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Contemporary Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas:(Stunning 5 Ideas With Tips)

If your kitchen is like your car, then a kitchen island is the engine because your car cannot operate properly without the engine. You perform a lot of activities in your kitchen, and leaving it stranded, especially at night, can be the worst mistake anyone can make.

Nowadays, the kitchen is an integral component of any home. You need the best contemporary kitchen island lighting ideas to illuminate it.

However, striking the right balance can be tricky for anyone. Notwithstanding, this guide will enable you to find the best lighting for your kitchen.

What kind of lighting is best for a kitchen island?

LED bulbs are the best source of lighting for a kitchen island. Besides this, they are the modern choice and energy efficient. However, you need a high lumen output for a heavy task above your kitchen island.

Overall, the function of kitchen island fixtures is to brighten your workspace, which is essential to your productivity and alertness in the kitchen.

Top 5 Contemporary Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

What purpose are you searching for contemporary kitchen island lighting ideas? If it is about food preparation, then you require stronger lighting.

However, seeing your kitchen island as a social space, you need every element to provide that social space. In addition, you will still require a secondary lighting option to add ambiance to your kitchen.

We understand there are numerous contemporary kitchen island lighting ideas at your disposal. However, here are the best lighting ideas you will find online.

If you have any better ideas than these, we do like to hear from you.

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#Idea 1 – A mixture of flexible fall and rise pendant lights

For beginners, it is tricky finding the ideal position for your island lighting, especially when you have a kitchen island that doubles as a dining space and work surface.

You can opt for adjustable pendants instead of a fixed lighting option to minimize space and cost.

Using a pendant light with a rise and fall feature offers greater flexibility; you can easily transpose the height to suit the kitchen.

#Idea 2 – Use chandeliers to make a grand sign

You should consider your kitchen island shape and size when lighting up your kitchen. In addition, consider the area you want to illuminate before getting your lighting.

If you have a high ceiling space, you should consider using a cluster of pendants or an oversized lighting fitting that will cover the space.

It is preferable to use this approach than allow a single light from the ceiling space.

You can opt for vintage crystal chandeliers as they will add some statement.

Furthermore, you can add a chandelier at staggered heights to provide some visual interest without obstructing your working space.

Ensure you look for a chandelier that branches out fashionably.

#Idea 3 – Use a long pendant instead of different multiple pendants

At times, the longer the area you were to illuminate, the more fittings you would require. Assuming you are hanging three pendants, you can place the first one in a central position while spacing the other two.

Ensure it is of equal distance when spacing, even though it will depend on the kitchen island length. Alternatively, you can opt for a long pendant instead of installing several pendants.

Ideally, you should consider a pendant occupies not more than two-thirds of your kitchen position and light.

#Idea 4 – Go for allure using glass lighting

Instead of the standard pendant options, you can look for something that offers that antique look. Well, glass fits perfectly in that criterion as it attractively transmits light.

Besides this, it creates a touch of glamour or allure to your kitchen island. While people tend to go with white glass, you can opt for colored glass.

However, lantern pendants seem perfect if you want a classic contemporary look.

#Idea 5 – Opt for a subtle glow around the seating areas

Regarding your kitchen island that has a sitting position, you can place your lighting at a height that will not dazzle anyone when sitting.

Minimize glare using opaque or non-reflective shades that diffuse the light instead of bright light.

Professional Tips

Although this article does not cover how to install your kitchen lighting, it is relevant to share some professional tips regarding lighting.

  • Linear chandeliers or pendant lights should be above the kitchen island by 30 to 36 inches. Primarily, this will provide adequate space for the light to cover a wider area.
  • Space your pendant lights. Ideally, the spacing between them should be within 30 to 36 inches. However, from the edge, they should have a space of at least one foot.
  • Lights above your kitchen island must have a different switch and dimmer.
  • Use the kitchen island lights to create a focal point and inject some attractive color if your kitchen color is neutral.
  • Choose lighting fittings that you can easily clean and maintain

Best Contemporary modern pendant lights for kitchen island

Pendant lights are contemporary light fixtures hung from the ceiling and suspended using a rod, cord, or chain. While they have one hanging point, they can contain several lighting bulbs.

Today, you will find numerous pendant light sizes to fit any space you want for your home.

For your kitchen, you have multiple choices since they offer both decorative and functional lighting.

Artistically, pendant lighting is manufactured from varied materials, including brass, steel, copper, bamboo, rattan, etc. We will look at different modern pendant lights you can install in your home.

Linear pendants

If you love simple lighting for your kitchen island, linear pendants lights provide an operational lighting solution as they come with a single long tube bulb.

Interestingly, you can place them over long dinner tables, light up your seating areas, above kitchen islands, or hang above a bar.

Because of the size, they provide optimal lighting, suitable for both traditional and modern decors.

Cord Pendants

Unlike linear pendants, cords are the minimalist style pendant light that comes with a bare bulb. They are suitable for dining tables and apartments.

Cord pendants are not a burden, especially if you do not have space, as you can see them tapping down with designer bulbs.

Glass pendant

Undoubtedly, they are a favorite for most interior design as they are versatile. You cannot run out of options for customization and design with a glass pendant.

You can naturally diffuse and distribute the light in any space with limitless options. Irrespective of the option – opal, ripple, clear, or crosshatch, they are usable for all places.

Multi Light Pendants

You have two options with multi-light pendants. These options are suitable if you want variation from everyday pendants.

Firstly, you have multiple light sources on arms attached to one central core. In most cases, this style of multi-light pendant can be shadeless.

Secondly, the other multi-light pendant is also available in pendant cord lights and attached to a ceiling rose.

They are hung around circular ceiling roses comprising more than three light drops in most cases.

Drum Shade Pendants

Another pendant light option available is the drum shade pendant, which can be an alternative to a glass pendant.

They are manufactured from fabric materials that create a soft diffusing touch. Besides this, they are suitable for your kitchen island, living room, and master bedroom.

Shade Pendants

If you are looking for something creative in your kitchen, shade pendants are top-notch. They offer a wide range of lights, including rattan-made, wicker style, porcelain shades, brass, and copper.

Whether you want simple and eye-catching lighting for your kitchen, shade pendants offer a way to give that decorative statement.

Lantern Pendants

Lantern pendants are a speck among pendant lighting. Nowadays, you will find different lantern pendants ranging from whatever contemporary kitchen island lighting ideas you have in your mind.

Whether a historic-looking glass pendant or a minimal glass pendant, lantern pendant lights can transform your home outlook. Intrigue your guest with several styles of lantern pendants lighting on your kitchen island.

How do you Light a kitchen Island?

Nowadays, Kitchen Island is common in most homes as they offer the perfect place for everyone to cook, eat, and socialize.

However, they are the focal posing in the kitchen since it is hard to ignore the lighting.

As with any lighting project, you need to create or develop a plan. For the kitchen project, you must consider the lighting aspects, which is critical as it will affect the quality of illumination you receive.

If you do not know where to start, read further because you will learn how to light your kitchen island in this section.

We understand how overwhelming and confusing it can be to light a kitchen island with the several lighting choices.

Let us walk you through how to get started the best way. It is essential to follow the instructions properly to achieve the best possible result.

Kitchen Size

One critical thing to consider when planning to illuminate a kitchen is the kitchen size and the Kitchen Island. Although the kitchen island provides functional space, it also offers that unique look and feel.

Consequently, determining the precise amount of light required and the size of each fixture is especially important.

Going contrary to this might result in wrong hanging fixtures or a flooded island that does not provide space for anything.

A practical way to plan lighting for your kitchen island is providing within 35 to 50 lumens for each square foot.

Doing this will provide the required amount of light needed for use while minimizing any complaints of difficulties during dinner.

Lighting types

With several contemporary kitchen island lighting ideas, you can easily get lost with all the choices.

Nevertheless, we recommend recessed lighting as the primary and base light source concerning your kitchen lighting, unlike the bedroom, which might have a central primary source different from your kitchen.

Immediately, you set the kitchen lighting base; you can focus on the kitchen island. While several options are available, we recommend you select from any of the three below.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are the most versatile kitchen and offer several benefits over other lighting options.

Besides this, they can be adjusted from any position and are highly decorative in the kitchen. In addition, pendant lights come without any limitation compared with chandeliers.

Fundamentally, pendant lights can work with different combinations that suit your kitchen island. Whether it is three smaller pendants or two larger ones, they can generate fewer lumens.


Another popular option with kitchen islands is chandeliers since they can be installed alongside modern and traditional interiors.

In addition, you can use one fixture to install them instead of several pendants. However, the only disadvantage of using chandeliers is that covering a larger area can be challenging.

Recessed lighting

Peradventure, you do not want linear chandeliers and pendant lights overhanging on your kitchen island, you might want to consider recessed light throughout the kitchen.

Recessed lighting offers a more minimal approach to lighting than other lighting types.

How do you choose pendant lights over an island?

When choosing pendant lights over an island, the general rule to get the accurate height is that the pendant lights must hang within 30 to 36 inches from your kitchen island top. In addition, it should have a space of two feet apart.

 [FAQs] On  Kitchen Island Lighting

Are pendant lights ideal over the kitchen island?

Emphatically yes, because large-scale pendants serve as the best option for kitchen island lighting since it helps achieve your kitchen design.

Besides this, pendant lights are centered over the kitchen island, and hard for you to bump your head against them.

What is the best way to clean pendant lights in my kitchen?

Ensure you switch off the lights before starting the cleaning process. Use a microfiber fabric to softly clean inside the pendant light.

Normal, starting from the top is the best process as you move from the chain to the glass outside. It is essential to do routine maintenance to keep the pendant lights dust free.

What is the checklist on how to light a kitchen island?

Three essential items are important when you want to light a kitchen island. You must consider the kitchen island size, lighting type, and the best bulb for your kitchen island. These are the top-most option on our list.


There is no use gathering the contemporary kitchen island lighting ideas without investing in a lighting system for your kitchen island.

When considering such a project, you must consider the kitchen size, pendant light height, and the number of pendant lights to use.

Remember, each kitchen is unique, and it is mandatory to create an atmosphere that you will love every day. Whatever the case, there is always a kitchen lighting idea worth executing.

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