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Outdoor Fence Lights:Backyard Fence Lighting Ideas(Get Pro Tips)

Lighting brings a lot of transformation and functionality to your home. However, not many consider lighting up their backyard fence. If you recently considered brightening things up around your fence, this article would provide the best backyard fence lighting ideas you might find interesting.

We will look at several fence lighting ideas you can try in your home. Fences do not only protect your home; it keeps your children and pets safe.

Besides this, you can install several types of fence lighting in your home. Get acquitted with these different fence lighting and transform your home into a piece of heaven that everyone would love to take a snapshot of.

Why is Outdoor Backyard Lighting Important?

Backyard lighting offers increased safety and allows everyone to find their way easily. In addition, it increases the home value and enables outdoor activities, especially for parties.

Lastly, outdoor backyard lighting creates a welcoming environment for visitors and family members.

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Different Types of Fence Lighting

You might have heard about the importance and value of installing backyard fence lighting and decided to shop for it. While it is commendable, it is important to note that fence lighting is available in several types.

Whatever lighting you choose can affect the overall aesthetic of your home. Here are some of the several types of fence lighting on the market.

  • Fence lighting
  • Solar fence lighting
  • Outdoor space lighting
  • Deck lighting
  • Low voltage fence lighting
  • Waterproof pool fence lights

Backyard Fence Lighting Ideas

Whatever backyard fence lighting ideas you had; can it transform your home? Can it improve the overall quality of your home? If it cannot, then you have not started.

Peradventure, you are looking for unbelievable fence lighting ideas for your yard, it is all in this write-up. Interestingly, the right lighting can turn your home into the spotlight within your vicinity.

Top 8 Backyard Fence Lighting Ideas for your Yard

With several backyard lighting ideas available to choose from, it can be a daunting task. However, the first step is to keep in your mind what you intend to create and the purpose for creating the landscape.

It might be a space for relaxation, improving your garden, or forming a focal point. All of these will affect the overall impact of your lighting system.

Notwithstanding what you intend to achieve, we believe this post contains every backyard lighting idea you need for that space. You can create a relaxed atmosphere using our unique backyard fence lighting ideas.

We have every element you need to produce good lighting for your yard. Take your time to browse through our creative and beautiful backyard lighting ideas.

#Idea 1 – Using different layers to create the best effect

Assuming you have a garden in your home that uses smooth sandstone for its steps and paving, we recommend using this method.

Lightening gives your backyard a different feel and dimension. You can use different lighting channels to create the best ambiance for your yard for this option.

You can create lighting for the bench and steps, another for the trees, and buried lights for the back of your backyard.

For this project, we recommend you use LED lights comprising a series of lowered spotlights within the steps, starting from the first flow to the ground flow to match the garden level.

You can use small up lights to make things look different in the garden.

Using backyard fence lighting ideas can provide different layers for your lighting, thereby achieving better results even with a bit of space.

#Idea 2 – Backyard Fence Post Lighting

If you do not want to place your lights on the fence on your backyard walls, another option to consider is placing them on the fence post top.

Remarkably, this method creates an effect that help defines each post and project the light outward and upwardly.

Nowadays, post lighting is among the modern options most homeowners prefer for security and landscape lighting.

Amazingly, these lights can either be solar or hardwired powered; because of this, it is easy to easy and requires minimal maintenance.

You can use the post lighting backyard fence lighting idea to decorate your home, enabling you to create a unique design.

You can use the post lighting method on a wooden fence in most cases. However, it is also applicable if your fence is metallic or vinyl.

#Idea 3 – Focusing the spotlight on the trees

Peradventure, your backyard has trees surrounding it, you can use it to your advantage. It is one of the unimaginable backyard fence lighting ideas you can implement for homes with trees.

Discreet lighting can become a welcoming ambiance, especially for your garden. Furthermore, trees have this architectural quality when you light them up from underneath.

Moreover, the angled spotlights improve the structure and shapes of the leaves, branches, and trunks.

More importantly, it adds drama so that you can enjoy the appearance of your home from the inside. Ensure the spot you place the light is lower into the ground.

On the other hand, you can set the lights on a moveable spike to illuminate the branches and trunks of the trees.

Another advantage of this option is that you can shift the light to suit your mood and the year’s season.

While one tree has the spotlight, you can shift the focus to another over time without spending money on a new set of lights.

#Idea 4 – LED strips positioned below your post cap

You can use this method to install huge posts within your backyard fence. There is every likelihood that your post might have a cap on it.

You can use this to your advantage to beautify your home. Rather than using a lantern on the cap, you can install LED strips below the post caps.

Using this method, you create a lustrous and clutter-free outlook in your yard, giving that fashionable or modern style you desire.

In addition, the LED strips can improve your yard’s elegance and provide a warm glow. Besides this, the post cap can help shade the light if it is too bright for your yard.

These lights will surely be a highlighter for your backyard fence and make things brighter. If you want to make things unique, you can use bright colors to enhance things.

#Idea 5 – String or overhead hanging lighting

Another intriguing backyard fence lighting idea that offers an intimate ambiance to your backyard is using overhead hanging or string lighting.

Nowadays, it is among the standard lighting options with an easy and quick installation process.

You can hang string lights from one area of the backyard to another, especially if all the corners are fenced.

Look for traditional battery-powered, rechargeable, waterproof, or solar-powered lights for this option.

Alternatively, you can look for a LED bulb with a long-lasting feature.

With this option, you do not need to run extension cords throughout the yard. We highly recommend this option because string lights can withstand wind and rain.

#Idea 6 – Separate your property using light

Why not zone your backyard space with a carefully placed lighting system? It is one of the incredible backyard fence lighting ideas to beautify your environment.

Undoubtedly, this creates some form of cherished area huddled in foliage if well placed.

Lighting can create a different mood in your home and backyard. Therefore, you should use it to accentuate the texture and form of whatever design you intend to create.

If you have a large backyard, it can create some sense of mystery for your property. People might be thinking, where does this lighting path lead to?

Overall, you can use lighting to your advantage, especially staging your backyard for that party or gathering.

Nothing sets a scene better than putting up glowing lights around your backyard.

Using lights to separate the boundary of your property is one option to consider when you want to install lights for your backyard fence.

#Idea 7 – Combine assorted colors to create that Christmas feeling

Who said you could not use different lighting combinations to decorate your fence and provide security simultaneously.

Christmas lights do not have to be used only during holidays; you can add something unique to your backyard fence by installing a light with multiple colors.

Your backyard can benefit from this creative and festive lighting idea.

Take a string of multiple-colored lights and decorate your fence. Since strand lights are easier to install, you only require an outlet socket to connect the lights.

These lights are purposeful and fun. In addition, it can bring life and fun to your building as people will find it easier to hang around there.

Importantly, ensure you space the lights and allow them to overlap, depending on the length.

You do not need any cut and join connection because you can find LED lights that are long and last longer.

Pro Tips for Backyard Fence Lighting

A well-thought-out outdoor lighting arrangement does more than illuminate a landscape at night. It can also improve safety and increase living space.

Therefore, here are a few tips we consider helpful when considering the best backyard fence lighting ideas to select.

  • Plan your lighting early
  • Create a budget for everything (You can consult an electrician to help with the quote)
  • Choose quality fittings instead of quantity
  • Understand the several types of lighting available
  • Choose the best spot for the lighting
  • Never plan down on safety

How Do You illuminate a Backyard?

Before you decide to illuminate your backyard, you must consider several things. Firstly, you must decide what you intend to achieve and the area that requires special attention.

Furthermore, you need to decide the area where to throw the spotlight in your backyard, whether it is the entrance, tree, water feature, or a pergola.

Secondly, you need to develop a plan on what items every area will require. While you might have several backyard fence lighting ideas on your mind, it is crucial to walk through these ideas with a professional electrician.

Nevertheless, if you do not have any solar-powered lights, you must consider a power supply with outdoor sockets and armored cable for safety purposes.

Lastly, the type of lighting system is another area to consider. LED lights are available in different ranges and are energy efficient.

We recommend you use a solar-powered lighting system for a sunny garden area. However, this might not be the best option, especially during winter.

In addition, do not flood your backyard area with numerous lights because it can disrupt your goal of providing the best ambient that works with your home.

How many lumens do I need to light up my backyard?

That will depend on the space of your backyard. However, the number of lumens you need to light up your backyard should range between 12 to 1,300 lumens.

Furthermore, brightness is another factor to consider when deciding the lumens to light up your backyard.

[FAQs] On Backyard Fence Lighting

What is the estimated cost to install lights in a backyard fence?

Averagely, it costs between $2000 and $5000 to install a backyard fence lighting system. If you have a low budget, your estimate should be $2000 and $3000.

How safe is it to use outdoor lights in the rain?

When installing your backyard fence lighting system, you might consider rain.

You can use outdoor lights in the rain since newer products are manufactured using brass, copper, and aluminum, making them withstand harsh weather conditions.

Are solar fenced lights better than other lights?

Most people opt to use solar-powered lights because they have good battery life and have solid panels, good wiring, and connection. Although they are expensive, they are better for a fenced backyard.

Final Thoughts

What backyard fence lighting ideas do you think are worth trying? You have several options at your disposal to beautify your home and create the ambiance you want outside.

Besides this, installing a backyard fence light provide security for your home. Whether you have a short or tall fence, there is always a lighting system to suit that fence in your backyard.

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