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How to Choose the Best Low Voltage Transformer:Our Top 7 Picks[2022]

If you’re looking for how to light up your landscapes, the best low-voltage transformer is all you need to bring that fantasy to life. How does it work?

Low voltage transformers work by converting the standard voltage transmitted in your home into a low-voltage alternating current or AC.

The unique utility of this electrical setup is satisfactorily vast. First of all, your outdoor lighting system and other electronic appliances won’t blow up.

But they’re as delicate as any other electrical device, so how do you find the best ones? Well, relax, our reviews are reliable!

What is the Best Low Voltage Transformer?

Firstly, there are numerous models available in the market. Does this beg the question? Which is the best?

From our market research and testing, we recommend the VOLT 1000W low voltage transformer.

Having done the heavy-lifting, considering factors such as input and output, capacity, safety rating, and automatic protection, the VOLT 1000 is a buyer’s best bet for impressive automation.

It is versatile and durable, but it also has several safety features to keep you from experiencing bad electrical breakouts, which is the foremost concern of many buyers.

Top 7 Best Low Voltage Transformer Reviews

01. VOLT 1000W Low Voltage Transformer – Top product for efficiency


Highlighted Features:

  • The power source is corded electric
  • Maximum draw is 100W
  • Weighs 10lbs
  • ETL-certified
  • 120V/60Hz input

Most buyers prefer light and accessible low voltage transformers. This brand is an exact fit for a taste like this.

Moreover, the manufacturers carefully removed unnecessary voltage taps in its electric design.

For users who might have issues struggling with voltage ratings, a 15V single tap is just as perfect as it can be.

The volt 100 also comes with modular timers, which is why we dubbed it the best low voltage transformer in this review.

After installation, it can be viewed through your housing window and set up to perform a simple round-the-clock operation.

Alternatively, it can also be set to turn off automatically after a designated time.

An upside to this design is that the photocell is also built into the timer.

The terminal blocks of this transformer are clamp-type and, unlike many domestic low voltage transformers, are very easy to install.

Many standard terminal blocks take a couple of frustrating minutes to fix. By buying this product, you’re spared from this.

The product’s high points are simplicity and flexibility in control. The bulk of energy conserved by using this transformer puts it at the frontline of energy-saving transformer technology.

With special toroidal coils matched with quality internal components, this transformer provides a user with an exceptionally stable current source, demanding very little energy to run.

Also, having met standard electromagnetic emission tests and other electrical safety tests, you can bank on the safety this product offers.

This product is simply one of the most functional options available in stores. It comes fitted with the ability to be compatible with wires of different sizes seamlessly.


  • Easy installation
  • Power-sharing
  • High efficiency
  • Great aesthetic


  • No information about weatherproofing

02. Malibu 120W Power Pack – Best for Extremes


Highlighted Features:

  • Made in China
  • Wattage is 120
  • Weighs 6.5 pounds
  • Doesn’t support battery

This is one of the high-quality transformers currently available in the market. Scared of mounting a transformer that would degrade when subjected to harsh weather?

We point you to the Malibu Power Pack. This low voltage transformer was built explicitly for a utility as extreme as this.

Being able to efficiently step down a 110V to a much safer output of 12 Volt, buying this provides you with a current level, most feasible and safer to run appliances on.

It also unsurprisingly doesn’t take much to install, hence perfect for a DIY-based project.

For easy automation, the engineering team of the Malibu low voltage transformers included an automatic timer, digital reading, and clock controls.

The Malibu brand also boasts of their products being able to support additional lights once a user has completed his installation.

All that is left to imagine is how much a buyer’s outdoor space improves after installation.

Some of the features available here are so nice that you would barely find them in models at a price range such as this. This product was also designed to prevent overheating.

The system that enables heat dissipation functions to avoid heat damage that may arise during operation.


  • Timing design is flawless
  • Easy installation
  • Great light automation
  • Efficient wattage


  • Issues with cable polarity

03. SUNVIE 300W Low Voltage Transformer – Best for weatherproofing


Highlighted Features:

  • Power source is corded electric
  • 120VAC input
  • Maximum Power Rating is 300 watt
  • 12 Watt Wattage
  • Waterproofing rating is IP65

Are you looking for the perfect low voltage transformer for landscape lighting? The Sunvie brand is our recommendation for this.

It is an ideal landscape lighting transformer, hinged on its ability to safely convert a 120 AC voltage to a more practical 12 or 14V. It is also suitable for providing path lights, outdoor spotlights, and many other outdoor lightings.

Due to these features, this product sits comfortably on this review as the best landscape lighting transformer.

The photocell sensors feature a built-in design, which is obtainable for the timer control.

The efficiency and performance aptitude of the Sunvie derives from the electrical structure of the landscape light being directly connected to the power pack.

A user can simply set the control to the Auto mode. This control prompts the light to turn on in a self-control manner at dusk and turn off at dawn and its efficiency and handling flexibility.

A perfect transformer for electrophoresis, the safety rating is relatively high.

Waterproof transformers stand out in many regards compared to non-waterproof ones. They are built to withstand the elements and function optimally in even the harshest weather conditions.

The Sunvie is not an exception to this. With a waterproof rating of IP65, get ready for a bliss journey of durability in any weather.

It doesn’t end here. The power supply was also built with high-quality metal materials, making it resistant to corrosion and offering a buyer an extended usage than many other low voltage transformers.

What more should one expect from a transformer that passed the ETL certification?


  • Excellent weatherproofing
  • Perfect for landscape lighting
  • Efficient wattage
  • Rugged and durable


  • Automatic on/off easily go bad

04. LightKiwi U8810 600 watt Low voltage transformer – Top choice for heavy-duty


Highlighted Features:

  • Current rating is 25 amps
  • Weighs 28 pounds
  • 12 volts Voltage
  • Supports AC power source
  • Wattage is 600 watts

For a heavy-duty transformer like the LightKiwi, it is only common to expect a heavy price range hanging on it.

Luckily for you, this product makes it to the list not only due to its high performance and uncommon efficiency but because of its affordability.

Made of high-end stainless steel, it is one of the transformers without misleading “heavy-duty mantra.” Tested and certified to be safe, it can support a maximum load of up to 70%.

To protect your gear, the transformer also comes with a dual-protection feature – A thermal circuit breaker that resets automatically and a magnetic circuit breaker.

You can rely on the power of this transformer for both indoor and outdoor use and trust the multi-step output voltage to provide you with a longer wire run.

This product also has one of the quietest operations available for low voltage transformers.

This means it can be installed anywhere you want. It supports lights sensors that increase your convenience and helps you save power.


  • Timer port supports IoT
  • Rugged and durable
  • Noiseless
  • Excellent door assembly


  • It doesn’t come with a timer and photocell

05. DEWENWILS 60W Outdoor Low Voltage Transformer – Best for exceptional control


Highlighted Features:

  • The maximum frequency is 60Hz
  • 120W wattage
  • Features memory function
  • Supports photocell sensors
  • Waterproof

One of the things a buyer should consider before buying a transformer is the transformer wattage load.

A transformer with a wattage load lower than 80% of the rated capacity is a bad match for you. Luckily, the Denwils 60 Watt maximum power rating is perfectly okay to meet your demands.

Featuring an “always-on” mode, the landscape lights tsy6on throughout the day. The Denwils transformer turns itself off in the morning and on at night to balance this.

So many other things informed our choice of placing this product in our top 10. One of them is test mode.

“A user expressed dissatisfaction with the word nuts that come with the transformer. Others claimed the durability of a few other parts of the transformer wasn’t anything to look forward to”

A user can simply adjust the transformer to the test feature to test if your lights function correctly with the transformer.


  • Flexible operation with built-in timers
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for landscape lighting
  • Low voltage


  • No information on weatherproofing

06. HitLight 100 Watt Dimmable Driver – The best choice for dimmable lighting


Highlighted Features:

  • Dimmable lighting
  • LED light type
  • Light source wattage is 100W
  • Compatible with Lutron
  • Over 85% efficiency

Selecting a low voltage transformer with unique features like dimmable lighting, compatibility with Triac, and forward phase and air convection cooling is never a bad idea.

With a minimum dimming level of 1%, only a few transformers support a feature like this.

The product also offers specifications on its temperature, which is within (-22F – 113F), ideal for keeping the transformer working optimally, without overheating or dropping too much.

Another fantastic feature of this product is its ability to cool by free air convection.

The magnetic LED dimmable driver, part of its core design component, can convert 110V AC to 24V DC.

Unlike some other transformers that support dimming lighting, the HitLight barely flickers during its dimming or brightening.

Here lies the mind-blowing technological wonder – The LEF dimmer switch and the LED power supply are seamlessly merged into an integrated unit, conferring an additional and unusual working advantage to the brand.

The HitLight is also compatible with many 12V and 24VDC tape lights. The circuit breaker resets automatically for user safety, using both the primary and secondary.

An AC to DC conversion transformer, the HitLight doesn’t require batteries and boasts of a solid ETL certification.


  • Excellent driver performance
  • Highly efficient.
  • Flexible dimming control
  • Supports recent technology


  • Scanty reviews

07. Best Pro Lighting – Top choice for bi-functionality


Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with a built-in photocell and timer
  • Supports indoor and outdoor use
  • Weatherproof
  • Commercial grade

With a low voltage transformer that supports both outdoor and indoor lighting, it is needless to ask how important it can be to outdoor activities and in-house use.

This is one of our primary considerations when including it on our top low voltage transformers. It simply allows you to accomplish a little with its bi-functionality.

The circuit breaker, designed to curb electrical breakages, works with a push button.

Weighing 6.7 pounds, this plastic landscape transformer is ideal for budget buyers who still want a high-performing, decent low voltage transformer.


  • Affordable
  • Great output
  • Easy installation
  • Efficient reset timer


  • Poor weatherproofing
  • Poor wiring

How to Choose Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformer

Helpful PRO TIPS

So now, you’ve made up your mind to get a top-quality low-voltage transformer. But how can you be so sure that what you’re willing to buy is what you need?

Moreover, it can be confusing to find specifications that suit your demands. You can rely on our guide to make a great purchase decision.

Here are the things you should look out for when buying a low voltage converter.

Power rating

This is where you get to choose the amount of power you need and the number of lights you install.

To arrive at a good decision, sum up the wattage of all the lights and compare it to the maximum wattage that the volt converter can handle.

Here’s a cue. Many people usually opt for a voltage converter with a wattage rating of between 200W and 300W. This is the ideal wattage rating for landscape lighting.

Nonetheless, you can opt for a lower rating if the total wattage of your landscape light is low.


For a low voltage transformer, it is good practice to consider how the volt converter was built before buying.

How powerful the volt changer is will go a long way in determining the durability of the converter. Most low voltage transformers are made of either plastic or stainless steel.

The more durable one seems to be stainless steel out of the two. This is because it can withstand outdoor weather better than a plastic one.

Another thing to look out for is the locking system. Be sure to verify if the locking system is secure enough to keep wires and other delicate parts safe.

You should also be aware that stainless steel is not ideal for submerged light fixtures. This is because they are susceptible to electrical shocks.

Conversely, the high-grade plastic cases can still last long, but they are not as rugged as the metallic ones. Their core advantage lies in the fact that they can be used anywhere. This includes water.

Another factor to consider when it comes to construction is the size of the transformer. Size should matter to you if you’re considering mounting the volt converter. Ensure the size is suitable to where you want it mounted.

Photocell/Auto timer

This is one feature you don’t want to ignore. Photocells turn the volt converters on and off automatically. This way, a user wouldn’t have to do that manually.

However, with auto timers, you will have to set it up manually, then it will go off by itself. Most arrive at the market with timers that range between 1 and 9 hours.

With auto timers, you can install them indoors. They operate based on the number of hours you have set. In all, automatic switching voltage timers will save you effort and time.

Circuit Breaker

Most people don’t look in this direction when considering what to look for in low voltage converters. However, it is technically a must-have.

In some instances, there may be short circuits in your lighting. Situations like this may cause the transformer to break down.

The role of the circuit breaker would be to switch it off to prevent damage. This is the necessity of a circuit breaker on your volt converter.

Specific transformers come with double circuit breaker panels with auto-reset and a magnetic circuit breaker. You must consider this if you fancy a converter with a circuit breaker.

The brand

Most people ignore this factor very quickly. The brand of your voltage converter would determine if you will get the best low voltage transformer.

You must go for a reputable brand known for delivering high-end products if you care about durability. We have carefully selected the best brand and their best products.

You have to compare the prices and what they offer to settle for a product.


After you have looked into other factors highlighted above, you have to look into how much you’re willing to cut out for that.

What’s your budget before looking into the products? How much were you willing to spend on a low voltage transformer? Does the voltage converter of your choice fall into your budget range?

These are vital questions you should deliberate on before making a purchase, as they will give you in not spending on products that aren’t worth what they offer.

Generally, you should never pay more than what you have budgeted to spend.

Certain products with extra perks may catch your attention, but knowing if they’re worth what they claim to offer is a good starting point in scrutinizing their price tag.

You should always work within your budget and make the right choice.

Best Low Voltage Transformer:[FAQs]

Where do I find the best low voltage transformer?

With many brands manufacturing low voltage transformers, it is easy to order for one via e-commerce retail outlets or buy directly from the brands.

Before shopping, you must consider the wattage needed for your outdoors, and if the brand doesn’t offer such specifications, good advice is to try another.

A label carrying information like wattage(W) and amperage(A) on the back of your transformers can be found. Before buying, ensure to check for details like this, as they are a guide to finding the right product for you.

How do I know how many watts of voltage transformer I need?

To find out how many watts of transformer you need, you need to check how many watts your appliance runs on.

This information can be found on the label pasted at your equipment’s bottom or top back. It can also be found in your manual.

If you can’t find this, you can try calculating the amperage(AMPS) of your appliance and then multiplying this by the input voltage, usually 110V or 220V.

From this, you can arrive at the total wattage. Always ensure not to run any appliance then the transformer’s voltage wattage.

Do low voltage transformers convert the cycle?

All low voltage converters do is convert the voltage rather than the cycle. However, your appliance will function optimally with them. 110V – 220V is generated at 60Hz.

Your device may operate less efficiently when run on 50Hz. The best low voltage transformer featured in this review functions very efficiently.

A cycle difference like this will make analogue clocks and circuits that use AC as a timing reference to keep wrong timing.

What is the difference between a low voltage converter and a voltage regulator?

The typical function of a voltage regulator is to both convert and stabilize the voltage.

A voltage stabilizer functions to stabilize the electricity to enable it to attain a fixed current. The voltage regulator will stabilize fluctuating voltages between 180V – 260V.


Our number one product for finding the best low voltage transformer is the VOLT 100W low voltage transformer.

It is an excellent transformer that offers a  buyer great aesthetics and electrical efficiency uncommon amongst other brands of low voltage transformers available.

In this review, other top products are also listed, with their functions and electrical specifications highlighted.

All products were carefully selected and had some of the most reasonable prices for such top-notch functionality.

The buying guide provided in this post also helps a first-time buyer make the right choice and delivers what he should look out for in an excellent low voltage transformer.

These are the product’s wattage, volt, design component, and weatherproofing ability.

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