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How Do You Buy The Best Grill Lights:Our Top 10 Reviews[2022]

Grill lights are necessary accessories for a stress-free grilling experience. Instead of having to de with the eyestrain and hustle of balancing a torch while cooking, a grill light is a perfect answer.

Selecting the best grill lights illuminates the grill to ensure that meals are adequately barbecued and ensure that you are safe from accidents that may occur while grilling.

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What is the best Grill Light?

The Broil King Deluxe Grill Light and Timer is the best grill light because of its dual purposes, convenience, and durability.

Why Broil King Deluxe Grill Light and Timer is the best grill light?

The King Boiler Deluxe is exceptional because of its two cob light strips, which produce bright light. Its integrated timer with an LCD screen display assures you an exciting grilling experience.

Top 10 Best Grill Lights Reviews

01. KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light – Best for Low Budget


Highlighted Features

  • 10 LED bulbs
  • 360-degree adjustable neck
  • Hard storage case
  • 6 AAA batteries included
  • Heat and weather resistant
  • Sturdy magnetic base

Small but mighty, the KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light possesses a powerful glare with its super bright LED lights, making it an efficient light source when grilling in the dark.

Its magnetic base makes it easily mountable on any magnetic grill without the need for an installment of any sort.

You can easily adjust the light to any desired direction, courtesy of its 360-degree flexible gooseneck.

Thanks to its heat and weather-resistant features, the grill light allows you to enjoy an outdoor grilling experience without any worries.

The grill light comes in a hard case storage box where it can be safe when not in use. The package includes 6 AAA batteries, which would last for some time before replacements are purchased.

A setback worth mentioning is that the KOSIN Barbecue Light manufacturers compromised a little on the materials’ quality, making it easily prone to damage.

However, the KOSIN Grill Light is the right choice if you’re looking to maximize a low budget.

It comes in a pair and can be adapted for other purposes such as reading, cycling, and camping; you are sure to get the value of your money.


  • Extremely bright lights
  • Highly affordable
  • Easy to mount
  • Comes in a pair.


  • Not durable

02. LUANSEL Grill Lights for BBQ – Best Value for Money


Highlighted Features

  • 9 LED bulbs
  • 360-degree adjustable neck
  • Magnetic base
  • Silver and black colors
  • 6 AAA batteries included

The LUANSEL grill light is an aluminum alloy-clad light, a particular feature that gives it its sleek appearance and durability.

The light has a sturdy and magnetic base that easily secures users’ grills without a setup.

The LUANSEL light comes with nine bright LED bulbs with a 100,000 hours lifespan, which is a good deal compared to other lights within its price range.

Powered by 6 AAA batteries that you get for free at purchase, the light can last for at least 8 hours of continuous usage before batteries are replaced.

While the magnetic base is sturdy, it doesn’t stick to some brands of stainless-steel grills. 

The LUNSEL grill light comes in two colors, giving users a choice between a silver and black grill light with the same features.

If you’re the type that loves to match metals for aesthetics, an oddly looking grill light is less of your worries.


  • Powerful bulbs
  • Adjustable neck
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting batteries


  • Magnetic base works

03. RVZHI Grill Lights – Best for durability


Highlighted Features

  • 360-degree adjustable
  • 10 LED bulbs
  • Waterproof
  • Heat resistant
  • 3 AA batteries and screwdriver included

The RVZHI Grill Light makers prioritized quality. Clad with heat-resistant and melt-guard materials, RVZHI can stand the heat of about 356°F.

Thanks to its waterproof technology, IPX57, the RVZHI is sure built for durability, come rain or snow.

The grill light has 10 LED bulbs that produce more than 100 lumens making it super bright in the dark.

These bulbs can last for 50,000 hours, making them last longer for months, depending on how often a user grills.

To secure it to grills, the RVZHI has an adjustable clamp easily attached to the grill handle.

It comes with three long-lasting AA batteries and a small screwdriver to detach and install the battery compartment’s cover.

Due to the nature of its adjustable clamp, the RVZHI might not fit conveniently on the handles of certain grills.

The grill light is 360-degree adjustable, which makes it fully efficient in any direction it is needed.

The RVZHI offers two brightness options: a click on the power button allows you to enjoy 30% of the light’s capacity, and a second click gets the brightness to 100.


  • Luminos light bulbs
  • Portable
  • Long-lasting bulbs
  • Durable


  • Not a perfect fit for all grill handles

04. NextLED Ultimate BBQ Grill Light – Best for adjustability


Highlighted Features

  • 24-inch adjustable gooseneck
  • 60-210 lumen light level
  • Warm natural lighting of 3200k
  • Sturdy magnetic base
  • Heat resistant

A great feature of the NextLED Ultimate BBQ Grill Light is its 24-inch flexible neck allowing it to be easily adjustable in any direction.

The adjustable neck feature also makes it functional for other uses such as reading, sewing, and auto repairs.

Unlike many of the grill lights on the list, the NextLED Ultimate produces warm natural lighting of 3200K, giving grilled food a warm appearance, which would complement food photography.

With a heavy-duty steel frame, the grill light is equipped with heat resistance up to 230°F, making it durable.

Its 2¼ thick magnetic base gives it a very secure hold on grills surfaces, making it a reliable and convenient choice for various homeowners.

”Battery replacement can be problematic as the battery compartment is tight for the batteries. It is also not wholly waterproof.”

Considering that its 3 AAA batteries only need to be installed once in a while, the NextLED grill light is a reasonable choice as it lasts 6-10 hours, depending on the level of brightness in use.

It’s adjustable light levels allow users to choose between 60-210 lumens.


  • Long adjustable neck
  • Quality-built
  • Natural lighting for photographs
  • Adjustable light levels


  • Difficulty in installing batteries
  • Not completely waterproof

05. JHS-TECH Barbecue Grill Light – Best for ease in installation


Highlighted Features

  • Nine energy-saving high density LED bulbs.
  • Hard storage case
  • Sturdy magnetic base
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Two packs of AAA batteries included

With nine high density and energy-saving LED bulbs that can last 100,000 hours, the JHS-TECH grill light produces a powerful light in the dark, making it a desired grill accessory.

It is built with a firm magnetic base, making it easy to install at the top of the grill and on any metal surface, vertically or horizontally.

The grill lights come in a pair and are lightweight, allowing users the ease to carry them around.

It operates on AAA batteries with two packs included at purchase, so you do not have to purchase batteries until they run out of power.

It also comes with a small hard case with foam lining for storage.

”While the JHS-TECH is made of lightweight materials, the manufacturers may have substituted quality and durability for portability. If you would be”

The grill light has a bendable gooseneck that can be easily adjusted in any direction, giving users an adequate light supply.


  • Lightweight
  • Super-bright lights
  • Portable
  • Easy to install


  • Vulnerable to wear and tear
  • Not heat resistant

06. Broil King Deluxe Grill Light and Timer – Best overall


Highlighted Features

  • Two ultra-bright cob light strips
  • LCD timer screen
  • Buttons for control
  • Flip reminder
  • Powered by three Double-A batteries (not included)

The Broil King Deluxe is a two-in-one. It is both a grill light and a timer, and with its affordable price, it is indeed a great value for money for users.

Its design and LCD screen makes it different from most grill light brands.

Our best grill light choice features two large cob light strips controlled with buttons and rotated to illuminate the grill below.

The timer has an alarm and flip reminder to remind you of when to flip your barbecued food, with the time counting down on the small LCD screen.

The whole experience of the timer makes grilling quite enjoyable.

While the Broil King Deluxe is necessary for grillers, it fits only Broil King, OMC, Imperial, Regal, and Baron grills with round lid handles. It is made of plastic, making it vulnerable to heat.

The Broil King Deluxe runs on three Double-A batteries, which are easy to install.


  • Serves as a grill light and timer
  • Powerful lights
  • Digitized and sleek appearance
  • Affordable


  • Made of plastic
  • Can only be used for specific brands

07. Cuisinart CGL-330 Grilluminate Light – Best for aesthetics


Highlighted Features

  • Nine super bright LED bulbs
  • 10000 hours of light supply
  • Uses three AAA batteries
  • Adjustable clamps
  • Expandable sides

The Cuisinart Grilluminate is a beautiful grilling accessory with its polished black and silver appearance, making it a pleasant sight when grilling, especially for aesthetes.

Another reason the CGL-330 made the list of best grill lights is because it is made of glass, reinforced with nylon, making it a durable option and hence, budget-friendly.

It possesses three powerful LED light sources, with nine super bright LED bulbs, which provide up to 10000 hours of light, illuminating grilling in the dark.

The Cuisinart Grilluminate is attached to the handles of most grills with its firm clamps, making it convenient for users who do not need to spend time on installation.

The grill light has expandable sides that can cover a larger surface, depending on the desire of the user.

The Grilluminate is not waterproof, hence it can be easily damaged by water. Despite its sleek look, it has design problems, which includes interference with the grill knobs and adjustment difficulties with the clamps.

The grill light runs on three AAA batteries, which can be easily installed and removed.


  • Easy to install
  • Expandable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Aesthetic


  • Not waterproof
  • Design defects

08. 72-3101 Chef Buddy Adjustable LED Grill Light – Best for portability


Highlighted Features

  • 15-inch adjustable gooseneck
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • Two pivoting heads
  • 6 LED bulbs
  • Magnetic clip base

The 72-3101 Chef Buddy is a small grill light with 6 LED super bright bulbs. Its two heads can rotate 360-degree to the desired direction of its user.

The grill light has a flexible and adjustable 15-inch gooseneck to which the pivoting heads are attached. This way, the heads can be directed at any position to illuminate barbecued food.

The 72-3101 has a magnetic clip base for ease in mounting, which can be attached to the handles of stainless-steel grills and any other surface of the grill.

The battery compartment can be a little loose. Made of plastic and low-quality materials, this grill light is nondurable.

The Chef Buddy grill light is operated by an on/off button, powered by 3 AAA batteries that are easy to install, with a screwdriver’s help.


  • Easy to mount
  • Powerful lights
  • Portable


  • Made of plastic and low-quality materials

09. Chuzy Chef Magnetic BBQ Led Grill Light – Best for Multi-Purpose


Highlighted Features

  • 22-inch highly flexible gooseneck
  • Made of aluminum
  • Waterproof and heat resistant
  • 12 LED light bulbs
  • Sturdy magnetic base

The Chuzy Chef Grill Light is multi-purpose and can be used for other activities like reading, fishing, camping, giving users more for their money worth.

Its 12 bright energy-saving LED lights are long-lasting and powered by 3 AAA batteries, easy to get.

Mounting the grill light is simple, with no need for an instruction manual as it has two heavy heat resistant magnetic base which sticks to any magnetic surface.

It also has an adjustable screw, making it useable for non-metal surfaces such as wood and plastic, making it fit well to headboards, tables, etc.

The Chuzy Chef grill light has a 22 inches long gooseneck, which is very flexible and adjustable to where lighting is needed.

”The gooseneck of the grill light tends to have difficulty in staying upright.”

Clad with aluminum, the grill light is waterproof and heat resistant, making it durable for grilling and other activities.


  • Long and adjustable neck
  • Bright lights
  • Multi-purpose


  • Unsteady gooseneck

10. Broil King 60934 Handle-Mount LED Grill Light – Best Versatile


Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight
  • Elastomer strap with notches
  • LED light output
  • Made of durable resin
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries

The list would be incomplete without mention of the Broil King 60934 Handle-Mount Grill Light. It has an elastomer strap, which makes it easy to install around the handle of a grill.

This strap is adjustable with multiple notches, making it fit snugly to any brand of grills.

The Broil King 60934 is made from resin, making it durable to withstand heat and moisture. This is one grill light that will last you for a pretty long time at normal usage.

Despite its quality built, the Broil King 60934 can be damaged by extreme heat.

The grill light produces bright LEDs to brighten the environment as grilling is done outdoors at night. This light lasts for a long time and is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

It is easily put on with the click of a power button, making it convenient for users while grilling.

Its lightweight and simplicity are features users will enjoy while they go about grilling.


  • Easy to mount
  • Fits several brands of grills
  • Quality material built


  • Not completely heat resistant

Best Grill Lights: Buying Considerations

Here is helpful tutorial for grill lights

Grill lights come in several brands, prices, sizes, and exciting features, but they have one true purpose, to produce lighting while grilling.

How do you select the best grill light that will last you for some time and give you worth for your money with so many options? To make this decision, here are a few buying considerations:


To acquire a grill, you may be spending a few hundred to thousands, depending on the brand and features. As an accessory, a grill light should be budget-friendly and not expensive.

However, the cheaper grill lights are made from low-quality materials and tend not to be durable.

In contrast, a more expensive option may be made with superior materials, making it durable.

Buyers wouldn’t want to keep buying a cheap alternative that keeps on damaging when they could have spent more on a quality brand that would last long.

Your budget may also depend on how often a buyer grills. If grilling is done weekly, then it is best to invest in a quality brand.

And if done once in a while, perhaps a cheap grill light might suffice. However, grill lights are well priced, fitting into any budget, with prices for as low as $17. So whatever budget, there’s a suitable grill light for you.


The brightness of the grill light is essential when making a buying decision. The luminosity level makes users see what they are doing in the dark, enabling a safe environment and well-barbecued meals.

Light bulbs are measured by lumens, and while most grill lights produce 50-120 lumens, it is advisable to get a grill light with at least 100 lumens to illuminate the grill and the immediate surrounding.

Go for LED bulbs as they produce brighter light, last longer, and can be energy saving.

Stay away from colorful grill lights that produce red, blue, and green light. While grilling, bright clear white light is needed to see clearly.

Heat Resistance

Grilling any food will generate heat, which would make the grill hot. With the grill light placed above or by the grill’s side, heat resistance is a factor to consider when choosing a light grill.

Get a light grill that can withstand heat and would not melt after the first or several uses.

A buying decision should go for a heat resistant light grill that can be used without fear of damaging the light while in use.


While it is not advisable to leave grill lights outdoors, a water-damage resistant light offers more opportunities for outdoor activities or accidental situations.

Most grill light manufacturers claim to have made it waterproof, but check the level as they may not be completely proof when exposed to a large water quantity.


The easier the installation process, the better. As one goes about preparing to grill food, the last thing to fuss about should be fixing the light. As easy as it should be to mount, so should it be to take off.

Grill lights could come with a magnetic base that is effective, holding firmly to any surface placed as long as it is magnetic. Before making a choice, check if the grill surface is magnetic.

Some grill lights could have a clamp with a screw that is tightened depending on how thick the surface is. The clamp feature can work on non-magnetic platforms.

There could be a hybrid of a magnetic base and clamps, making it versatile for use on any grill.


Grill lights should be lightweight to be easily removed from the grill and stored when not in use for longevity.

A heavy grill light may not be convenient while grilling as it could be challenging to fix and might weigh the handle down.

Portability also makes the grill light easy to move around, towards areas where light is needed.


Adjusting the light towards the desired direction is an important consideration when buying a grill light.

The gooseneck is great for adjustability as it can be easily rotated 360-degree to any direction, giving focus to the grilling.

You want a grill light that can be easily tilted up and down, left and right, meeting cooking demands. A long gooseneck makes it more adjustable to areas that might not be reached by a shorter one.

If going for a grill light without a gooseneck, the head should be rotatable to direct light towards desired areas.


The built of a grill light tends to determine its durability. If made with cheap materials, it could easily be damaged by water and heat.

Substandard materials can make a grill light easily wear out, with the parts separating after a few uses, which is a loss of money, and the purchase of another grill light.

As a buyer, go with a grill light made of quality materials that are heat and water-resistant, making it last for a long time.

Related Questions: Best Grill Lights

Why should I use a grill light?

Grilling does not always have to take place in the daytime. A grill light is necessary when grilling in the dark to enable you to see what is cooking clearly.

Having a torch or lamp over the grill might be an inconvenience, and this is where a grill light comes in, giving the needed amount of light while not being in the way.

Using a grill light also keeps one safe from accidents that could occur in the dark or with poor lighting.

Are grill lights waterproof?

Depending on the features and brands, some grill lights may be waterproof and will not be affected by liquid splashes, rain, or snow.

However, regardless of its waterproof feature, it is not advisable to leave grill lights outdoors or exposed to water, so store appropriately after each use.

How long do grill lights last?

There’s no specific time to how long grill lights last. The built material, the use, and care are determinants in its longevity.

Well used, with batteries constantly replaced, they could last for months and even years.

How long do grill light bulbs last?

This depends on the brand as some brands use energy-saving bulbs, giving the lights a lifespan of up to 100000 hours, while certain brands offer about 10000 hours.

To find out how long the light bulbs can last, make inquiries on the particular brand you prefer. The longer the hours, the longer the grill light would last.

How are grill lights powered?

They are usually powered by AA or AAA batteries. Some grill lights are rechargeable and last until the charged power runs out.

Can grill lights be substituted for household light bulbs?

Some grill lights are multi-purpose and can be used for reading, sewing, and camping.

However, consumers cannot substitute them for household light bulbs as they are not powerful enough to lighten up an entire room.

They are also not as long-lasting as standard light bulbs, which are suited for indoor purposes.

Will my magnetic base light grill stick to all surfaces?

A light grill with a magnetic base can stick to most stainless-steel grills. However, the magnetic base may not be compatible with all stainless steel.

You could do a quick test at home to find out if your grill is compatible with magnetic before making a purchase.

How long do batteries last?

AAA batteries usually last for at least 8 hours of continuous use and can be easily replaced. When not in use, switch off the grill light to preserve the battery life.

You would need 2-3 batteries depending on the capacity of the battery compartment.

How is the grill light turned on/off?

Switching on/off the grill light depends on the brand and features of that particular light.

Usually, there’s a simple power button that is easily accessible to control the grill light. Some grill lights power button can be touch-sensitive.

What materials are the grill lights made from?

Some grill lights are made of plastic and some of the aluminum alloy. The finish material is dependent on the brand of the grill light.

Some brands may go for cheap materials, and this could make them low budget. In comparison, some brands may go for superior quality materials, which reflects on the prices.

Are grill lights heat resistant?

Not all grill lights are heat resistant. Some will melt when exposed to heat, some may withstand heat until when extreme, while others may withstand the heat of any level without being damaged.

An average plastic grill light may be more prone to heat. Specifications are usually made by the brands detailing if the grill light is heat resistant or not.

Where do I put the grill light to brighten up my grill?

Usually, grill lights are mounted on the handle of grills. They can also be mounted on the sides of the grills. The hold of the grill, a magnetic base or clamps, or hybrid might determine where the grill light is.

How do I get light from the grill light in the desired direction?

If you have a grill light with a gooseneck, it can be easily adjusted and rotated up to 360-degree to whatever direction desired.

However, for those without a gooseneck or rotatable neck, you might just have to fix it over the area illumination is needed.

Can I install the grill light on my own?

Yes. Grill lights are usually effortless to install. Those with magnetic bases are to be placed firmly on the handle of the grill, the sides, or any other magnetic surface.

For those with clamps, they should be adjusted to the handles of the grill until they fit snugly.

Grill lights are usually DIYs and can be installed without the assistance of a workman or an instruction manual. Just as they are easy to install, they are also easy to remove, the same way they were mounted.

How do I store my grill light?

Some grill lights come in a hard case or box for storage. Whichever, after use, switch off the light, you could remove the batteries if you choose to.

Then keep them in the hard case or a dry place until the next use. Ensure to remove any food particles that may have fallen on the grill before storage.

How many LEDs are in the grill light?

A grill light may have as little as 6 LEDs to as many as 12 LEDs. The number of LEDs differs and is based on the brands and the features of the grill light.

I received two grill lights. Was this a mistake?

Some grill lights come in a pair, which could explain why you received two grill lights. To confirm if this was not a mistake, check the specifications of your order.

Can I adjust the level of brightness of the light?

While some grill lights may have buttons to adjust the brightness level from one lumen to another, others may just have one level of brightness.

With several brands and features available, you can settle for a grill light with brightness adjustment features.


Lighting is essential when cooking. The best grill lights provide bright, powerful light that makes users see what they are doing, an adjustable neck to illuminate the grills properly, heat and weather resistant features, and a sturdy built that makes it durable to last for several rounds of grilling.

They are also lightweight and portable, as well as easy to mount. Every grill light will have its strengths and shortcomings, but based on your needs and the information provided, you, the buyer, will make the right decision.

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