the cabinet.

If you space them too far from each other, they will not illuminate the floor and countertops properly.

Keep them close to generate a reflection on each area.

How expensive is under cabinet lighting?

Here, it will depend on the lighting system you choose. However, if you have several fixtures available, it can cost more than $250.

Nevertheless, the lights and materials are cheap, but labor can drastically increase your cost.


There are no reasons why you should not hide under cabinet lighting wires. Using a cable protector is the best and quickest option, with several methods available at your disposal.

However, you can buy a wooden valance to pin the wires together. In addition, it also serves as a good option as you can use paint that matches your cabinets.

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